The Next Desserts ~ Welcome to the Sweet Life

DESIblitz reviews Birmingham’s latest sweet spot, The Next Desserts on Coventry Road. Modern and stylish, it’s fine dining at its best.

The Next Desserts ~ Welcome to the Sweet Life

“You could dream up a dessert, and they’ll [make] it a reality.”

Birmingham has just got sweeter with the arrival of ‘The Next Desserts’ on Coventry Road, Sheldon.

This fine dining desserts experience has come to bring the WOW back to desserts with their modern and stylish restaurant, cultural menu and flawless presentation.

In true foodie fashion, DESIblitz tried the entire menu to bring you a full review of this new dessert parlour!

The Menu


If you’re a lover of light and refreshing desserts that will leave you wanting more, then this place will be your new go-to spot. Asian, French and British cuisines inspire the menu to give people a choice of favourites such as trifle, crème Brule and sweet rice.

The menu itself may seem minimalist in comparison to the popular Heavenly Desserts, but this menu provides more then a person could have imagined!

The short and simple names give enough away without airing all of their presentational secrets.

To add to the classy menu, they also serve wine and champagne, so this is the perfect place for a sweet treat and a glass of wine with friends and family.


Proprietor of the company and trained chef, Syed Alom is one of those responsible for coming up with the intricate and creative dishes served at The Next Desserts:

“No two plates look the same, were still experimenting with colours and flavour combinations,” Says Syed.

When asked about the influence of the menu, project manager Javed Qasir, said: “The menu gives a bit of mystery, because we describe the key ingredients and flavours you’ll get, but when it’s served it will look completely different to how you imagine.”

He continued to talk about their desire to give entertainment and a theatrical dining experience that you don’t get in other dessert parlours; which they certainly delivered on!

At one point, the waiter made us cover our eyes to unveil the next masterpiece on the menu, and each time we were blown away by the careful plating, mix of colours and thoughtful extras that came with each dish.

The concepts behind each dish are fun and exciting. The ‘Milky Bun’ is by far one of the most unexpected dishes on the menu.


This sweet brioche bun with an ice cream and chocolate chip centre served with fruit and micro herbs is delivered as a burger and chips. This is one burger meal you’ll have to have!

You may have ordered a chocolate fondant, but what you really get is a mouth full of gooey chocolate, crunchy pistachio nuts, fresh fruit and a sharp coolie.

The flavour combinations have been perfected by the three chefs who work at The Next Desserts. These knowledgeable cooks pride themselves in finding the perfect pairings.

Project Manager Javed is so confident with the team at this place that he even said: “You could dream up a dessert, and they’ll come as close as anyone could to making it a reality.”


Another big reason this new dessert parlour will make you say ‘wow’ is their license to use liquid nitrogen. Dangerous at the best of times, this wacky wonder that gives awe inspiriting effect to these desserts is something you won’t find anywhere else!

If you want to impress someone, this place is the perfect choice! Whether it’s for a friend’s birthday or a business meeting, this classy place with a truly inspirational menu and precision presentation will be the number one place to be.

They also about to introduce a lunch menu for lighter sweet treats if you find desserts too filling!

DESIblitz loves: Milky bun, The Next Trifle, Crème Brule and cookie dough

The Décor

The Next Desserts ~ Welcome to the Sweet Life

This suave and modern designed restaurant has been styled to perfection. Every corner of the room has a different vibe, with the gorgeous gray lounge featuring a statement piece chandelier to the wooden walls and cream booths.

“The chandelier was a one off piece made for a Prince in Saudi Arabia, which was then commissioned. We bought it here because there is no other around and it’s really an attractive hanging piece for the lounge area.

“All the furniture was hand picked by us all, and bought from various cities. No two things are bought from the same place and each area has its own style,” says Javed Qasir.

The relaxing atmosphere of this restaurant will have you feeling comfortable and as if you’ve come to a swanky modern bar full of fine dining and mingling.

The Next Desserts ~ Welcome to the Sweet Life

The kitchen is out in the open, so it’s easy for any customers to see their food being made. This is great for people to get involved and means there are no secrets!

What you see is what you get, and these chefs are more then happy to let you watch while they create their dishes and even ask questions.

The dangling glass balls, sophisticated bar and luxurious lounge area certainly gives off an elegant and classy vibe. This sweet place is filled with murmurs and spa like music to give off a relaxed atmosphere that’s hard to find in busy dessert places in Birmingham.

The Location

When you think of desserts in Birmingham, you think of Ladypool Road or Stratford Road. Being in Sheldon amongst small takeaways and beauty shops, you would think a dessert place would struggle.

Think again! Having opened in March 2016, this new restaurant is busy with passers by and locals who are happy to have somewhere new to go that’s close by:

“We give people the chance to experience fine dining who maybe couldn’t, at reasonable prices because we’re not City Centre based.

“We won’t rush you to move along, and we can have people discover us as they walk by, and that’s the luxury of being local,” says project manager Javed Qasir.

The Verdict

The Next Desserts ~ Welcome to the Sweet Life

After a belly full of sweet treats, it is fair to say that DESIblitz adore this new desserts restaurant.

The staff is knowledgeable and attentive, and every dish you try will be presented to you in a beautiful way which will make you appreciate the art of pastry and dessert making.

The modern décor and relaxed atmosphere makes this the perfect place to go at any time, where you can talk to other locals, chefs and generally have a good time.

The prices are reasonable and the menu will not only please your mum and dad with Desi desserts like sweet rice and Halwa, but also will also let you try something new and exciting.

If you find desserts naturally heavy, then The Next Desserts has the perfect portion sizes and light dessert options to suit everyone in this life, and you’ll definitely want the next dessert on the menu.

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