Video of Man abusing Military giving Covid-19 Tests goes Viral

Footage of a Birmingham man challenging and abusing members of the military who were handing out free Covid-19 tests has gone viral.

Video of Man abusing Miltary giving Covid-19 Tests goes Viral f

“This is intimidation you know that? Absolute tyranny.”

A video has emerged showing a Birmingham man challenging and abusing the military who were going door-to-door handing out free Covid-19 tests.

Footage shows the unidentified man repeatedly abuse RAF members who were knocking on doors in Station Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, asking residents if they wanted a free Covid-19 test.

An earlier video of the same man also had done its rounds on social media with similar content, where on the same road, he quizzes why the army is involved in this activity and confronts them saying it is an invasion of his ‘liberty’.

Birmingham City councillors have now reassured residents that it is safe to receive Covid-19 tests from the RAF.

Approximately 100 military personnel have been brought in to support Birmingham City Council’s efforts to reduce the rising Covid-19 rates.

The man was in the passenger seat of a car when he started recording members of the RAF who were potentially helping elderly and vulnerable residents. He is heard saying that Birmingham does not need the army.

He also says: “I think it is absolutely disgusting, is this what this country has come to now?

“It’s absolutely disgraceful, knocking on peoples’ doors to ask if they want to be tested.

“There’s nothing wrong with people, if they did want to be tested, they could go to one of these centres if they want that.

“This is intimidation you know that? Absolute tyranny.”

The man is then heard swearing and abusing the military team. He tells them to leave, saying it is not “communist f****** China’. He also urges one resident to tell them to p*** off.

At the end of the video, the man gets out of the vehicle and confronts the team, threatening to report them to Birmingham City Council.

Watch the Footage. Warning – Explicit Language

Councillor Paulette Hamilton (Holyhead ward) said she has taken the matter to the council’s community safety partnership and the local police to see if any action could be taken.

She said: “I understand that members of the community felt they are not being given enough information but I’m saddened at the behaviour of a few within my ward.

“The military have been phenomenal and work really hard to support us.

“They do not have to take the test and we do not need the rudeness.”

Councillor Majid Mahmood said: “I was disgusted with the verbal abuse that our frontline Birmingham City Council officers and Royal Air Force personnel were subjected to in a video that has gone viral.

“It was agreed with the government that the RAF would support the council delivering home Covid-19 test kits when the infection rates rose rapidly last month.

“This method of dropping off test kits has taken place elsewhere in the country and I would like to reassure residents that the tests are entirely voluntary.

“I would like to thank both the frontline council officers and the RAF who are working tirelessly to help stop the spread of the virus and saving the lives of Brummies.”

Councillor Chaman Lal, who represented the Holyhead Road area from 1994 to 2018, said he was horrified after seeing the video.

Councillor Lal (Soho and Jewellery Quarter) said: “It’s wrong for anybody to jeopardise the efforts to control Coronavirus. We need to keep our communities safe.

“It’s shameful. I would urge residents to use this service along with the government advice to protect themselves, their families and the public to save lives.”

An RAF spokesperson said: “We are aware of an incident where a member of the public offered his views to RAF personnel in support of the NHS and local authorities in Birmingham in the fight against Covid-19.

“RAF personnel are dedicated to this work and will continue to offer support when required.”

However, some residents were not happy with this approach by the council and aired their opinions siding with the man in the video. Some people reacted to the story on Birmingham Live and said:

“It’s just extraordinary to think that the authorities presume that everyone are being represented by them. Would it not have been better to have leafleted these area’s to highlight the initiative to want to blanket test in the first place?”

“If anyone needs a test they should go to local test centre, army should not be knocking people’s doors!”

“Good luck if they knock my door because there gonna need it!”

“Good on the lad. Everyone needs to do what he did when they come knocking. Resist the DNA altering vaccine.”

“I’m wondering if this is even safe!! I’m sure they’re not washing hands between every door they knock. What if they knock on a supposed covid positive house…having a lovely chat!! Just another potential risk of spreading it further….don’t knock my door, we’re paranoid enough as it is! thanks.”

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