Guneet Monga breaks silence on being Cut Off at Oscars

Guneet Monga had her Oscars speech cut off. The film producer has now broken her silence on the unfortunate incident.

Guneet Monga breaks silence on being Cut Off at Oscars f

"This was India's moment taken away from me.”

Guneet Monga has broken her silence on having her speech cut off at the Oscars.

The film producer had just won the ‘Best Documentary Short Film’ Oscar for The Elephant Whisperers.

Director Kartiki Gonsalves gave her speech but when Guneet was about to speak, music began playing to indicate that the event is moving on to the next award.

Guneet was left standing awkwardly in front of the microphone before triumphantly lifting up her award.

The moment was pointed out on social media.

Guneet Monga later gave her speech, however, it was to the press.

Sharing what she would have said on stage, Guneet said:

“Tonight is historic! This is the first Oscar for any Indian production and two women here won this…

“I just want to say to everyone watching, the future is audacious and the future is us and the future is here.”

She has now spoken about the unfortunate matter, admitting that she was slightly upset by it.

Guneet said: “There was a shock on my face.

“I just wanted to say it’s India’s first Oscar in Indian production, which is such a huge thing.

“My heart started racing as I couldn’t have come so far and not be heard.

“Western media is pulling up The Academy that I did not get to speak.

“People are so offended that I did not get the chance to deliver my speech. There are videos and tweets online expressing disappointment that I couldn’t get to speak.

“This was India’s moment taken away from me.”

Although she was shocked at that moment, Guneet Monga stated that she will win another Oscar and make herself heard.

Guneet continued:

“But then, I thought it’s okay, I’ll come back here and I will make sure I’m heard.”

“I have got multiple opportunities to share my thoughts and it’s heartening to receive all the love.

“So a little empathy can go a long way here.”

After returning to India, Guneet visited Amritsar’s Golden Temple with her award.

Chef-filmmaker Vikas Khanna accompanied her and shared a video.

The caption read: “When you dedicate your honours to your ancestors. Thank you Guneet for showing us the power of humility and love. Your glory is forever immortal.”

The video showed her making roti as part of the seva (service), praying at the temple, posing with her Oscar trophy and walking around.

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