Iffat Omar responds to Age Shamers

Iffat Omar addressed the age shamers in her recent wedding posts. She was being criticised for her bold outfit and dance moves.

Iffat Omar responds to Age Shamers f

“I have never seen her look so vulgar. She just lost respect.”

Iffat Omar has been sharing lively photos and clips of herself, attracting trolls who claim she should “act her age”.

One particular picture of hers has gained immense attention from viewers. 

In this particular photo, Iffat was seen flaunting an exquisite pink lehenga from fashion designer Fahad Hussayn.

It was decorated with gold details and featured a short sleeveless blouse.

Several netizens have called her out on her outfit, deeming it inappropriate especially due to her “age”.

Iffat Omar responds to Age Shamers

One person wrote: “At her age, she should be preparing herself for the next world.

“Wearing such clothes in public and then posting them for the world to see won’t do her any good.”

Another noted: “She knew that she would get so much hate for wearing that, but she still posted it. Hence proved that she did it for attention.” 

One said: “I have never seen her look so vulgar. She just lost respect.”

The following day, Iffat Omar shared a new video on her account. 

She was dancing to the beats of the Bollywood classic ‘Dafliwale Dafli Baja’, wearing a casual off-white co-ord set.

The audience at the wedding was also seen enjoying her dance.

This video quickly went viral on social media. Fans expressed disapproval, openly criticising Iffat Omar’s dance. 

Many disliked her moves, asserting they didn’t go with her personality, deeming her attitude ‘childish’. 

A user wrote: “Personally I would not share my private wedding videos; dance or sing just enjoy your event, share it with your family and friends, not on a public platform.”

One person said: “No one wants to see an old lady dance on their screens.” 

Another wrote: “It looks as if an old maid is having a stroke.” 

One commented: “Looks like a monkey dancing on a beat.”

Another remarked: “Too old to be doing embarrassing sh*t like this!”


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Iffat Omar responded to the hate comments and posted:

“Meri age meri marzi (My age, my choice).

“So please go live your life and stop schooling me on how should I act according to my ‘age’.”

The message had no positive impact. Users remained undeterred and continued to troll Iffat.

Iffat Omar is a renowned actress and former model who embarked on her showbiz journey through modelling.

She is adored by audiences for her outstanding acting in dramas like Ghulam Gardish, Muhabbat Aag Si and Aangan.

Despite the hate, Iffat Omar remains active on social media, engaging with fans and expressing her views on various issues. 

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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