Huma Qureshi reacts to Criticism with ‘Army of the Dead’ role

Huma Qureshi made her Hollywood debut in ‘Army of the Dead’, however, some people were disappointed with her role. She has now reacted.

Huma Qureshi reacts to Criticism with 'Army of the Dead' role f

"it is really heartening to see this undiluted support."

Huma Qureshi has reacted to the disappointment people had towards her role in the Netflix film Army of the Dead.

Huma made her Hollywood debut in the zombie-action film and it saw her play Geeta.

The film became one of the most-watched films on an OTT platform, with 72 million streams within the first week of its release.

Huma expressed her happiness at the film amassing such figures.

She said: “I want to say to all my fans that I love them.

“Indian fans are the best, I love how much love they give us, and back us.

“They root for us, and it is really heartening to see this undiluted support.”

However, some people were disappointed at how little Huma was seen onscreen, compared to the buzz that was created before its release.

On the disappointment, Huma said:

“I would want to remind them that my first film ever was Gangs of Wasseypur (2012), a really big ensemble film.

“I was barely there for 15 minutes, and that film changed my life.

Army of the Dead again, ironically, happened almost 10 years after that, it was my debut film in Hollywood.

“That was a big ensemble with a really acclaimed director (Zack Snyder).”

Huma Qureshi explained that when she read the script, she knew it had an ensemble cast.

“I knew the part. I felt what was important is not the length but how the character is moving the story forward.

“For me, Geeta’s story was a very important plot point. You take that away, and the film ends.”

According to Huma, she believes that what makes a character memorable is if the character has an effect on the story.

She continued:

“I have to be realistic. As much love as I get here, this is my first Hollywood film.”

“I hope inshallah, it will open doors not just for me, but all other Indian actors.”

Huma explained that there have been more Indian actors in the past who faced the same response when it came to screentime, but she feels it is okay.

She added: “It all comes out of love, and not any negative space.

“It is going to be the fans only who will ensure… ultimately, we are a billion plus eyeballs. 100%, territory agnostic content is the future.

“It is the fans wanting to see actors that look like them onscreen which will make sure these kind of changes happen on screen.”

Huma Qureshi was last seen in the web series Maharani.

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