8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best

Growing up with a Desi mum is growing up to be brave, bold and low-key scared. Here are 8 reasons why Desi mums are the best.

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - f

Mums are our superheroes.

Desi mums are in a league of their own. They’re incomparable and the definition of unique.

It takes a second for them to transform from a parent who will criticise everything about you to smothering you with love, literally.

No matter how old we become, our mums will still pester us to clean our rooms and call them when we reach, but that’s the reason we love them so much.

At times we take them for granted, but for many of us, they will be the best role model we’ll ever have.

As well as bringing us up and being unapologetically savage, they provide endless encouragement, support and look after us in our time of need, no matter what age we are.

With their confidence, style and sass there is plenty that you can learn from Desi mums.

Therefore, without further ado, DESIblitz presents 8 reasons why Desi mums are the best.

She teaches us the important things

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 1

When we were younger we liked to disagree with our mums but there comes a point when you think ‘wait, my mum was right.’

Mums are always right, well 99% of the time, so there is no surprise that they teach us all of the important things in life.

Like the importance of “Where are u” text messages, Desi food recipes and not dwelling on mistakes just learning from them.

Mums nurture us, teach us our first words and make us the people we are today.

However, Desi mums have a unique way of doing things.

One of the most universal lessons that Desi mums have taught us is that you can never study enough.

As a Desi kid, perhaps the most stereotypical misconception people have about you is that you’re insanely smart.

Even though this may or may not be true, the fact stands that your mum firmly believes one can never study enough – no matter the occasion.

She’s the best ‘mumsplainer’

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 7

‘Mumsplaining’, unlike mansplaining, doesn’t come from a place of malice.

It’s a form of affection that Desi mums dish out and involves regularly sassing out their children for their supposed incompetency.

From long-winded lectures about ‘healthy’ food, your creative degree and the success rate of arranged marriages, Desi mums are undoubtedly experts in every field.

Whilst her grilling can be amusing, if you need a break, mention how there’s a new WhatsApp update.

And that you won’t help her download it unless she promises to quit ‘mumsplaining’.

She gives the best advice

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 2

How often have you heard your mum say, “It’s cold, wear something warm” or “You should sleep on time” or “Eat better food”?

Instructions like these are a part of growing up. Such advice never really stops no matter how old you get.

You can tell them anything and they’ll always have an answer and put things into perspective – whether it’s the right answer or not is a different story.

In 2020, Pranav Sapra from Delhi created an Instagram account for his mother.

The account, which goes by the username @motherwithsign, features all the gems our mothers have been telling us, forever.

In conversation with ScoopWhoop, Pranav elaborated on the reason behind starting the account for his mum:

“I was a rebel as a teenager and never listened to what my mom had to say.”

“Now when I realise that it was all for my good, I thought of conveying this to others too.

“And no other platform could be better than Instagram.

“Kids generally do not listen to their parents in real life, but they might pay attention if their parents say the same things on Instagram.”

She’s hospitable to a fault

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 3

Aside from feeding guests till they are ready to pop, anyone who comes for a visit will always be escorted out the door by Desi mums when they leave.

It’s like they want to make sure they leave.

Desi mums will stand outside and wait till they are safely in their car and have driven off.

It’s difficult to know when to stop waving. They wave, then the guests wave, which obligates them to wave back and on it goes.

In signature Desi mum-style, they’ll stand on the driveway a good 10-15 minutes until their hands end up very tired.

She is a natural caregiver

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 8

Whilst family dynamics can be complicated, Desi mums are natural caregivers and live selflessly.

They will think about you whilst you’re at school or work and hope you’re having an amazing day.

A Desi mum won’t hesitate to check in with you multiple times a day and see how you are.

A spontaneous visit to your house once you’re married is also normal.

Whilst this constant affection and smothering declarations of love can be overbearing at times, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our mothers’ support.

She is an amazing cook

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 4

Desi mums are the best cooks.

From hearty meals to spicy concoctions, homecooked dishes lovingly made by your mum are the perfect way to lift your spirits.

A Desi mum’s kitchen is a place of wonder.

If you’ve had a bad day at work or school or disagreed with a friend, a meal bursting with strong herbs and spices made by your mother will work a treat.

We all remember our mums used to go the extra mile to make sure we had a filling breakfast.

Our mothers are growing older day by day, just like us.

It may be time to give our mums a well-deserved day off from these responsibilities and pamper them with a handmade meal.

She’s melodramatic

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 6

Desi mums are peculiar yet precious. Their taunts and melodrama may sound monotonous to our ears.

But in all honesty, our ears would be deprived without hearing them at least once a day.

Whether it’s questioning our ripped jeans, blaming our smartphones for all of our problems or setting ridiculous curfews, Desi mums are experts at annoying us.

However, their over-the-top declarations also make us love them more.

She is a guaranteed friend

8 Reasons why Desi Mums are The Best - 5

Cheering us up, listening to our thoughts and doubts, teaching us how to love ourselves, and being there for you 24/7 takes a lot of effort.

But mums are our superheroes.

Everyone thinks their mum is the greatest, but you know it’s the truth when it comes to yours – because she’s not just your mum, she’s your best friend too.

From catching up on the latest gossip to binge-watching drama serials together, there’s nothing the pair of you won’t enjoy when you’re in each other’s company.

Above all else, she’s your favourite partner-in-crime whatever the occasion.

It’s a little unfair that Desi mums only get one day of the year where we really celebrate all the great things that they do for us.

Being the best person for gossip, pampering and honest advice, DESIblitz thinks they should be celebrated every day.

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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