Fans believe Iqra Aziz is Pregnant

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain recently attended an event and shared glimpses with their fans. However, the reel sparked pregnancy rumours.

Fans believe Iqra Aziz is Pregnant f

“If she looks pregnant then she is pregnant."

Iqra Aziz continues to captivate audiences with her stellar performances. However, recent sightings suggest a temporary break from her professional commitments.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain graced Wajahat Rauf’s Qawwali Night event with their presence.

In the photos, the couple stood side by side wearing white. Iqra wore a long shirt which fans noticed was a little too big for her.

The couple shared glimpses of their joyous moments through endearing photographs.

However, keen-eyed fans were quick to speculate upon observing Iqra’s demeanour and appearance, hinting at a potential second pregnancy.

Their observations were fuelled by Iqra’s subtle gestures, including placing a hand on her stomach.

This led many to believe that she may be concealing a baby bump.

A user suggested: “She is wearing loose clothes to hide the bump.”

Just a short while back, Yasir Hussain dropped a subtle hint during a show.

He suggested that fans could expect some exciting news about the impending arrival of their second baby in the near future.

Admirers expressed their delight at the prospect of expanding the Hussain family.

They noted the apparent radiance and ‘pregnancy glow’ adorning Iqra’s countenance.

One individual noted: “If she looks pregnant then she is pregnant. You can’t mistake someone as thin as her to be pregnant.”

Another added: “Second child is coming soon.”

One said: “Finally Kabir will have someone to play with.”

Amid the speculation surrounding Iqra Aziz’s rumoured pregnancy, fans showered the couple with heartfelt blessings and prayers for their continued happiness.

A user wrote: “May you two always stay happy and healthy. He takes good care of Iqra and it shows.”

Another said: “My favourite couple. Yasir is no doubt so lucky to have a wife like Iqra. She is wonderful and very down to earth. I can’t wait to see them grow.”

In response to all these speculations, Yasir Hussain recently took to his Instagram and posted a story.

He had reshared a post from Diva Magazine that quoted Yasir’s own statement about having a second baby.

Yasir wrote: “If it was up to Diva, we would have had a child this second.

“If Allah wills it, we will have a child soon, but we are not having one right now. Take it easy.”

Fans were quite disappointed by his clarification.

A user wrote: “This is what happens when rumours spread, I was so happy for them.”

Another said: “NO! I was so excited!”

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