Azaan Sami Khan opens up on Eating Disorder

Azaan Sami Khan shared his personal experiences on the ‘HowDoesItWork? Podcast’, including his battle with an eating disorder.

Azaan Sami Khan opens up on Eating Disorder f

"Food addiction is as much as any of those are."

Azaan Sami Khan spoke about food addiction and eating disorders as well as his steps to regain control of his life.

The music composer shared his personal experiences on the HowDoesItWork? Podcast.

He recalled a time when he could not fit into shop-bought trousers anymore and had to have his clothes custom-made due to his size.

Azaan revealed: “I would just check if I could buy trousers from a shop. I stopped after a while.

“Everything had to be like shalwars or custom-made because nothing would fit.”

Azaan emphasised the severity of eating disorders, comparing them to other addictions, such as alcohol and drugs.

He continued: “Eating disorders are as much an addiction as alcohol, drugs, or any form of addiction. Food addiction is as much as any of those are.

“Maybe kids who have gone through what I have gone through feel it as well.

“But I know one thing for a fact, in all humility, that if I decide to do something then I can be the best.

“If I say I’m going to do something then I am going to do it.

“Until I say I’m going to do it – if I say I’m going to look like this or I’m not going to eat this, I won’t. That is a quality of mine that I am proud of.”

Detailing his determination to lose weight, Azaan Sami Khan admitted that he learnt the art of self-discipline and commitment.

He also highlighted that his relationship with his father Adnan Sami, describing it as “turbulent”.

Azaan explained that he hardly saw his father.

“I didn’t see him from the age of five until 14.

“Then I saw him for a year and a half when I was 14. Then I didn’t see him for another 13 years. I saw him a month ago.”

“I didn’t see him from 15 to 29. Music was the only thing that connected me to him without knowing him.

“So when I made music I felt like I had a daddy.”

Azaan revealed that it was his mother’s wish that he have a relationship with his father but when he was upset with him, he could not listen to his music.

He admitted that he did not know what it was like to be the son of a musical maestro as he was absent in the most successful era of Adnan’s career.

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