7 Best AI Songs by ‘Drake’ that Sound Amazing

Rap megastar, Drake, has taken social media by storm with some viral hits. Turns out, these tracks are all AI-generated. We look at the top 7.

7 Best AI Songs by 'Drake' that Sound Amazing

"This song is a scary example of AI evolution"

AI is rapidly transforming the music industry and one way this has been highlighted is the viral AI songs, seemingly rapped by hip hop mogul, Drake.

The tracks have racked up millions of views and have left many fans pondering whether the songs are actually AI or Drake himself.

It’s an ode to how fast AI is adapting to different voices, tones and nuances.

Whilst many listeners are still rejoicing in these “Drake” songs, others are captivated and raising questions about the future of music production.

Many artists and music companies have called for a ban on the usage of AI programmes within music, claiming it as copyright. However, there are no concrete laws to validate their concerns.

Although, some AI artists have had their songs banned from the likes of TikTok and Spotify on these grounds.

But, how real do these songs sound and is it a scary time to be an artist?

Either way, the music itself sounds amazing, taking into account that it is all generated by AI. Have a listen for yourself!

Some artists like Grimes have taken advantage of this situation, allowing anyone to use AI to create songs using her voice without consequences, as long as she receives 50% of the royalties, as reported by Rolling Stone.

Too Many Times


Released by the YouTube channel, Trap Time AI, ‘Too Many Times’ uses Drake’s voice in the most traditional way possible.

His vocals are placed against a relatively quick beat and his raps are speedy yet evocative of the musician’s tone.

You can tell in some parts where the AI generation is off but overall, it’s a solid track.

One comment on the song by AI Music Network read:

“This is way better than earlier AI Drake songs.”

“It sounds way more polished and convincing. I’m having a harder time picking up on flaws that give it away. This is crazy!”

‘Too Many Times’ has a break in between verses where we can hear people speaking, which is another element Drake uses in his music.

Talk To Me Nice


With a higher level of production, ‘Talk To Me Nice’ takes AI songs to a whole different realm.

The eerie introduction, beat composition and vocal range of “Drake” sounds like he himself has released another banger.

Although there are some moments where the autotune placed on his voice is too much. But, this is perhaps to counteract the AI melodies which could’ve sounded off.

The lyrics mixed in with the harmonies made this a viral hit and within five days of it’s release, the track racked up over 198,000 YouTube views.

Dead Presidents


‘Dead Presidents’ starts off with producer Metro Boomin’s famous tagline – “If Young Metro Don’t Trust You”.

This is the only solid evidence, as far as we know, that can get AI songs taken down as these taglines are copyrighted.

However, creators are obviously using them to make these tracks seem more official. And, it does so in this case.

The song includes some catchy flows and impressively has the cadences in Drake’s real voice where he changes between singing and rapping.

Emphasising how shockingly real this song sounds was superfan Logan Clark, who left a comment on YouTube saying:

“We don’t even need real Drake anymore.”

The only part where you can distinguish this isn’t a real Drake song are the parts where the lyrics don’t make a whole lot of sense.

Too Late


With over 282,000 YouTube views, ‘Too Late’ is one of the most trending AI songs by “Drake”.

It is reminiscent of his 2016 album, Views, and has the artists’ wordplay, delivery and flow.

The track is also one of the better songs that manage to capture the rapper’s singing tone without over-generating it.

‘Too Late’ features on the channel Best AI Songs and has a level of depth that made fans go into a frenzy.

Rushing Greeks


One of the most notable aspects of Drake’s music is his sampling of classic songs as the foundation of his own releases.

‘Rushing Greeks’ captures that essence to a tee with this beautiful production and retro feel.

It’s also one of the only tracks that have “Drake” singing, which is a harder talent to generate using AI due to the different harmonies and melodies he achieves.

Roleio Sports told his opinion of the song on YouTube, saying:

“AI Drake going too hard. Damn, real Drake gotta take notes.”

What do you think of the track?

Heart On My Sleeve


‘Heart On My Sleeve’ is the song that really grabbed the attention of online personalities and the music world.

It’s arguably the highest calibre of AI songs due to its crisp production and elite level of AI generation.

The track features “The Weeknd” and many were intrigued to see if a “collaboration” between two of the biggest artists in the world was real. Of course, it was not.

However, that didn’t stop many from bopping their heads to it, especially “Drake’s” verse. “The Weeknd” sounds a little more robotic.

The song was made by an anonymous person who goes by the name Ghostwriter.

After gaining millions of views, Universal Music Group apparently issued takedown requests of the song – which was on Spotify and other streaming services.

Winter’s Cold


Made by Lvcci, ‘Winter’s Cold’ is one of the most popular AI songs ever created (thus far).

It has over 1.3 million YouTube views and its presence is evergrowing in the music industry due to the realistic sound it gives off.

The beat creation, “Drake’s” flow, lyrics, and mannerisms make it hard to believe this isn’t a real song.

Many fans expressed their love for ‘Winter’s Cold’ with one fan commenting:

“This song is a scary example of AI evolution.

“This sounds dead-on like Drake, I really can’t spot any flaws.”

Removing songs such as ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ and ‘Winter’s Cold’ through copyright infringement can be challenging because these tracks don’t blatantly copy any protected material.

Both songs seem to have been written by someone other than Drake and then fed into voice cloning software, resulting in entirely new and original works.

Copyright law typically doesn’t protect an artist’s voice, style, or flow.

However, marketing the new song as a track by Drake could create trademark issues rather than copyright concerns.

As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking innovations in music production.

From new sounds and genres to collaborations with virtual artists, the possibilities are endless.

However, as we embrace these new developments, it’s important to remember the importance of creativity, authenticity, and ethical practices.

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