10 Makeup Mistakes every Desi Girl should Avoid

Makeup can boost your self-confidence by enhancing your facial features and making your skin look well-nourished. But, sometimes the small makeup mistakes can actually ruin your look. Here’s how to avoid them.

10 Makeup Mistakes every Desi Girl should Avoid

there are some silly mistakes we Desi girls unknowingly make

It usually takes a girl many years and a whole lot of experience to get her makeup right. All those hours spent struggling in front of the mirror and you are still not satisfied.

Whether you use makeup on special occasions or during shaadi season, we would all like to look as glamorous as we can. However, there are some silly makeup mistakes we Desi girls unknowingly make.

We tend to adopt the wrong techniques to apply makeup without realising its impact on our overall look. Not every girl is a professional makeup artist, but we all commit these beauty sins that immediately need to stop.

Learning some tips and tricks can improve your final look and cause less damage to your skin. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Avoid Heavy Foundation

Heavy Foundation

In an attempt to look fairer, some Asian girls think it’s a good idea to use foundation a shade lighter than their natural skin tone. However, this is just a misconception.

A lighter foundation can look pale and quite sickly. In most cases, if your face looks lighter than your neck, this is because you have not taken the foundation down to your neck. While you may be able to get away with it in person, photos and selfies will certainly give you away.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to notice how many layers you apply just to hide a pimple or some marks on your face. The result is your foundation can end up looking too heavy and cakey.

If you use powder, try to use a light one, but don’t go for a translucent powder as this can give your skin a dry look. Also, never powder excessively oily skin without using blotting papers first, as this may give a chalky appearance.

Always try the shade that matches your natural hue and check a shade on your jawline instead of the back of your hand. This will help you to see if the foundation matches your skin tone under proper lighting.

Use BB creams in your daily routines and only use concealer for the purpose of concealing marks. Keep it natural – you are brown but you are beautiful. Love your skin and appreciate the way it is.

Don’t Go for the Wrong Shade of Concealer

Under Eye Circles

You can’t use one concealer for everything. There are two types of concealers, one for eyes and one for your face.

For eyes, there is a common misconception that you have to buy two or three times lighter shade than your foundation. Providing you have the right shade, you need to use a corrector first.

Otherwise, just dot a few drops of concealer on the bone below your eyes and blend it well.

For your face, it is better to apply concealer on top of foundation to make the marks and blemishes seamless. You need a concealer that matches your natural skin tone to avoid highlighting them instead of concealing.

The idea is to bring attention away from the blemishes, not to them!

Don’t Skip your Skin Care Routine

Before you attempt to apply even a single drop of foundation or concealer, make sure your skin is clean. Preparing your skin for makeup ensures smoother application and will save you time adding touch-ups every so often.

It is surprising that a lot of girls choose to skip the basic step because they don’t think anyone will realise. But preparation prepares your face and helps to keep your makeup in place much longer.

Wash your face, and if possible, exfoliate twice a week to remove dead cells from your skin.

Apply moisturiser to avoid any dryness and always use a primer to prime the skin before beginning any makeup application.

Spray a light mist of rose-scented spray over your face to give an added freshness to your look.

This will blend with your moisturiser and keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day.

Don’t Rely on Just an Eyebrow Pencil

Your eyebrows really do have a huge impact on your overall appearance.

Some Asian girls naturally have thin eyebrows and over-plucking can cause them to look like thin lines. To cover up the gap using an eyebrow pencil is a major makeup faux pas.

Filling with a dark colour pencil can often make your brows look fake and out of place on your face.

Have thicker, more natural brows to soften your appearance and help you look younger (put the tweezers away).

Powder brow pencils come in handy for filling in bald patches you were either born with or have accidentally achieved through overzealous plucking, or where a scar left you hairless.

Either way, gently brush your brows with a spoolie brush after you apply the brow powder to soften the look. This will create a wonderfully gentle and natural look.

Do Perfect your Winged Eyeliner

Sonam Kapoor

Almost every girl struggles to create a perfect winged liner.

