Ashfaque Satti faces Domestic Abuse Allegations

Pakistani news anchor and host Ashfaque Satti is facing domestic abuse allegations after his wife shared details on social media.

Ashfaque Satti faces Domestic Abuse Allegations f

“It’s men like him that scare me from getting married.”

News anchor Ashfaque Satti is under intense scrutiny after his wife, Nomaika, took to X and accused him of domestic violence.

In a shocking revelation, she shared: “I’ve been beaten almost to death by my own husband.”

Ashfaque Satti is a familiar face as the host of a morning show on ARY.

The situation escalated further when lawyer and political activist Jibran Nasir posted about the allegations on Facebook. He disclosed that his company is supporting the victim.

Simultaneously, social media users are levelling accusations against the Sindh police, claiming a delay in filing an FIR.

They argued that it is aiding the accused and swift action must be taken.

Adding fuel to the fire, Nomaika has shared pictures of her injuries on the internet, triggering widespread outrage.

The severity of the accusations has prompted people to speculate that this incident could mark a downfall for Ashfaque Satti.

Amidst the controversy, Nomaika revealed more shocking details. She accused her husband of cheating on her with a woman named Zara Ansari.

She revealed that his extramarital affair had resulted in Zara’s getting pregnant multiple times.

Nomaika claimed that Zara came to her, pleading to be married to Ashfaq Satti.

The public’s response to these revelations has been intense, with social media flooded with discussions and calls for justice.

An X user said: “Behind that face was an animal, it’s good to see him exposed to the world.”

Another argued: “He should be behind the bars immediately. This is truly unacceptable.”

One person commented: “It’s men like him that scare me from getting married.”

The credibility of the Sindh police is being questioned for their perceived delay in handling the case.

The public claims that it raises concerns about the impartiality of the investigation.

The legal and public ramifications for Ashfaque Satti remain uncertain as people closely follow developments.

The airing of personal accusations and private details on social media has brought the issue to the forefront.

The potential repercussions for Ashfaque Satti, both professionally and personally, are expected to be immense.

In the coming days, the case is likely to attract more attention. The public is keenly awaiting updates on the investigation.

The unfolding events underscore the need for a thorough, impartial, and transparent inquiry into the serious allegations against Ashfaque Satti.

There has been no response or reaction to the claims from Ashfaque Satti’s end yet.

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