Best Bridal Makeup Tips for Your Desi Wedding

When it comes to your Desi wedding, makeup plays a very important role. Here the best makeup tips to achieve that gorgeous bridal look.

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding f

A little preparation beforehand will go a long way.

There are a number of makeup tips to take on board when it comes to the bride looking good at her Desi wedding.

Every woman wishes to look her best on her wedding day. Be it an Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan wedding, the makeup matters.

But picking the right makeup is just as challenging as the outfit, if not more. There are so many variations for each type of makeup.

From mascara and foundation to lipstick, there is an endless of combination to go for when having your bridal makeup done.

A woman can go for minimal makeup for a more subtle, natural look or can go all out, it is up to her. But some women may not be sure what to go for.

Thankfully, there are several makeup tips which can help the bride-to-be achieve that perfect look for her Desi wedding.

Choosing a Makeup Artist

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding - artist

Deciding on an ideal bridal look may take a lot of time to decide especially when there are other wedding factors to consider.

While you can do your makeup yourself, it may be best to choose a makeup artist (MUA).

A professional artist should be able to understand your needs. They can base the makeup on your natural skin tone as well as what you want.

There are many to choose from but how to find the right one for you? Here are some ways to help.


A little preparation beforehand will go a long way. Before choosing the type of wedding makeup that you want, have some samples ready to give the artist an idea of what look you want. Collect some looks from the internet if need be.

Decide whether you want a soft and subtle look or you wish to look bright.

The makeup artist can advise you on the best look once you have it done, but prior research will make it easier and it will be beneficial in the end.

Is Looking at Instagram worth it?

The internet is a great place when looking for a makeup artist but is Instagram a place to go to? When it comes to looking for one, it can help.

Many MUAs have their profiles and all their information on their social media pages. They also showcase some of their works.

It provides an idea on their style and can give you an idea on what to go for.

With so many MUAs that specialise in Asian bridal makeup, it is not difficult to find one.

Trusting the MUA

Trust is one of the most important factors between you and the makeup artist. You should know that they too want to make you look your best.

They are completely aware of various techniques that will highlight your best facial features. Have a detailed discussion with them on your likes and dislikes.

You’ll be spending your important time with them. Understanding their technique is necessary for you. Don’t limit yourself in asking questions.

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding - MUA experience

Experience Matters

The experience of the expert is essential as you want to ensure that they do a great job on your wedding day.

Many professionals have perfected their skills over the years by developing different looks on numerous faces. They have also trained with the best people in the industry.

An experienced makeup artist will take into account your preferences and combine it with their vision for a great look.

Therefore, having an experienced MUA will be a great help when it comes to achieving your ideal bridal look.


When finding the right Asian bridal makeup specialist, it is normal to have lots of questions. Don’t hesitate when it comes to asking them.

It’s important to know their background and qualifications. These questions will guide you to the right artist.

A professional artist will know all of the positives and negatives for all kinds of faces.

They will understand what look you want be it traditional or modern, and if their style doesn’t match what you want, it is not a problem, just choose a makeup artist that is ideal for you.

Therefore, it is advised that you speak to them about their background in order to find the right person to do your makeup.

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding - MUA style


It is helpful to know about the work a makeup artist has done with previous clients. For this reason, you might want to look at reviews for the makeup artist.

They can influence your choice when finding the right one for you. Positive reviews will certainly persuade you more than negative ones.

Also, speak to friends who have had their wedding makeup done by a professional MUA.

Getting details about previous experiences will assist you when making your final decision.

Picking the Right Shade

Choosing the shade of foundation is based on your skin tone as well as makeup preferences.

Will you go for the famous red colour or opt for a lighter shade? It may take a long time before you reach a conclusion.

Audrey Hepburn once said: “There is a shade of red for every woman”.

Desi skin tones require extra care when choosing the right shade as you don’t want one which will make her look unnatural. However, the right shade will compliment her skin massively.

