Balika Vadhu’s Avika Gor recalls Sexual Harassment by Bodyguard

‘Balika Vadhu’ actress Avika Gor recalled being sexually harassed by her bodyguard during an event in Kazakhstan.

Balika Vadhu's Avika Gor recalls Sexual Harassment by Bodyguard f

"When I turned back, there was only the security guard."

Avika Gor, who rose to fame in Balika Vadhu, recalled being sexually harassed by her bodyguard during an event in Kazakhstan.

Admitting it was common in Kazakhstan, she said:

“This has happened a lot with me in Kazakhstan… Yes, there are bodyguards with you always, but there is always someone who wants to act smart.

“I remember someone touched me from behind. When I turned back, there was only the security guard.

“I remember when I was going on stage, someone tried to touch me from behind.

“As soon as I turned back, I remembered that I had only seen the security guard and no one else.”

Avika went on to say that the same security guard tried to touch her a second time but she stopped him from doing so.

She continued: “I remember that it was going to happen for the second time and I stopped it.

“This time, I held the hand and turns out it was the same bodyguard.

“It is shameful… I just looked at him and was like, ‘What?’ and he just apologised.”

Avika was left disgusted but admitted that she ignored it.

She added:

“What can be done? They don’t know how to speak English or Hindi so I let it go. What more could I do?”

The TV actress stated that in that moment, she did not know what else she could do.

But things have since changed and Avika knows how to handle it.

The actress said: “If I had the courage to turn around and give it, then I would have hit a lot of people by now.

“Now I think I can do it, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Avika Gor previously said that social media has made it easier for people to enter the acting industry.

In 2022, she said: “Today, it’s easier to become an actor because people have access to social media and other mediums where they can show their talents be it with reels or on YouTube and reach out to the audience.

“There’s money, ad deals and fan interactions on digital platforms and it’s your call on how approachable you want to be or even how greedy.”

Avika stated that despite being in the industry for years, it has become difficult for her to stay active on social media.

She said: “I end up thinking, let’s do it as everyone else is (very active on social media) and it’s not a big deal.

“But deep down, it doesn’t feel right, hence, I take a step back.

“For example, making those lip sync reels isn’t something I should do in my career right now even though at the end of the day that seems to get you followers and once you get followers, good brands come to you.”

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