Avika Gor reacts to ‘Secret Child’ with Manish Raisinghan

There have been rumours that TV actors Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan have a secret child together. Avika has reacted to the speculation.

Avika Gor reacts to 'Secret Child' with Manish Raisinghan f

"he has been the closest friend that I’ve ever had.”

Avika Gor has reacted to the rumours that she had a secret child with Sasural Simar Ka co-star Manish Raisinghan.

The two TV actors are close friends and have worked together numerous times.

Due to their closeness, many speculated that they were in a relationship.

Avika has now revealed that there were rumours that she and Manish had a secret child together.

In an interview, Avika reacted to the rumours, calling the whole thing “impossible”.

She said: “There were articles like we have a secret child.

“We are very close, even now. He’ll always have a very important space in my life.

“In my journey from the age of 13 till now, he has been the closest friend that I’ve ever had.”

Avika admitted that the rumours did initially affect them, revealing that she and Manish stopped speaking.

When the news failed to die down, they realised that they could not avoid it.

Avika continued: “Since then, we have never looked back. If we read old news stories about us, we laugh.”

Avika Gor said that she has learnt a lot from Manish, but on the rumours, she has told people that Manish is almost the same age as her father.

She said: “I’ve learned so much from him. He’s 18 years older than me, by the way.

“When I saw how he keeps the child within him alive, it is a big thing to learn.

“Even now when people ask me if anything was happening between us, I’m like ‘he’s almost my father’s age’.”

Manish has also reacted to the rumours, calling them “absurd”.

He stated: “This is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard about my friendship with Avika.

“Why can’t two individuals be good friends? Why do they have to be in a relationship?”

“Also, it’s a fact that I am 18 years older than her.”

Avika Gor is currently in a relationship with Milind Chandwani while Manish Raisinghan married actress Sangeita Chauhaan in 2020.

He added: “Avika will always be a close friend.

“She is in a happy relationship now with Milind Chandwani and it has been more than a year since I got married in June 2020.

“Sangeita and I laughed about these rumours.”

Manish had previously spoken about the relationship rumours between him and Avika.

He had said: “The gossip affected me in the beginning and I was stupid enough to maintain a distance from Avika.

“I became conscious and irritable during that phase.

“The rumour made me sick. But later, I realised that if my intentions are clear, why should I treat her any differently?

“I have never dated her; she is almost half my age.

“We are compatible, but I have never seen her that way.

“Anyway, such loose talks don’t affect me anymore and we meet for work now.”

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