Canadian DJ punched at Indian Wedding over Song Request

A Canadian DJ said he was harassed and assaulted at an Indian wedding reception due to a simple song request.

Canadian DJ punched at Indian Wedding over Song Request f

“A random uncle came up to me and started harassing me."

A DJ from Vancouver, Canada, was allegedly assaulted at an Indian wedding reception due to a song request.

Everything was normal at Richmond’s Riverside Grand Ballroom Banquet Hall.

DJ RUSH, whose real name is Ricky Sian, said:

“Things started amazing; the wedding reception was one of the best receptions I’ve ever done.”

But things escalated due to some demanding, and intoxicated revellers.

Ricky said: “A random uncle came up to me and started harassing me.

“He wanted me to play ‘better music,’ even though the dance floor was full with the music I was playing.”

The DJ revealed he was harassed for an hour and a half.

He continued: “At one point, he said, ‘I’m gonna f**k you up like how we f**k up DJs in India’.”

Ricky said he eventually turned the music down and politely asked the man if he wanted to DJ instead since he was a “professional in music knowledge and how to get the crowd going”.

But the man continued swearing before walking away.

An hour later, the man came up to Ricky and was friendly towards him. He hugged the DJ and kissed him on the cheek.

The man said: “You’re just like my son.

“You’re doing an amazing job. I’m sorry about what I said; let’s forgive and forget.”

Ricky agreed. The man gave him a $50 tip and requested a few songs, which Ricky said he did play.

“At this point, the party’s going amazing. Everyone is having an amazing time.”

Things came to an end at 1 am. As the DJ was packing up his equipment, six people approached him, accusing him of “saying sh*t to our dad.”

Ricky told Daily Hive: “They made me seem like I was the imposter for something I didn’t even do.”

The group claimed their father was upset that Ricky did not play his requested music.

Ricky tried to explain what happened but the group refused to listen to him.

“They told me if I don’t give them $200 plus the $50 his dad gave, they’re gonna attack me.”

The DJ did not know what to do so he gave them the money, thinking that would be the end. But instead, they asked for more money and demanded an apology.

“It sucked because I was alone, and security didn’t do much because he was alone too.

“One of the guys punched me in the face minutes later. I took the punch and took a step back.”

“I thought they were going to leave, but they didn’t leave at all. One of the guys ran towards me and grabbed me. He didn’t hit me, thankfully, because some of the people involved just started saying leave it.”

As they left, the group flipped Ricky’s equipment, damaging it.

As Ricky prepared to leave, security warned him that more people had pulled up in three vehicles.

The DJ believes they were going to jump him. If he did not call the police, Ricky believes things would have taken an even more violent turn.

Police told Ricky that charges would not be pressed because “this is so normalised in the city”.


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Ricky shared a video, explaining his ordeal. This led to an outpouring of support from fellow DJs, with some talking about their own experiences.

One said someone brandished a gun over a song request.

Richmond RCMP said they received a report about the incident.

The RCMP says that “alcohol consumption or drug consumption by itself or in combination with alcohol are primary factors when police are required to attend banquets or formal celebratory events”.

RCMP also said that there is “not one ethnicity that poor behaviour is more or less prominent in”.

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