When choosing the right colour, a basic guideline will help you.

For fair skin, it is best to go for light colours such as peach, corals and pale pinks.

Medium skin tone tends to be ideal as a large variety of shades will be suitable. This includes various tones of red and bright shaded colours.

When it comes to a darker tone, a unique range adheres to them. The shades complimenting them are deep peach, wine red and bronze.

These tones should match perfectly with the outfit. Heavy dresses should go with bright makeup. Styles include double base coats and dark shade of lipsticks.

Choosing the right shade for yourself can be a challenge so knowing your skin tone will be helpful.

Various Looks for your Eyes

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding - eyes

The eyes are one of the most important elements when it comes to makeup. That is why MUA’s are engrossed on eye makeup. The integration of light and dark colours on the eyes enhances the overall look.

Lighter shades on eyes and lips are one trendy choice. It is common among brides wearing darker colours. There are a number of popular styles to consider.

The cat-eye look has been a popular choice for quite a while now. It is a look to go for if you want to stand out at your wedding.

This style opens up the eye area and gives you a stunning finish.

But it is a style which can be tricky at times.

Another bridal style is thick-lined eyeliner as it will make small eyes look more prominent.

Thinly lined eyeliner is better on bigger eyes. But you can always play with makeup. Rules aren’t fixed.

Adding a coloured smokey eye shadow when doing your makeup will enhance your overall beauty. You can add a hint of dark shadow beneath the eye to give that bold look.

Smokey eyes have always been a favourite and they go well with a nude lipstick as they contrast.

For a bold look, glittery gold eyes is an option as they accentuate the dimensions of your eyes. They go well with heavy outfits in any colour.

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding - gold glitter

If this the choice, then the rest of the makeup should be kept to a minimum.

Colourful eye makeup includes a blend of different colours which come together to reflect the beauty of the Desi wedding outfit.

Metallic colours such as copper is also a favourite of Indian bridal looks. They go well with regal colours like maroon.

Try to go for eye makeup that will complement the wedding outfit as it will take your bridal look to another level.

Lipstick Options

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding - lipstick

Achieving an elegant persona is every bride’s dream. Lipsticks give a subtle touch to the bride and there are multiple options to choose from.

Dark red lipstick is a classic option and it will create a timeless statement. Match it with a bright wedding outfit such as light reds or orange.

For the perfect bridal feeling, go for a matte lipstick in a deep red colour.

Lighter shades are growing in popularity. Coral peach is an appealing choice to go with a pink lehenga.

Best Makeup Tips for your Desi Wedding - lipstick

Bright red colours go with various outfit colours. It may be a safe option but it will add a lot of brightness to a heavy outfit.

Many Desi brides go for a maroon outfit for their wedding. Going for a subtle shade of brown will add a new level of depth to your entire outfit.

What not to Do?

Here is a simple list of things you need to avoid when preparing for your big day.

  • Facials have become a primary need before any event. Avoid getting them done so close to the wedding and try to have them done a week before. Your skin will appear brighter and give you a healthy glow.
  • Don’t go for a look that you are not comfortable with. Excessive makeup and hair-styling can damage your look. It’s better to take a photo of the style you like. When you visit your MUA, show them what you want.
  • Wearing an SPF can make your makeup appear washed out and it will show in photos.
  • Avoid having too much makeup put on as it will appear cakey. Choose the right makeup for your skin tone.
  • Don’t just apply makeup to your face! Extend it to your arms and neck as well as it will ensure that you get a uniform texture.

The right bridal makeup is an essential element when it comes to a Desi wedding. It can make or break an overall bridal look.

These makeup tips will provide Desi brides with useful help needed to achieve a perfect look. But ultimately, how the bridal makeup needs to be done and look, is always going to be an individual choice for the big day.

Biya is a Medical professional who enjoys indie music and movies. She loves travelling and spending time with her family. She lives by the motto, "Today is yours. Own it."

Images courtesy of Instagram and Geet Bal MUA.

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