Hosts of Asian Music Radio to get Waxed for Charity

Asian Music Radio is putting on an exciting event which will see its hosts waxing parts of their bodies for the charity, Secret Angels.

Hosts of Asian Music Radio to get Waxed for Charity

"Please help us raise as much as you can for this great cause."

Asian Music Radio is leading a waxing event to raise money for the charity, Secret Angels.

Hosts Khalid Akhtar and Shabaz Ahmad are subjecting themselves to waxing across the body proportionate to the amount raised.

The event will take place on May 6, 2022, at the station itself. Listeners and fans are welcome to attend the event from 12 pm to witness this hilarious spectacle.

Director and presenter of Asian Music Radio, Khalid states:

“I’m not inflicting this much pain on myself unless the charity makes a significant amount out of it.

“Therefore, I have decided that if I reach my target of £1000, in donations, before May 6,  I will become hairless from the legs.

“Shabaz will offer his arms and you never know he may become hairless from the neck downwards (yes that means everything).”

The donations will go towards Secret Angels. They are a non-profit small charity that works in some of the most deprived communities in Wolverhampton.

They aim to reach out and transform the lives of some of the most socially excluded people/families to better the communities.

Alvina Ali, a Secret Angels volunteer and organiser expressed her joy at this event:

“I am looking forward to this fundraiser.

“A painful challenge for a good cause that hopefully will raise a lot of money for our charity that will make a difference in people’s lives.

“That’s why we’ve formed a lifetime partnership with Asian Music Radio…

“…their sponsorship and listeners donations are integral to our ability to serve our community and to improve the quality of life for all.”

So to help such an honourable foundation, Khalid has set some aims and which body parts he and Shabaz will get waxed if those targets are achieved:

  • £5000 – a full body wax on both Khalid and Shabaz.
  • £2500 – legs, arms and back.
  • £1500 – legs and arms.
  • £800 – legs and one arm.
  • £500 – legs OR arms.
  • £200 – one leg OR one arm.

Although, Khalid bravely mentioned that if the total amount donated equals or is more than £5750, he will also shave his head.

The event will be recorded and posted across social media to highly the importance of this fundraiser. But to also comically document the hosts’ pain.

Asian Music Radio is a 24/7 station playing Desi hits from the 70s all the way up to modern pop tracks.

They engage with listeners and are hoping to bring back the power and importance of South Asian music. However, this event also highlights the platform’s charitable efforts.

Co-presenter, Shabaz Ahmad revealed:

“Please help us raise as much as you can for this great cause.

“My arm hair means the world to me but we’re happy to exchange our pain for your pounds!”

Also, the event is sponsored by Taylor Biddle Opticians, Indus Foods and Compton Dry Cleaners.

Many people will surely tune in to see the screeches and bellows of Khalid and Shabaz. But all for a tremendous act of service to the community.

To donate or find out more information, visit the event’s JustGiving page here.

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Images courtesy of Alvina Ali.

Video courtesy of Instagram.