Father & Sons jailed for Kidnapping in £300k Drugs Plot

A Bradford man and his two sons have been jailed over a £300,000 drugs plot that saw a man kidnapped and beaten.

Father & Sons jailed for Kidnapping in £300k Drugs Plot f

"Do you want to hear your mother crying?”

A taxi driver and his two sons have been jailed for a total of nearly 30 years for their roles in a drugs plot that saw a man kidnapped off a Bradford street, beaten and interrogated in an eight-hour ordeal.

The incident happened on May 1, 2020.

Chris Moran, prosecuting, said members of the public called the police at 3:30 pm to say a man was being assaulted in Willow Street, Girlington.

At 11:30 pm that evening, the victim called the police, telling them he had been forced into a vehicle, beaten and interrogated.

He said Ahmed Butt had asked to meet him and he had sounded angry.

CCTV footage showed the man’s car being boxed-in by a white VW Golf and Butt getting out and taking the ignition key.

He and Haris Ali tried to force the victim out of the vehicle.

The victim was kicked and pushed while inside his car into a business park. He ran off but was caught, pulled to the ground and kicked in the face.

A passer-by called the police reporting someone had shouted:

“Get him in the car.”

The man was then dragged by Butt into the Golf.

Haris Ali was also in the car. Their father, Zulfiqar Ali, turned up in a black vehicle.

The man was forced into a house on Whitby Road where he was repeatedly questioned about stolen boxes of drugs worth £300,000.

He denied any involvement but the victim was forced back into the Golf and driven for about 20 minutes with a hood over his head.

The man was beaten at another address where “multiple people” were present.

He was asked: “Do you want to hear your mother crying?”

The victim was also told that the men knew where he lived.

Zulfiqar asked him where the drugs were.

The man was then freed by his kidnappers on a street in Bradford at around 11:30 pm and his keys and phone were returned to him.

He had suffered bruising and redness to his face, a sore head and ribs and grazing.

Mr Moran said police searched two addresses on Whitby Road that were associated with the family.

Police seized £1,655 in cash, a Samurai sword, balaclavas, a machete, two knuckledusters, a hammer, an air rifle and a stun gun.

Hidden in the kitchen ceiling at one house was a bag containing multiple knotted bags of cocaine with a street value of £28,300.

At Bradford Crown Court, all three pleaded guilty to supply Class A drugs.

Ahmed and Haris also admitted to kidnapping the man.

In a victim impact statement, the man said he now lived in fear. He could not sleep, stopped going out on his own and was unable to work.

Jonathan Rosen, for Haris Ali, said the violence towards the victim was “relatively low level” compared to some cases.

He added: “He has well and truly learnt his lesson.”

Anthony Barraclough, for Butt, admitted there was little he could say.

He said: “I’ve looked in the barrel and I’ve scraped it and nothing comes out.”

Oliver Jarvis said Zulfiqar Ali was a hardworking taxi driver who had been commended by the court in 2005 for apprehending a robber. He was on medication following a heart attack.

Judge Hatton said the kidnap victim had been left bruised and battered and he and his family had been threatened. Although his injuries were “modest,” he was terrified and now lived in fear.

He added: “The whole situation related to the warehousing of large quantities of Class A drugs.”

Ahmed Butt, aged 27, of Girlington, was jailed for 11 years.

Haris Butt, aged 28, of Oldham, was jailed for 11 years.

Zulfiqar Ali, aged 47, of Girlington, was jailed for seven and a half years.

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