Applying many coats may make your liner thicker and worse and one side always curves a little differently than the other. If your eyeliner is visibly floating above the lash line, it will look shapeless.

Apply your eyeliner with your chin tilted up and eyes glancing down. This is probably one of the best tips for achieving the perfect lash line, devoid of jagged areas.

Also, never be afraid to rub it off and start again. Practice makes perfect.

Use Kohl on Lower Water Line Sparingly

Khol Eyeliner

Many girls seem to have dark under eyes and they think it’s due to the dark circles that they naturally have. However, this may be due to khol pencil residue.

Most girls apply kohl to their the lower waterline in an attempt to achieve a smokey eye look. The problem arises when they do not remove it properly at the end of the day. Re-applying the next day may make your under-eyes look much darker.

Avoid using kohl pencil especially in the lower waterline, as this will make your eyes look even smaller.

Use dark brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line to give it a more subtle look.

Don’t Skip Lower Lash Mascara


We only tend to apply mascara on upper lashes to enhance the upper eye part. But most of the time we neglect the lower lashes or fear that the lower lash mascara will draw attention to our dark circles.

Ladies, we are born with two sets of eyelashes for a good reason. One set without the other looks bare.

Enhancing both lashes with mascara actually gives a sheer and complete look. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself.

While applying lower lash mascara, it is best to apply setting powder under the eye first. As a barrier between the mascara and your skin, then you can wipe off any excess that falls off your lashes once you are done.

Don’t Clash Red Lipstick with Your Outfit

Let’s talk about the classic and never outdated red lips. Perfect for attending special occasions like weddings or parties, it also goes with whatever dress you choose to wear. A bright lipstick colour is always a statement.

But, if you pair red lips with heavy gold accessories or a multicolour dress, this might be a bit overwhelming. As much as we like to glam up for special occasions, in this instance, less is sometimes more.

Red lips tend to maintain their grace best when paired with a monotone colour dress, such as black lace.

In addition, if you opt for red lips, think about the rest of your makeup. Avoid overly pink blush or clashing eyeshadow.

Do Clean your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Clean Makeup Brushes

All of your makeup efforts mean nothing if you’re just going to slap it on your face with brushes that are hoarding a week’s worth of foundation and eyeshadow.

Using older, dirtier brushes and makeup sponges can lead to not-so-fresh looks and even major breakouts if you are not careful.

Gently shampoo the brush hairs and change up your sponges often enough to ensure that each one is clean enough to be touching your face.

Brushes can hold a lot of dirt and when they’re rolling around in your makeup bag they pick up even more. Don’t run the risk of putting that dirt onto your face.

Don’t Sleep with your Makeup On

Woman Sleeping

You come home late and the last thing you want to do is wash your face. Feeling too lazy to put cold water on and scrub away, you tell yourself you weren’t wearing that much makeup anyway and leave it.

However, makeup that might be fine for eight hours can actually create a negative reaction when left on the skin for 24 hours. Careless habits and treating your skin this way can cause infection, dry skin, breakouts, clogged pores and even broken eyelashes.

Keep makeup remover pads by your bed or use cleansing moisturiser on facial pads to wipe off the makeup. But, the best thing to do is wash your face before going to sleep. Your skin will feel refreshed and young the next morning.

Makeup is an art so the more you practice, the better you will get at it. There are no hard and fast rules to follow, so don’t be afraid to try new things and find what works best for you.

By following these tricks, you can avoid repeating the same makeup mistakes. And you’ll never have to walk out of the house with bad makeup again!

Hafsa is a writer and studying journalism. Keen on her media career, she is interested in fashion, health, beauty and style. She likes travelling and exploring new places, culture and people. Her motto is: "If there is a will, there is a way."

Images courtesy of REUTERS/Regis Duvignau, Khoobsurati, Dermology, Nykaa.com, Business Insider, Yahoo Style, UpBuzzly, Blogspot, and The Urban Ecolife

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