5 AI Songs by ‘Drake’ Singing in Punjabi

Prepare to be blown away by another collection of AI songs, but this time, they feature the global rapper ‘Drake’ singing in Punjabi!

5 AI Songs by 'Drake' Singing in Punjabi

'Drake' has a period where he sings 'Patakha Guddi'

We delve into the realm of AI songs, where the brilliance of ‘Drake’ collides with the enchanting sounds of Punjabi music.

For those of you who might be living on a distant planet, Drake is a chart-topping Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter.

He has redefined the music industry with his soulful verses and global hits.

Drake’s unmatched versatility and immense popularity make him a perfect candidate for an exciting experiment with AI songs.

But wait, how does AI even create songs?

Well, these creators have used different programs and prompts to train certain AI tools to learn Drake’s voice and be able to apply it to certain songs and sounds.

What’s even more impressive is how these tools are able to apply Drake’s voice to Punjabi lyrics whilst keeping his signature tone.

We list the top Punjabi AI songs by ‘Drake’ where he tries his hand at some of the most iconic tracks from the likes of Diljit Dosanjh to Shubh.

Champagne Paji


Uploaded under the username “callmevatb”, this track shows just how the early stages of AI songs are still impressive.

The song goes straight into ‘Drake’s’ verse where he raps between Punjabi and English.

What’s even more surprising is how the rapper’s flow changes from slow to fast but still maintains his sound as if it was a real person.

Normally, there are a few glitches in AI songs, but this track is nearly flawless.

The only drawback is that the Punjabi is a little off, but only a couple of times, and upon the first listen, one can barely notice.

The hip hop thumping beat, switch up in delivery and multilingual verse makes this an exceptional piece.



Indian musician Shubh’s monumental 2022 hit ‘Baller’ was a global anthem upon its release, having achieved over 72 million YouTube views within 10 months.

Perhaps the only way the song could be even bigger would be to have arguably the world’s biggest rapper feature on the track.

That’s exactly what music producer and DJ, Rav-E Sandhu, has given fans on his Instagram.

The song starts off with the signature beat and Shubh’s opening line from the original song.

However, instead of ‘Drake’ having a few lines or verses, the pair go back to back singing each line of the chorus.

Straight away, ‘Drake’s’ cadence and iconic voice is there and he pairs well with the Punjabi instrumentation.

Fans were shocked at how the piece sounded, with many in disbelief. Folk Soundz commented on the video:

“Lmao what?! Technology be wildin!”

Shubh and ‘Drake’ compliment each other well and the song captures how smooth they would sound on a real song together.

With over 30,000 views on Instagram, there’s no doubt that the track is going viral among avid listeners.

Patakha Guddi


The Nooran Sisters gave one of Bollywood’s biggest tracks in 2014 with ‘Patakha Guddi’ for the movie Highway.

They actually performed the track on the red carpet for the PTC Punjabi Awards in 2015.

However, it was only in 2022 that the clip went viral and it became a phenomenon on social media, with many using it as the backing song for their TikTok videos and Instagram reels.

Popular musician Refixmusic decided to combine the song with Drake’s 2023 release ‘Search and Rescue’.

Whilst the track is mainly a fusion of both original songs, there are moments when AI is used to make ‘Drake’ sing ‘Patakha Guddi’.

It’s very notable after the minute mark of the video where you can clearly hear all three musicians harmonise.

Then, ‘Drake’ has a period where he sings ‘Patakha Guddi’ and it’s safe to say the result is amazing.

Their voices, although one of them is AI-generated, sound in sync and could be food for thought of the Canadian rapper for future releases.

52 Bars


Rav-E Sandhu is back again but this time fusing together Karan Aujla 2023 hit ’52 Bars’ with ‘Drake’.

It’s perhaps the only song on the list where listeners can’t tell the difference between Aujla and ‘Drake’.

This may be down to the sound of the track or AI’s generation method. Although, you notice towards the end of the snippet how the Canadian musician sounds.

When the bass of the beat drops out, ‘Drake’s’ cadence is clearer – and his voice sounds good rapping in Punjabi.

But, the track probably needed a better musical prompt to gauge Drake’s tone.

Saying that, the song still comes across well and many fans left fire emojis on the Instagram video to show their approval.

Check it out for yourself to see what you think.



It’s no secret that Diljit Dosanjh is one of the biggest stars in the world, for both his music and acting.

Therefore, many are surprised that the icon hasn’t already linked up with Drake for a collaboration that would send shockwaves through the industry.

Especially given Drake’s admiration for the likes of Sidhu Moose Wala and Punjabi artists.

But, fans didn’t have to wait long for a duet between the two as Rav-E Sandhu gave us another banger.

Through his edit, ‘Drake’ jumps on Diljit’s viral 2022 song ‘Peaches’.

This is arguably one of the best AI songs where ‘Drake’ sings in Punjabi and it captures the flow and delivery of the musician.

Through both Punjabi and English lyrics, the realism of ‘Drake’s’ voice is mind-blowing.

Although the clip is short and just gives us the chorus, it’s still amazing to hear how well the pair would sound on a project.

On one hand, technology promises an ever-expanding repertoire of songs, blending the genius of legendary artists with diverse musical traditions from around the world.

It opens doors for new and aspiring talents to explore unique sounds while keeping the legacy of musical legends alive.

We’ve seen this with the likes of Sidhu Moose Wala whose voice has been used for a catalogue of AI songs.

It means that fans can rejoice in musicians of the past whilst future artists can become more creative and use AI to their advantage.

However, amidst this marvel, some critics argue that AI-generated music lacks the raw emotion and authenticity that only human artists can convey.

Moreover, there’s the concern that AI might pave the way for a cookie-cutter music industry, where originality and creativity could be compromised in pursuit of commercial success.

Likewise, a lot of artists are concerned about copyright issues with many labels coming out to stop AI from entering the music industry.

But there’s no stopping the revolution that is AI.

And, it will only develop and progress further as it becomes accustomed to certain thought patterns, information, and behaviour.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Instagram.

Video courtesy of Instagram, YouTube & TikTok.

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