Lakmé Fashion Week 2020: Manish Malhotra honours Artisans

Known as the most glamorous fashion event in India, Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 has kick-started with Manish Malhotra’s opening digital show.

Lakme Fashion Week 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans f

"The craft of Mijwan is an integral part of our label"

Indian designer Manish Malhotra collaborated with Mijwan Foundation to celebrate countless artisans and craftsmen with his captivating collection, ‘Ruhaaniyat’ at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 (LFW).

The Manish Mahotra x Mijwan collaboration was presented at the opening show of Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition.

The collection celebrates the glorious decade of the designer’s association with Mijwan Foundation through a fundraising opening show film.

All proceeds from the ticket sales go to Mijwan to support and empower the women artisans at Mijwan.

Commenting on the digital showcase, veteran actress Shabana Azmi stated:

“We are really proud of Mijwan’s journey and what we’ve been able to achieve so far.

“I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the community, particularly Manish, to take these craftsmen’s work to the world and provide them with a regular source of employment and income throughout.

“Mijwan is growing each day and, along with it, its craft and people and I’m glad that Lakmé Fashion Week has come on board to support the Mijwan Welfare Society by fundraising efforts.”


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Manish Malhotra took inspiration from the vibrancy of Punjab and the stunning craft of Awadh and Kutch for his beautiful collection.

The glorious archival fabrics were embellished with borders woven in zari with gold and silver.

To add to the grandeur, the fabrics were hand-basted and hand-quilted with a muted colour palette of teal, green, dusty pink, pistachio, grey, maroon, black and white.

The layered ensembles were effortlessly draped around the female and male models.

The opulent theme featured luxurious silk and pure cotton as well as velvets, muslins and mashru to create the perfect designs.

Lakme Fashion Week 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - men

An array of silhouettes featured in the LFW opening show. These included traditional kurtas, khada dupattas, ghararas and izar salwars for women to jama angarkhas and heavy shawls for men.

‘Ruhaaniyat’ was an ode to the old-world charm which was evident in the zardosi vintage accents used in the embroidery.

Lakme Fashion Week 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - train

In particular, the splendour of the lehenga, choli and dupatta ensembles was visible in the embellished trains flowing behind.

Enhancing the grandeur of the ‘Ruhaaniyat’ collection, Manish Malhotra’s magnificent jewellery line was used to adorn the models.

Reflecting the art and designs of Punjab and Awadh, the jewellery was designed with flat cut diamonds, Russian and Zambian emeralds and pearls and pure gold.

Lakme Fashion Week 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - women3

Adding opulence to the overall collection, Manish Malhotra chose to decorate the models with an array of jewellery.

This includes passas, maang tikkas, maatha pattis, chokers, haars, tiered necklaces, studs and sahara earrings.

Not only that but ornaments like haathpools kadas, rings and stackable bangles were also worn.

‘Ruhaaniyat’ was an exquisite, magnificent bridal showcase of Manish Malhotra’s designs.

The collection perfectly encapsulated the culture, craft, colours, designs and artisanal skills of the Mijwan’s craft.

Lakmé Fashion Week Opening Show

Lakme Fashion Week 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - kartik1

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan who featured as a muse for the couture film said:

“This is the first thing I’m doing in the last seven months of lockdown, primarily because this collection has got a larger purpose and has a noble cause attached to it and through this, I want to show my full support for this initiative.

“It supports artisans and I applaud the Mijwan Welfare Society, Lakmé Fashion Week and Manish Malhotra World for this beautiful initiative.”

He added:

“The visual spectacularity of Manish’s show always leave you in awe. This time, in this couture film of ‘Ruhaaniyat’, Manish has brought similar passion and magic.

“In fact, it’s even better; we got to see his directorial talent. I won’t say much. See it for yourself.”

LFW 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - men3

The designer himself, Manish Malhotra spoke about the collection. He said:

“Ruhaaniyat is my tribute to all the artisans and craftsmen of our country who have left the fingerprints of their art onto our heritage culture.

“It’s about the eternal soul of the craft from two culturally rich regions (vibrancy of Punjab and nazakat of Awadh) and how it continues to live on even today.”

LFW 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - blue

He continued to speak about his association with LFW:

“The new format of the digital fashion week which required me from creating, conceptualising to directing a film has been enormously demanding.

“Working with models and making them characters, collaborating with musicians from all over the country and managing several other things simultaneously, this has been a rather rare experience that I’ve truly loved because somewhere it satisfies two loves of my life – fashion and film.”

He further added:

“My association with Lakmé Fashion Week continues to grow stronger. We continued in our journey to explore many layers of art and craft through our showcase.

“And there could be no better platform than to showcase our ‘Ruhaaniyat’ collection with LFW.”

LFW 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - kartik

Manish Malhotra went on to mention what it was like with Kartik Aaryan. He said:

“Kartik is one of my favourite young actors and has been the muse to my previous collection as well. He adds his charm to this couture film with his magnetic presence.”

Manish also spoke about his collaboration with Mijwan saying:

“Mijwan strikes the deepest chord of my emotional bond with craftspeople. We just completed our ten years with Mijwan and it gives me so much happiness to see the village growing bit by bit.

“Today, the craft of Mijwan is an integral part of our label and we are happy that with our support, the village is growing and we will continue to take bigger strides to empower not Mijwan but all our other craft clusters.”

LFW 2020_ Manish Malhotra pays Tribute to Artisans - twirl

Speaking about the collaboration for the opening show of LFW 2020, Head Lifestyle Business IMG Reliance, Jaspreet Chandok said:

“It’s always a pleasure to have Manish at Lakmé Fashion Week. We wanted the opening show to be really special this time and towards a cause that is important to all of us, towards the artisans that are the backbone of our industry.

“It is our privilege to have partnered for Mijwan fundraiser which is so close to Manish. We look forward to seeing the master courtier spin his magic on the virtual runway.”

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The Manish Malhotra x Mijwan collaboration at the Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 opening show captivated viewers on Tuesday, 20 October 2020.

To support the women artisans at Mijwan, donate by clicking here.

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