How to Enjoy Sex during a Heatwave

From certain positions to simply changing up the location, here is how to have enjoyable sex in a heatwave.

How to Enjoy Sex during a Heatwave - f

Sex doesn’t need to include penetration.

Being intimate with a partner may be the last thing on your mind when it’s too hot to move, but libidos don’t necessarily go away because there’s a heatwave.

If you’re planning to get down and dirty on these sizzling summer days, without collapsing in a sweaty heap of heat exhaustion, we are here to help you out.

Therefore, without any further ado, DESIblitz presents a guide on how you can master the art of sex in the heat, to have a great whirlwind summer romance in 2022.

Experiment with Temperature Play

How to Enjoy Sex during a Heatwave - 1Temperature play is a form of sensation play, often enjoyed by people who enjoy BDSM in the bedroom.

The goal is to create heightened sensations by using hot or cold items on your partner’s skin.

You probably want to avoid playing with hot wax in this heatwave, but why not try cooling things down?

The cold will be very welcome, it increases the skin’s sensitivity and you may discover that you enjoy consensual kink play that you haven’t tried before.

Put sex toys in a bath of ice for 10 minutes, if they are safe to do so, before getting down to it, or try rubbing ice cubes on different parts of their body.

Placing lubricant in the fridge can help make it cooler when applied to the body or you can trick the body with cooling lubes, which fool the nerve endings into thinking something cold has been placed over them.

You can also experiment with blowing over your partner’s body with your lips in different formations. Some will feel cooler, and others will feel hotter.

Keep Skin Contact to a Minimum

How to Enjoy Sex during a Heatwave - 2While in a heatwave, it may be best to park the missionary. Instead, choose sex positions that minimise skin contact or are less intense.

Doggy, standing and spooning are the best positions for having sex in a heatwave.

Oral sex is also favoured. Sex doesn’t need to include penetration.

Giving or receiving oral sex is a great alternative, and gives you and your partner the chance to share the effort.

Finally, if you are too hot to touch each other, it may be worth giving mutual masturbation a go.

Mutual masturbation can mean either both people using their own hands to stimulate their genitals (self-stimulation), or both people using their hands to stimulate each other’s genitals at the same time.

You can’t get any less skin contact than this, but it’s still an intimate moment.

Take Precautions with your Summer Fling

How to Enjoy Sex during a Heatwave - 3Whether you’re single or partnered, safe sex is always a must.

But in the summer, when holiday flings abound and beach parties are in full swing, many of us are upping our casual dating games.

If you have new sexual encounters, it’s important to continue to use protection so that you decrease your risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy.

Year-round, you should be thinking about contraceptives.

Regardless of the season, it may be a smart idea to keep birth control pills or emergency contraception on hand or talk to your doctor about other methods of birth control.

But for the sake of keeping things clean and healthy and protecting against STIs, condoms are always your best bet.

And in the summer in particular, with added sweat, sand, and bacteria thrown into the mix, the risk of infection can be higher than ever, so an extra layer of protection will certainly work to your benefit.

Make sure you’ve got a few condoms on deck, whether you’re going out, sleeping out, or travelling.

Stay Hydrated

How to Enjoy Sex during a Heatwave - 4In the summer, we have a higher need for water intake because we’re sweating constantly, and our bodies are working hard to stay cool and hydrated in the heat.

And on top of that, sex is a physical activity so to have the energy to partake, you’ll want to be adequately hydrated as if you were playing a sport.

You don’t want to run the risk of losing steam or feeling woozy when you’re in the throes of having hot, sweaty sex just because you’re dehydrated.

Drink as much water as possible (eight glasses a day are recommended) to stay cool, hydrated, and ready to go.

Having sex in the heat is an extreme sport, but it’s not impossible.

And according to the experts, many of us get more aroused in the heat.

Research shows that during hotter weather your libido can increase, says Charlotte Johnson, sex and relationships expert at Mega Pleasure. This is due to a range of factors.

Johnson says: “One reason is that in order to feel cooler, we naturally wear less clothing and therefore are more likely to sleep naked.

“The feeling of having less clothing on around sexual partners can make you feel sexually aroused more often.”

Then there are the summer holiday vibes to consider.

Johnson adds: “It’s more common for holidays to be booked to warmer countries where we plan to unwind and de-stress from work and any other day-to-day worries you feel at home.”

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