Top 5 Womenswear Outfits to Impress at Job Interviews

Looking for a stylish, yet professional outfit for your job interview? We present five womenswear outfits that could help you on your way to success.

5 Womenswear Outfits to Impress at Job Interviews

This simple womenswear outfit will reveal that you have style and sophistication.

Any prospective candidate knows that research, experience and personality can win that all important job interview. Just because you bought one of many womenswear outfits won’t always mean you land the job of your dreams.

However, first impressions always count in the initial moments of interviews. Meaning it’s key to create an excellent impression with your potential employee.

How you present yourself also includes how you dress. In addition, employees can often sub-consciously judge candidates on their clothing and appearance, not just their personality.

While we have previously looked over menswear outfits, let’s now take a look at possible womenswear outfits that could you help you in securing that all-important role.

The key principle to follow is that whichever role you apply for, regardless of seeming laid-back or relaxed, you should opt for formal attire in interviews. From then on, providing you get the job offer, you can slowly dress down your outfits. But always start at the top.

DESIblitz offers five suggestions for womenswear outfits in job interviews. From the creative sector to business to retail, we look at which items of clothing suit which role.

Creative with Bold Colours

5 Womenswear Outfits to Impress at Job Interviews

For those aspiring for roles within the creative sector, this type of outfit should work a treat!

Express your creativity with a simple shirt dress, such as this example from Topshop. With a bold colour, it adds a vibrant and eye-catching touch. Why not pair it with some tights and a pair of stylish brogues.

This smart pair, from New Look, create a timeless look with black suede, detailed with metallic panelling and tassels. Overall, this simple womenswear outfit will reveal to your employer that you have style and sophistication. Ideal for the arts.

However, while the creative sector may feel relaxed compared to other industries, remember to avoid jeans as a whole. And never attempt ripped jeans for an interview. Otherwise, you’ll get questions more on why you have holes in your jeans, rather than the actual job itself!

Professional in the Corporate World

5 Womenswear Outfits to Impress at Job Interviews

While a suit can often feel rather daunting to wear, it creates a successful impression in the corporate world. One that reflects professionalism and responsibility.

And many shops sell fashionable suits, tailored to still hold style and chic trends. Take this beautiful suit from Reiss, for example. A dark blue suit that will make you feel more empowered than ever.

But if you’re not so keen on suits, particularly in the summer weather, why not try smart, stylish tops. This polka-dot shirt from John Lewis creates a fashionable twist on the simple white shirt. Yet it still fits the corporate look for your job interview.

Paired with smart black trousers and simple ballet flats, this look should surely down go well with employees.

Elegant and Sophisticated Secretary

5 Womenswear Outfits to Impress at Job Interviews

A position in the secretary or administration sector generally requires a more relaxed, yet still corporate dress code. By opting for a dress, you can’t go wrong.

This workwear dress, selected from M&S, has corporate elegance written all over it. Not too formal, yet not too relaxed. And its intricate detailing of black and grey adds a touch of chic to the outfit.

Depending on how comfortable you will feel, wear tights. However, always ensure you take a spare pair with you to avoid any ladders. Laddered tights never make a good first impression.

To add a further dimension of elegance, wear heels. But only a pair you feel comfortable in and surely won’t trip you up. For example, these River Island kitten heels will suit any job interview, looking professional and sophisticated.

Flaunt Stylish Trends in Retail

5 Womenswear Outfits to Impress at Job Interviews

Now within retail, you will often find that your outfits will either consist of a uniform or casual clothes. However, it’s important to show the employer you know how to dress in a formal situation. Especially if the shop itself sells formal attire.

Instead of donning a pair of jeans, stick with stylish cigarette trousers. Similar to this pair from Topshop, which look on-trend and smart. Match your trousers with a complementing striped, cotton shirt, which flaunts 2017 trends.

This H&M shirt would serve as a fantastic choice. Embellished with cream embroidery, it immediately attracts the eye.

Finish the look with a pair of loafers, creating the ideal look for your retail job interview.

Regardless of which industry, there are some womenswear outfits that will serve well for any interview. For example, the jumpsuit can work for a relaxed corporate role, a job in retail or work in the creative sector.

While black serves as a strong colour for a jumpsuit, nothing stops you from changing up to bold colours. Keeping in mind it still looks professional and appropriate.

Tips for Womenswear Outfits

  • Don’t mix with baggy with baggy. If you wear a flowing top, avoid wearing boyfriend jeans or flared trousers. This combination can create a rather frumpy, lazy look.
  • Ensure you feel comfortable. Don’t wear the pair of shoes that give you blisters or that itchy jumper.
  • Ask friend’s opinions. If you feel unsure about a certain outfit, ask your friends for advice.
  • Research into the dress code of the company. With this extra knowledge, it will give you a better idea of what to wear.

Womenswear outfits for interviews can make all the difference. But confidence remains key.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel good about your outfit and how you look. That positivity will shine through, helping you create an excellent first impression.

Sophie is an English Language student. She has a passion for travel and foods with a massive fear of missing out, her motto is: "Don't let yesterday's worries take up too much of today's dreams."

Images courtesy of TopShop, New Look, Reiss, John Lewis, M&S, River Island, H&M.

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