Ali Fazal told Parents ‘WW3’ is Underway to keep them Indoors

Ali Fazal has shared his way of keeping his elderly parents at home during the Coronavirus outbreak with British actor Riz Ahmed.

Ali Fazal told Parents ‘WW3’ is Underway to keep them Indoors f

“I told them its WW3 (World War Three).”

Bollywood actor Ali Fazal has seemed to have found the perfect way to keep his elderly parents at home amidst the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, March 20, 2020, British actor, rapper and activist Riz Ahmed took to Twitter to ask his fans and followers how they were keeping their parents at home. He tweeted:

“Any ideas on how to tell our parents they’re grounded?”

In response to the Venom of The Night (2018) actor’s request, Ali Fazal jokingly shared his way of keeping stubborn parents indoors.

He said: “I told them its WW3 (World War Three).”

Riz Ahmed’s tweet sparked numerous interesting responses. Clever on Twitter suggested:

“I’ve threatened to hide the car keys and screw shut the front door. They’re getting it now.

“Tell them Italy are ‘writing off’ anyone over 60, to save the ventilators for younger people with a chance of recovery?”

Nazeer Patel replied with the suggestion of trying the classic crying trick. He said:

“Cry when you’re speaking to them – never fails!”

However, Sabina Khan-Ibarra recommended that you must allow your parents to believe it is their plan. She said:

“First of all, that framing will get your butt kicked. It’s better for them to think it’s their idea: Let me be the obedient child and bring the world to you. No need to move.”

Savera on Twitter explained her current situation when her father returns home. She said:

“Omg (oh my god) it’s so hard! Baba’s a doc and over 70 – comes home and I’m like a TSA agent at the door – Sir, please take your shoes off here, leave your coat in the laundry room, wash your hands, take a shower and change your clothes … then you can meet your wife.”

There is no doubt the outbreak of the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc worldwide.

According to researchers, the elderly are among the high-risk group in the Coronavirus pandemic.

Italy, who has the world’s second-oldest population, have revealed the 87% of those deceased from the virus were over 70-years-old.

In India, the death toll stands at four with 223 people who have been infected by the virus.

Globally, COVID-19 has infected more than 2,300,000 people with more than 9,000 deaths.

It is certainly a challenge to try and convince elderly parents to stay indoors where they are more likely to stay safe.

We wonder whether Riz Ahmed will take Ali Fazal’s advice.

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