Harsh Upadhyay’s new Song pays homage to Frontline Workers

Renowned composer and producer Harsh Upadhyay has released a new song that pays tribute to Indians working on the frontline for Covid-19.

Harsh Upadhyay's new Song pays homage to Frontline Workers f

"we will come together and win"

Composer and producer Harsh Upadhyay has composed a song that pays tribute to Covid-19 frontline workers.

India is currently battling a second wave of Covid-19, and the country’s healthcare system is struggling.

Now, according to Harsh Upadhyay, his new song ‘Lad Lenge’ pays homage to those working on the frontline.

He also hopes the song will inspire young people to come together and join the fight against the pandemic.

Discussing the ideas behind ‘Lad Lenge’, Harsh Upadhyay said:

“Well, the idea was already curated by Varun Dhawan and Rahul Shetty before I got a call from them, about creating something of great motivation.”

Upadhyay went on to discuss the importance of India’s frontline workers, and why he decided to pay homage to them.

He continued:

“To dedicate it to our frontline workers who are the real heroes in today’s world-saving lives in this horrific pandemic situation in the form of a short composition which can be used to spread positivity amongst all of us through our social medium teaming up with Fast and Up supplements who are the main force behind this plan.

“This is how I came in the picture and composed this track ‘Lad Lenge’.

“It all came from within naturally as the feeling were quite mutual.

“Lad Lenge itself conveys that we won’t accept defeat but we will come together and win once again bounce back to our happy lives where there is only smiling faces around moving out freely celebrating the freedom from this phase of life.”

Harsh Upadhyay composed ‘Lad Lenge’ to both appreciate the frontline workers and spread positivity around India.

Speaking of his hopes for the song, he said:

“We should feel a wave of positivity and pride about our frontline workers.”

“The composition is to inspire the youth to come ahead and unite together to fight this pandemic along with our government and doctors and nurses for our country and win over it.”

India is currently battling a second wave of Covid-19 unlike anything seen anywhere else in the world.

To date, India’s Covid-19 crisis has resulted in almost 300,000 deaths, and case numbers are continuing to reach record heights.

India is crippling under the weight of Covid-19, and many industries around the world are suffering as a result.

Recently, British Airways bosses wrote a letter to its cabin crew asking them to return to work, as many crew members are refusing to board flights to India.

Listen to ‘Lad Lenge’


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