Where to Eat Amazing Desserts in Birmingham

DESIblitz reveals the top dessert places in and around Birmingham to satisfy your sweet cravings with mouthwatering treats and desserts.

Where to Eat Amazing Desserts in Birmingham

With waffles, sundaes, cheesecakes and milkshakes you’ll be spoilt for choice

Birmingham is a sweet haven with lots of delicious, mouthwatering desserts dotted across the city.

From delectable ice creams to rich cheesecakes and lip-smacking cakes, there’s something for every sweet tooth in this city.

Everyone deserves a little sweet treat from time to time, so if you’re looking for something to satisfy that sweet craving try one of these dessert places around the city.

DESIblitz reveals the five best dessert places in Birmingham to tantalise your taste buds.

Heavenly Desserts

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

Located on Ladypool road, Heavenly Desserts is the perfect place for lovers of traditional to stylish and alternative desserts.

With a seemingly never ending menu of waffles, sundaes, cheesecakes and milkshakes you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The franchise branches outside Birmingham, to Derby and Leicester and is open until late for those late night sweet cravings.

The glamorous gold and platinum room with impressive designs is a wonder to experience and the plush gold and purple interior offers customers fine dining in one of the busiest areas of the city.

Be sure to try their generously sized soft fresh waffle named ‘I’ll have what she’s having’.

Topped with warm milk Belgian chocolate, fresh strawberries and a scoop of fresh ice cream and whipped cream, this dessert is a must have indulgent treat.

Pop by this chic dessert parlour for a little taste of heaven.

Eis Café

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

Moving onto Coventry Road, Eis Café is a new way to experience coffee and desserts.

Eis Café is well known for its wondrous and monster milkshakes that come in enormous and generous servings.

Try the popular and mighty Legend Milkshake, made with Nutella, cookie dough ice cream, full fat ice cream, butter waffles and two Krispy Kreme donuts on top.

Another favourite is the Rainbow milkshake complete with candyfloss and bubblegum milkshake made with ice cream, strawberry marshmallow ice cream, jellybeans, rainbow lollies and candy canes.

Other decadent delights include a roasted hazelnut waffle with hot Nutella sauce and Ferrero Rocher ice cream as well as pizookies – pizza cookies.

If you are feeling a lighter option try the Moroccan mint tea or their refreshing smoothies and juices.

Paradice Gelateria

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

Located on Vivian Road in Harborne, Paradice Gelateria is a wonderful place for any ice cream lover to indulge in.

This Gelateria has a warm welcome and serves everything from sundaes, fresh caramel waffles to a number of other delicious desserts and drinks.

The gelato is made fresh in the shop with a huge range of flavours and toppings to choose from, including the best of classic and original flavours.

For an indulgent treat, try the Ferrero Rocher Sundae with vanilla and Ferrero Rocher gelato, Nutella sauce, all topped with whipped cream and hazelnuts.

For a kick of popcorn, try the Movie Night Sundae with a perfect blend of popcorn, fudge and toffee sauce.

The Next Desserts

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

The Next Desserts located on Coventry Road has mastered sweet treats and gastronomical innovation. This is unlike any other dessert place you have ever visited.

The talented chefs at The Next Desserts regularly experiment with unusual flavour combinations to wow customers with an unexpected sweet experience.

Try their sweet brioche bun, which holds an ice cream and chocolate chip centre served with fruit and micro herbs, all delivered as a burger and chips.

Read our review of The Next Desserts here.

Fallen Angel Bakery

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

Located on Harborne High Street, Fallen Angel Bakery sells a range of freshly homemade cakes including, coffee and walnut, vanilla, chocolate, and marble cake.

Their cupcakes are delightful to enjoy with a herbal tea or cappuccino.

The Bakery itself has an enjoyable atmosphere, where customers can sit in a relaxed setting with vintage inspired furniture.

If you are looking for the perfect slice of cake one rainy afternoon, try the red velvet, you can thank us later.


9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

Ladypool Road houses a number of popular dessert places. One of them includes Adore.

Some of their highlight desserts include the double chocolate chip muffin shake. Their midnight milk cookie shots see creatively moulded cookie dough topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Waffles and crepes come with fresh fruit and ice cream, while their Ferrero Rocher cheesecake served on a wooden board is incredibly moreish.

As well as a range of coffees and hot chocolates, Adore’s colourful mocktails are also worth a try.

The relaxing interior, friendly staff, and excellent customer service are really what make this cafe a treat to visit.

Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

The newly opened Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge in Digbeth is a classy affair for dessert connoisseurs. The high end eatery serves alcohol free tiramisu and a vegan chocolate and beetroot cake.

They also serve 23 different types of gelato including Maltesers, bubblegum and midnight mint.

Coffee is served with local Quarter Horse coffee beans that are ground daily. This is definitely a dessert experience worth enjoying.

Bournville Waffle Company

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

Take a trip to Bournville Waffle Company for an authentic waffle, or for something a little different.

Dessert is served from a converted pimped up Mustang Caravan with the irresistible smell of delicious waffles filling the air around it.

The company takes traditional waffles and adds some less than traditional toppings for a more irreplaceable dessert baked fresh to order with a choice of sweet toppings.

Some options include strawberry and meringue waffles as well as banoffee waffles and waffles with crushed gingerbread men on top.

Be sure to try their specialty Rocky Road, a waffle topped with cookies, marshmallows and chocolate buttons, finished with freshly whipped double cream and homemade hot chocolate fudge sauce.

Look out for this exclusive and original dessert stall at local food festivals.

Victoria Creperie

9 Best Dessert Places in Birmingham

Tired of conventional desserts? Victoria Creperie brings you top quality crepes that are nothing but original.

Dessert caterers, Victoria Creperie makes sweet and savoury Breton-style pancakes and cakes, that rewrites the rules of what you can do with crepes.

You can also watch their trained professionals create your choice of an amazing mouthwatering crepe before your eyes.

Opt for the traditional lemon and sugar or maple syrup topping or try something a bit richer.

Another delicious option is the white chocolate and crushed Oreo crepe, definitely a sweet treat to look out for if you are seeking an indulgent feast.

Or for a more fruity option, choose the Victoria Special with Nutella banana, strawberries and white chocolate.

The creperie, which is located on Stourbridge Food Stall includes other various desserts such as cheesecakes, cakes, and ice cream.

These dessert places across Birmingham are enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. From crepes and waffles to cheesecakes and cookie dough, all dessert lovers are very welcome to indulge.

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