5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown

Finding activities to do during the lockdown can be quite a nuisance. We explore various art mediums to enjoy while remaining indoors.

5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown f

"I certainly enjoy this medium of art.”

With the extension of the lockdown giving us more time at home, we have the chance to explore various mediums of art to enjoy.

Whilst some people are naturally gifted in art, it is something that can be enjoyed and loved by everyone.

Art mediums refer to the art supplies and materials to create a work of art. These include graphic design, Indian ink, charcoal and more.

DESIblitz exclusively spoke with Laureen Pattison from ArtSupplies.co.uk to ask how business has been affected. She said:

“We’ve seen a huge increase in visits to our website since the lockdown was announced by the government.

“Our orders have nearly doubled, with a large proportion of orders from customers who have not ordered for a long time, or never bought from us before.

“We’re really happy to see so many people choosing art as a new hobby during this extraordinary time.”

We present five popular art mediums to experiment with in the comfort of your home.

Graphic Design

5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - graphic design

Graphic design is art with a purpose. It involves visual communication and the aesthetic portrayal of ideas.

It brings a sense of surrealism to realism. With this well- balanced mix, the concepts are created with the use of various graphic elements and tools.

This includes a combination of lines, shape, colour and texture.

To create your own graphic designs, you will need a computer, sketchbook and a software such as illustrator.

To begin with, jot down initial ideas on a sketchbook. This helps create rough designs quickly which can be later developed on a software.

Once you have selected your design, with the help of computers expand your creative knowledge all while holding onto the sketchpad feel.

The final stage involves downloading software like illustrator, which pieces your final piece together.

Typically, graphic design revolves around bringing forward a message through aesthetic visuals by utilising contrasting colours.

According to thehindu.com, Smishdesigns created a visual representation of the “corona monster in the grim sky.” They said:

“As I look outside my window, I see a giant corona-monster in the grim sky, staring at us all, waiting to prey on us.

“The streets are all empty, painted by a deafening silence amidst the uncertainty.”

“The rules of human interactions have been altered, thanks to this virus beast and worlds like social distancing, self-quarantine, sanitise have become the new norm. it’s best to stay indoors.”

Digital Painting

5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - digital painting

During the lockdown, tablets, iPad and phones are our greatest companions.

If you enjoy painting but hate the mess that comes with it, then digital painting is for you.

This medium of art consists of providing artists with a similar environment to a physical painter.

This emerging art form utilises painting techniques such as oils, watercolour and acrylics which can be applied digitally via a tablet.

To do this, you will require software such as Adobe, openCanvas, ArtRage etc.

You will be allowed to use a multitude of colour, tools and much more.

Use your screen as your canvas and explore your artistic ability during the lockdown but without the mess.

Digital art can range from being used in films to other types of animation art.


5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - watercolour

Alternatively, if you do not mind the mess that comes with painting then experimenting with mediums like watercolour must be enjoyed during the lockdown.

Watercolours are pigments that activate colour with the use of water.

Watercolours can create botanical paintings, illustrations and realistic paintings.

During this lockdown explore different watercolour techniques such as gradients and dry wash.

Watercolours can be layered, blended together, splattered or stippled against the canvas.

To go further, add texture with salt by sprinkling it on the canvas to collect the water coloured pigments.

This creates a crystallised effect adding texture to elevate the overall look of a simplistic painting.

5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - watercolour2

DESIblitz spoke exclusively to Falak Noor about her experience with this medium of art. She said:

“I have always been keen to paint, however, I have never quite had the time to sit down and explore the world of art through paint.

“I have always been fascinated with watercolours, in particular creating botanical scenes such as a still-life of flowers.

“However, during the lockdown, I really have had the time to experiment with watercolours, and so far, it has been very therapeutic.

“I must say, that I am not a professional by any means but I certainly enjoy this medium of art.”

Indian Ink

5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - indian ink

Indian ink is a renowned form of black ink, which is extensively used for drawing and writing. It is a great medium to add to your art.

Indian ink was first found in China however it has been used in India since the 4thcentury BCE.

The term ‘Indian ink’ earned its name during England’s trade with India.

Indian ink can take on many forms from stippling with a paintbrush to dipped in and drawn like a traditional biro.

Conventionally, a variety of pen nibs are used for drawing.

The variety of pen nibs offer different effects. Also, the shape and size of the nib will determine the amount of ink used.

5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - indian ink2

In many instances, this medium of art has been used to create botanical scenes or realistic images.

With the help of water, you can manage the tone of ink through diluting the concentration of ink to lighten the tone for an even wash of colour.

Once the ink has been applied, you must be very careful to not create any accidental smudges.

If you really wish to challenge your artistic abilities, why not try working on a wet surface. This challenge enforces less control over how the ink behaves creating a more abstract outcome.

If you wish to do this opt for a gelatine layer over the canvas to prevent absorption and bleeding of ink.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes, this is the beauty of this art form, often the mistakes are the highlight of the Indian ink piece.


5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - charcoal

This form of dry art medium consists of finely ground organic charcoal. There are three types of charcoal forms.

These consist of vine charcoal, powdered charcoal and compressed charcoal.

Compressed charcoal is found in charcoal pencils while its powdered form is used to create shading and tone. Vine charcoal, which is a loose form of charcoal, offers a smooth and soft line.

Undoubtedly, this medium of art is versatile whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field. Charcoal allows you to express your inner artist by approaching texture, shading and tone.

Typically, charcoal is used to create realistic outcomes. However, charcoal illustrations a susceptible to smudges.

To avoid this, place a clean sheet of paper over the completed section to protect it from the natural oils in your arms making it vulnerable for smudges.

Carry on with your artwork with the inclusion of the paper to help prevent smudges.

Alternatively, use hairspray to lock in the charcoal illustration. DESIblitz exclusively spoke to AJ Ali about his interest in charcoal art.

“I love charcoal, however, it can become a pain to work with whenever I try to move onto a new section of shading, especially during the lockdown when all I do is charcoal pieces of art.

“Also, being left-handed makes it very common for me to smudge my pieces of art.”

“However, after experimenting in quarantine, I realised that hairspray can be used to trap the charcoal pigments in its place as a protection layer against my hands.

“I have found it very helpful besides the fact that once the hairspray is on the artwork it is almost impossible to correct any errors or go back and fix it.”

5 Art Mediums to enjoy during Lockdown - charcoal2

While the lockdown has been extended, it is time to indulge in the world of art and the many mediums that come with it.

From graphic designs on the computers to charcoal on the paper, the world of art can be for anyone. Different mediums can also be used for beginners to the experts.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Images courtesy of Jade Sintes, Robhowellart, Gil Ramirez, Strathmore.

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