Chhavi Mittal slams Troll who said Cancer Post was for ‘sympathy’

TV actress Chhavi Mittal called out a troll who claimed that her recent post on cancer was to “gain sympathy”.

Chhavi Mittal slams Troll who said Cancer Post was for 'sympathy' f

"I didn’t choose cancer, it chose me."

Chhavi Mittal criticised a woman who claimed that the actress’ post on cancer was a way to “gain sympathy”.

The actress was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2022. Since then, she has been sharing her experience on social media.

In addition to sharing her diet and exercise routine, Chhavi has been spreading awareness about cancer and the need for early detection.

Chhavi had posted a video talking about her first reaction to finding out she had cancer.

While many took to the comments section to write messages of support, one person cruelly claimed that Chhavi was trying to gain sympathy.

The user, named Supriya, wrote:

“Oh, ur again here to gain some sympathy and PR.”

The distasteful comment prompted Chhavi to upload it in a separate post.

In the caption, she said:

“This comment was there on my post yesterday where I talked about how I braced the cancer news, sitting amongst lots of other beautiful comments.

Chhavi told the hater: “Supriya, I didn’t choose cancer, it chose me.

“The emotional trauma that a cancer survivor goes through cannot be expressed in words or gestures.

“Even the ones closest to them cannot fathom it. And you can’t even imagine the courage it takes me to speak about it on a public forum.

“Although the courage you have shown to troll a cancer fighter is also pretty commendable.

“And just like you cannot imagine my thoughts behind doing this, even I can’t imagine the amount of trauma you must have gone through in your life to feel feelings of this extent of negativity.

“Just like I share everything else on social media, I will share my prayer for you here too. May you get peace within.”

In the comments, fans told Chhavi to ignore such people.

One user said:

“You just ignore all these inhuman people. You have been a strength to so many people. Keep up the good work.”

Another commented: “Must be some dissatisfied soul. What an unwanted rude comment. Ignore and plough on!”


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Recalling her first reaction to the news, Chhavi Mittal was not “fearful” or “panicked”. She said:

“You know when the biopsy report is positive, the lab does not send you a report, it is the doctor who calls you.

“And when the doctor called me, I knew this is not the name which I want to see flash on my screen and there must be a problem.”

She went on to say that she accepted the situation, stating that working out the next steps instead of panicking is helpful.

Chhavi continued: “I’m going to let this sink in — this is real, this is happening, now let’s see what we have to do to tackle it and I understood that this is something that needs to be done and there is no point in panicking about it.”

Chhavi Mittal has also spoken about the importance of detecting breast cancer early.

She added: “Just be informed. Don’t close your eyes to symptoms.”

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