12 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings

Feet henna can be a beautiful adornment for brides on their wedding day. Here are some beautiful henna designs for feet ideal for the big day.

12 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings f

These designs show you a great variety of henna feet styles

Mehndi and henna are seen as a symbol of happiness and beauty. One type which is becoming increasingly popular for weddings is feet henna designs.

Mehndi is typically applied to the hands, arms and legs of brides and has done so for a long time. The trend of brides demanding intricate designs on their feet is a growing one.

These designs start from the ankles and go all around the feet.

Mehndi usually enhances the beauty of a bride and the feet are made to look attractive. They then compliment the rest of the wedding outfit.

Feet henna designs vary from simple looks to very intricate ones. They are designed to look great in whatever footwear and jewellery the bride wears on her ankles and feet.

We present some gorgeous feet henna designs which are irresistible and beautiful to choose from for your big day.

Indian-Egyptian Style

10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - Egypt-Indian

What is better than a combination of different cultures into one design. The beautiful combination of Indian-Egyptian designs speaks for itself!

The designs tend to use geometrical dots on the feet which have Egyptian art influences. They lead to detailed Indian designs up towards the ankles.

Together, they present a bride’s feet as delicate and beautiful.

The Indian-inspired floral work and other leaf patterns also work well with filling in the emptiness that may have been without the geometrical lines.

To make these designs look even more attractive bright coloured glitter is added to outline the design.

Middle Eastern

10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - middle eastern

The Middle Eastern styled mehndi is regarded as one of the most beautiful types of mehndi design for the feet. These designs have an appealing charm to them.

Middle Eastern designs are the ones that women of all ages go for. It is especially popular among brides.

Floral artwork takes up the majority of this specific design as well as paisleys and free-flowing trails.

Flowers and leaves cascade down from above the ankles to the toes to depict a floral garland.

The intricate and eye-catching patterns on the toes are typical of this style and add a perfect finish.

Some Middle Eastern designs may look subtle from a distance, but the detailed patterns will stand out for a bridal look.


10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - Floral

This is one of the more traditional feet henna designs and the application of flowers and leaves along with meshwork make it one which cannot go wrong.

These designs make use of different floral flows including mandala patterns.

It is a design which still looks stunning with the mixture of different flowers covering the feet.

This specific design is dominated by circular patterns which are revealing on its own due to the airiness between the flowers and leaves.

It is one which will look good in any colour of henna that is used.

This style of design is completed with the exquisite detailing around the toes.


10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - rajasthani

A heavy Rajasthani henna design on your lower legs and feet speaks volume. It is one design which is quite bold and will definitely stand out.

This style tends to feature animal motifs such as peacocks and elephants in the patterns. The colour is always quite dark and deep.

This design intentionally showcases exquisite details. While it is elaborate and feature-rich at the same time.

The detailing is done with finesse and every element of the pattern has lots of tiny details.

They usually start at the shins and run down all the way to the toes.

Lots of chequered patterns, leaves and tiny flowers are typical of this design and most of the feet and legs are usually covered in henna.

The Rajasthani feet henna pattern is a great design to flaunt on your wedding day when lifting your outfit up a little to showcase this artwork.


10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - simple

For some brides not wishing to have a busy look on their feet, a simple look can really work wonders. Especially, with certain footwear.

This kind of design is less busy and it provides the perfect accompaniment to the rest of the wedding outfit.

Simple designs often feature some floral motif work in the middle of the foot and then patterns around the ankle area and the on each of toes.

The straightforward look is what gives this design an edge as it appears very elegant.

An eye-catching floral motif gives a great connection with weddings and is still a classy look for those brides who prefer simplicity.

Despite the simple look, there is still a lot of detail is still put into each element. The outlines of the pattern are usually darker to give the rest of the pattern a lift in order to stand out.

Swirls and Diagonals

10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - diagnols

A swirly floral pattern combined with diagonal leaves looks lovely on feet. This design is fantastic for a Desi bride.

The henna is applied so that it looks three dimensional. This is what makes it unique to other feet henna designs as there is extra depth to the pattern.

The design on the legs and shins are very detailed but the beauty of lies on the feet where a combination of floral motifs and diagonal leaves unite.

