Bewakoofiyaan ~ Review

Ayushmann Khuranna struggles to please Rishi Kapoor to win Sonam Kapoor’s hand in Bewakoofiyaan. Saurin Shah provides the low-down on the story, performances, direction and music. Find out if it is one to watch or give a miss.


How many stories have we seen over the years where love-birds are trying hard to get the much needed approval from their parents, predominantly and the most important from the tough nut ‘Papa’ (the heroine’s father)?

It is almost a ritual in all cases that such fathers find the boy useless and totally undeserving. So in the middle of everything to the time when the boy finally proves his worth and wins the girl you enjoy some romance, interesting confrontations which can be comic or dramatic, some action which is seldom seen in the last decade, and finally a happy ending.


A difference in this story is an added worry of finding a job (after being laid off) and making sure Papa-in-law doesn’t find out the truth.

Mohit and Mayera (played by Ayushmann Khuranna and Sonam Kapoor) belong to the posh highly educated (synonym; MBA in India) working class – a part of the emerging India poster – as the country saw a huge surge in development of superlative scale in the first decade of the 21st century.

Plain simple romantic comedy with a predictable end.
Ayushmann seems ordinary in typical lover boy image, Sonam is average but it’s Rishi Kapoor who outperforms everybody.
In her first film Nupur presents a routine love story garnished by some comedy, romance and songs.
Good picturisation of ultra-modern corporate region of Delhi-NCR.
Talented musician Raghu scores a youthful peppy music.
Bewakoofiyaan is yet another romcom set in urban India with an added angle of global recession. Review Scores by Saurin Shah.

Both mature, smart and working successful careers, Mohit and Mayera are truly madly deeply in love with each other; and with the promotion of Mohit, it is the perfect chance to ask Mayera’s hand (approval for marriage) from her father.

V.K. Sehgal (played by Rishi Kapoor), is a soon to be retired honest IAS officer desperate to marry her to a super-rich lad so she doesn’t have to face the same altruistic lifestyle that was forced upon him as a price for his honesty.

Mohit meets him over a picnic and asks for his approval while Sehgal launches a full-fledged inquiry on Mohit and gives him a probation period to prove himself. In the midst of this, he loses his job and then things are set to go worse as Sehgal’s scrutinisation intensifies and his relationship with Mayera is likely to go awry due to his penury.

Nupur Asthana with her repertoire of two TV Soap’s gets an opportunity to direct her first film under the prestigious Yash Raj banner and she doesn’t want to take any risks or come up with surprises. She gives Habib Faisal’s story an urban love-story treatment where the characters fight their way through situations and make adjustments.

The part where Mohit befriends Sehgal and gives him a new direction in his old age is interesting as well as funny, only if the anti-climax had been a bit longer and the way Sehgal tries to bring the couple together had more screen time, the film could have been more interesting and fun.

Ayushmann who impressed the industry with his confident and uninhibited performance in Vicky Donor (2012) and stepped a few more levels up with his terrific form in Nautanki Saala! (2013) isn’t that acceptable as a lover boy in Bewakoofiyaan.

He looked like a seasoned artist in Vicky Donor but surprisingly looks like a newcomer in this film. He has his Delhi-lad mannerism and accent but romance and drama don’t seem to be his genres.

Sonam too is more suited for movies like Raanjhanaa (2013) and Delhi-6 (2009), which have a special theme and subject which do justice with her acting style. As far as looks are concerned, she is one of the best fashionistas in the industry and has been styled really well with her trendy corporate attire.

One actor who sweeps all the attention even running at risk of being typecast in his stereotype characters of a Delhi-based middle class working father is Rishi Kapoor. He acts as if he has lived many years like V.K Sehgal and similar characters in Do Dooni Chaar (2010).

The talented musician from South India Raghu Dixit gives an album with some peppy numbers like ‘Gulcharre’ and ‘Bewakoofiyaan’. The album as a whole has similar beats and music in almost all songs.

Overall it’s a strictly one-time pass-the-time watch with an interesting depiction of how global recession affected many cadres of society and Rishi Kapoor’s brilliant performance that drives the story to a happy end.

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