Indian Cuisine not Popular in Rio of Brazil

Those visiting Rio for the Olympics, who can’t live without classic Indian cuisine, may need to ponder where to find Indian food, DESIblitz reports.

rio no indian food

Many 'Indian' restaurants in Rio are found not to be authentic enough

Rio, the host of the 2016 Olympics reportedly has no authentic Indian restaurant to be found in their developing metropolis.

The usually admired cuisine, has not placed a footprint in Brazilian soil, simply because there aren’t many Indians to be found in the country.

The New Indian Express spoke to a man who originates from Kerala, but now resides in Rio, who claims he has not found an Indian restaurant since living in Rio for the past year.

He was reported saying: “Unlike in the US, there are not too many Indians here so there are no Indian restaurants.”

Looking on-line, we found that unfortunately, this was the case. Many ‘Indian’ restaurants in Rio are found not to be authentic enough, or were deemed ‘highly disappointing’ by reviewers.

There are two restaurants offering Indian food, where not all reviews were bad. Orienthai, offering a wide selection of Asian cuisine, serves up daal and naan where some said was ‘really good’.

Veggie Govinda, is the second restaurant with mixed reviews. Some said it was the ‘best Indian food in Rio’ and claimed it to be their ‘favourite veggie restaurant’.

With only two mediocre options, it is safe to say Rio is lacking a little Indian spice.

If you are visting Rio, you will be happy to know that even though they lack roti and chicken tikka, the Brazilian food is very flavoursome and sometimes spicy.

Brazil, being a coastal country, also offers food which has many similarities to the Goan and Kerala cuisine (related to the Portuguese heritage), and other coastal parts of India.

Their cuisine relies on exotic fruits which are popular in India, such as: mangos, papaya and guava. They also have many dishes including rice and beans, as well as pastry-like dishes that are close to spring rolls.

So, it’s likely that Team India visiting Brazil took their own chefs or even cook their own food to get the authentic Indian taste, not available in Rio based on the reviews.

Jaya is an English graduate who is fascinated with human psychology and the mind. She enjoys reading, sketching, YouTubing cute animal videos and visiting the theatre. Her motto: "If a bird poops on you, don’t be sad; be glad cows can’t fly."

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