This design covers the sides of the feet as well as the top. Dainty details run onto to the toes.

It is an intricate design which combines two types of patterns and presents a true portrayal of all dimensions of nature.

Heavy Pakistani Style

10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - Pakistani style

This henna design is typically applied in Pakistan. The aim is to get a rich finish with lots of intricate patterns with a 3D effect. 

The heavy use of henna is applied for a 3D effect and the types of patterns are different.

This traditional Pakistani style commonly uses paisleys, lace, flowers, mesh and peacock design.

They also extend from the tops of the ankles all the way to the toes. Some brides may even choose to go up further than the ankles.

The array of patterns are clearly defined and do not make the feet look full. Each design element stands on its own.

Darker henna is often used to emphasise the different elements, therefore, they appear more prominent and beautiful.


10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - side style

Most of the henna feet designs tend to focus on the top of the feet. But a sideways style and design is something very different.

The use of henna is applied to the side of the feet with the pattern starting behind the lower leg and going down to below the big toe.

The design typically has a number of patterns are created such as mesh, leaf garlands and even some mandala designs.

While it has a lot going on, it remains airy compared to other henna designs which cover the whole foot.

The design leaves a good of space on your feet for those brides looking for more subtle henna feet design.

Minimalist Style

10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - minimal

Minimalist styles of feet henna are known for their ‘less is more’ look but still can feature beautiful patterns.

This style steers clear from the lower part of the feet, therefore focusing on the upper area of the foot, lower legs and ankles.

Some designs can be even more minimal than this specific design which creates a wonderful detailed ‘anklet’ look combining using dark and light henna.

The patterns of the design not covering the entire foot make it look less complicated. 

It is still a stunning pattern to go for if you are a bride who prefers an airy henna pattern.

Designs like these can display a touch of elegance and sophistication on a bride’s feet without the density.

The Soles

12 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - soles

While the majority of the henna feet designs focus on the upper foot, many brides also opt for the soles of their feet to be adorned with designs too.

If you are the ticklish type then you might want to be careful choosing for such a look! But the design on soles can be a wonderful and distinct look for a bride.

Designs vary from complete criss-cross coverage of the soles to more floral and space-filled ones.

This specific design makes use of some gorgeous leaves and flowers to create the look on the sole. It covers the heel and majority of the foot without any henna on the toes.

There are other designs for soles which cover the toes, giving a complete look for the bride on her feet.

Moroccan Style

12 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - moroccan

Feet henna designs are known to combine styles from different cultures. Using a Moroccan style is a typical example of this.

Moroccan designs tend to feature geometric shapes combined with hints of floral work. Together they create a unique look on a bride’s feet.

It is quite a versatile feet henna design as it can be as minimalist or as full as you want.

This makes it ideal for brides as they can go for a design that they like. No matter what, the patterns remain thorough.

It is also quite a contemporary look, as the mix of different symmetrical shapes creates a modern-day henna design which is a great choice for brides.

Glitter and Stones

10 Feet Henna Designs that are Beautiful for Weddings - glitter beads

A contemporary look for henna feet is the use of glitter and small stones in the design.

This design adds the option of adding colour to the design. It creates are more vibrant look to the feet along with the use of henna for the base patterns.

Floral motifs, swirls and strands are often highlighted with the use of coloured glitter to make them stand out.

Stones are stuck on adding a sparkling ambience to the henna design on the bride’s feet.

If you are looking for a unique look for your bridal day, don’t hesitate to ask your henna artist about this trendy design.

An eye-catching design on the bride’s feet can definitely complete the overall look for the day.

As well as having the design painted on the feet, a bride must also choose appropriate footwear to show-off the design.

A useful tip is to show the henna artist the shoes being worn with the outfit on the big day. This way the choice of design can work in conjunction nicely with the footwear.

These designs show you a great variety of henna feet styles being donned by brides. Each beautiful design has degrees of intricacy and can be made unique for the bride.

The geometric shapes, flowers, paisleys, arches and much more can make a bride’s legs and feet look attractive on the big day.

Whether a bride applies the mehndi using thin or bold strokes, these designs will make her legs and feet stand out and enhance the overall bridal look.

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