Akshay Kumar’s Fugly is a Social Thriller

Vijendra Singh is all set to become an acting champion with the chilling thriller Fugly. Produced by Akshay Kumar, the film also stars Jimmy Shergill.


"It is like, all my dreams are coming true one by one. I am so glad that I am getting what I wanted in life."

Khiladi Akshay Kumar has produced the exhilarating blockbuster, Fugly. This social thriller has made a lot of buzz in the industry.

Kabir Sadanand is making his directorial debut with this movie, under Grazing Goat Production. The executive producer is Sohaib Hassan. Unlike the title, the stars of this movie are anything but ‘fugly’.

The cast list includes Jimmy Shergill, Kiara Advani, Vidushi Mehra, Anshuman Jha, Arfi Lamba and Mohit Marwah among others. Producer Akshay Kumar also makes a small appearance. Even with all these actors, people are mostly excited to see boxer Vijendra Singh making his acting debut with Fugly.

FuglyThe popular Indian boxer says: “It is like, all my dreams are coming true one by one. I am so glad that I am getting what I wanted in life. I come from a small village and to make it this far has been a very rewarding experience.”

Along with Vijendra, Mohit Marwah cousin of Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor is also a first time actor involved with Fugly.

Kabir Sadanand who has already tried his luck in acting and writing before, is nothing but confident about this project. Speaking about how impressed he was with the cast members, Kabir says:

“They are newcomers but they picked up the art of acting very well. They went through a month-long workshop with a diction instructor and a theatre expert. We didn’t really want to teach them how to act so that they could be natural.”

Fugly is a story of four young friends who are just finished with college and trying to get over the ultimate existential crisis. As the story progresses the plot changes when these carefree group of friends meet a SHO, namely Shergill.


From then on, a series of incidents change the course of their lives. The plot is set in Delhi and yet again, the capital city is an entity itself in the movie.

Fugly has all the right ingredients to be an appetising masala thriller. What makes this one even more unique than others, is the social message in it.

Critics are already claiming that this movie is preaching a very important social message. However the director Kabir denies these claims:

“We’re not preaching anything. We’re only making statements like ‘It’s getting fugly out for women’. We’re asking questions to the society, not preaching.”


The young cast members of Fugly reportedly bonded rather well during shooting. The party seemed to continue even after shooting was finished. The newcomers Vijendra and Mohit along with Kiara and Arfi embarked upon a nationwide promotional tour and reportedly enjoyed every bit of it.

After the press conferences in Hyderabad they went down to the local night club where they grooved to the hit songs like ‘Fugly’ from the movie. The cast also enjoyed a bike ride in Mumbai to promote the movie.


Mohit Marwah jokingly said: “All four of us [Vijender, Kiara, Arfi and I] who are part of the Fugly cast have been running around like headless chickens from city to city promoting the film. Sometimes when I wake up, I don’t know which city I am in.”

They even walked the ramp on the last day of Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer/Resort 2014. The multi-talented Vijendra admits: “I love to try out different things. After establishing myself in Boxing, I forayed into acting with my upcoming film Fugly.

“I am now set to walk the ramp with my JAT style for Archana Kochar which makes it a perfect blend. She is a wonderful designer and hence not only I but also Mohit, Kiara & Arfi are delighted to attend her show at Lakme Fashion Week.”

FuglyEven though all the young stars were close during the shooting process, it was not all smooth run. Akshay Kumar’s long time friend Salman Khan walked out while shooting the title track, ‘Fugly’ sang by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Sallu was supposedly not happy with how much screen time Akshay was taking in the song and left the shooting without finishing.

A source from the set reported: “Salman Khan was initially unaware about the details of the song. While, shooting Salman realised that Akshay had more screen time in the video and so he calmly walked out after shooting the first stanza of the song. We were all left shocked.”

When the director could not convince him to come back and finish, they went on and finished the song off with Akshay and other cast members.


All these reports of course are only making people more curious about the movie and the song, ‘Fugly’. Honey Singh, Prashant Vadhyar, Raftar and Badshah have come together to create music for the movie. Some songs like ‘Fugly’ and ‘Dhup Chik’ are already being played over and over again in clubs and radio stations.

Fugly has all the signs of a hit: a young talented group of actors, and a gripping storyline with a social message. The peppy songs are just there to add even more entertainment. We shall see whether audiences think Fugly is a total ‘pasia wasool’ or not from June 13.

Bipasa likes writing and reading articles that are close to her heart. An English Literature graduate, when she is not writing she is usually trying to come up with a new recipe. Her life motto is: “Never Give Up.”

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