Best Weight Loss Tips for the Desi Bride

When a Desi bride wants looks great on her wedding day, her outfit is the centrepiece. These best weight loss tips aim to help her look really good in it.

Best Weight Loss Tips for the Desi Bride f

there is no such thing as good or bad food, only a good or bad diet.

The nerves a Desi bride feels as her big day approaches are unimaginable. From the perfect dress to perfect dance to the perfect setting. Each bride wants perfection in everything that happens at her wedding.

Looking the best in the wedding outfit like a fitted lehenga means some brides can become conscious of their weight.

While not everyone will feel this way, every bride wants to look and feel special on her big day.

Some brides may not feel the need to lose any weight but for those wishing to lose a few pounds, it can only be a more healthy option and give more confidence.

It’s important to note that weight loss is not something that can be achieved instantly and results can vary based on your build, health and genes.

Different factors can contribute to difficult weight loss such as eating junk food, too much sugar in your diet and not enough exercise.

Giving yourself ample time in your wedding schedule for weight loss will help your goals. A good time-frame is about six months before the wedding as a minimum.

There are two key plans of attack. Your diet and exercise. These are the two things you will need to include in your weight loss battle.

So, let’s take a look at how a Desi bride can embark on shedding a few pounds for her special day.

Cutting Down Calories

Weight Loss Tips for the Desi Bride - calories

Cutting down on calories contributes significantly to weight loss. 

Make a list of everything that you eat on a typical day and simply add up your calories. To watch your calorie intake, it would be advised to download a calorie counting app to help.

Your aim from a diet perspective will be to aim for a calorie deficit. In order words, eating less than your entitled calorie count for your height and weight.

Be careful when eating out, that much-loved pizza, the fries, the sugary drinks and the burgers can pile on the pounds quickly.

In the Desi home, butter, ghee, oil and carbohydrates are a major staple item but it is a factor to control if you want to lose weight for your wedding.

Controlling yourself while others are eating Desi food like butter chicken, biryani, paratha, that extra roti or two and much more can be tempting.

However, cutting down on these things can lead to wonders in your body because Desi food is full of calories.

If you use butter or ghee in your food, replace it with olive oil or reduce the amount of butter or ghee you add in your food.

Another way is by sticking to consistent portion sizes. The trick is to use a smaller plate. When eating, your plate will look full but you will be eating less.

According to nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield, there is no such thing as good or bad food, only a good or bad diet.

What this means is, if eating fries or chips triggers your binge eating then it is bad for your body.

Cutting down on sugar as a priority, white foods such as white bread, and rice, and processed foods will definitely help with weight loss.

While the tip is to cut down on calories, you need to still properly in a day. Starving yourself will not help you lose weight. You will start to feel weak and not well for your wedding.

The food that you need to prioritise eating is protein. For meat eaters, it’s chicken and occasionally red meat, for vegetarians soya, pulses and daals. Ensure you have protein with every meal.

Incorporating fish, eggs, vegetables, citrus fruit, nuts, seeds and some dairy like low-fat yoghurt into your diet can provide a balanced diet.

Cutting Down on Carbohydrates

Weight Loss Tips for the Desi Bride - carbs

Cutting down on carbohydrates is very helpful for weight loss.

Sticking to a low carbohydrate intake by limiting bad ones like white bread, potatoes, pasta and rice is a major step to reduce weight.

Also be careful of adding rich sauces, cheese or butter to your carbs. These add more calories than needed.

Rather than cutting down completely, brides can opt for high-fibre carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown bread, brown rice and pasta.

Sometimes cutting down on food too much can reduce energy levels. So, keep it balanced.

Eating plenty of vegetables as they are full of nutrients can address this. These have healthy fats, such as omega 3 and omega 6, essential oils, which are another important macronutrients that aid in digestion.

Importance of Exercise

Best Weight Loss Tips for the Desi Bride - Exercise

Altering your diet is only the beginning of weight loss. To reduce those extra calories, exercise will do just that.

It is something that will require motivation but it is easy and can be done from home.

By downloading an exercise app, you can do simple activities for toning your body or you can go for intense workouts if you prefer.

Creating a regular exercise routine and sticking to it is essential for weight loss. Your routine needs to include cardio and strength training exercises, including working with free weights too.

Major results are achieved with weight training because calories are burnt after you exercise compared to cardio which burns them while you exercise.

You can either do the routine in a gym or at home but you need to do it about three times or more a week for results while keeping a check on your diet.

If you go to the gym, even having a personal trainer to meet your goals for your wedding can be a major help.

Exercise leads to an increase in metabolism. This means that with regular exercise, you can enjoy a cheat meal once in a while.

This is due to the fact that you are regularly burning calories rather than storing them in your body.

If you do not like exercising, put on a beat and start dancing around. It will help you lose weight and may even improve your dance moves.

Keeping Hydrated

5 Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss - water

When you are in the process of losing weight, you always need to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.

According to Healthline, drinking 480ml of water increases metabolism by 30%.

This means drinking 2 litres of water every day can increase your total energy consumption by up to 96 calories.

It is best to drink to water as opposed to other beverages like soft drinks or coffee as it is the best at keeping you hydrated without the excess sugars.

If you want to mix things up, either add a little lemon juice to your water or drink fresh coconut water or watermelon juice. They are both effective in maintaining hydration and have an enjoyable flavour.

Reducing Alcohol Intake

While it is good to enjoy alcohol once in a while, the calories can lead to an increase in your weight.

According to Drinkaware, the number of calories in a glass of lager is the same as a slice of pizza.

It is advised to cut down on your alcohol intake or cut it out completely if you can. Try having water infused with fruit. It is healthier, will boost digestion and has a nice taste.

Green tea is also another replacement which will help you lose weight.

Avoid Fad Diets

Weight Loss Tips for the Desi Bride - fad diets

One problem is that brides go for quick diets because they can’t control their excessive eating or are too lazy to exercise.

However, there are so many fad diets out there and most of them are not very helpful. Constantly sticking to these diets can have a negative effect on your body as they are not very healthy.

The three-day banana diet or fruit diet may decrease your weight, but they negatively affect your body as you are significantly reducing your calorie intake which is unhealthy.

Your face will look dull and less fresh. Moreover, as you won’t be eating a balanced diet, you will easily become irritated and angry all the time on simple stuff.

According to everyday health, fad diets usually lead to dehydration, cramps, dizziness and mood swings.

So if you want to lose weight and be healthy, it is best to avoid these types of diets.

If it is getting close to your wedding and you want to lose weight, take into account the number of ways there are to achieve what you want.

It’s going to take a lot of patience, work and energy to achieve your goals.

Before you start munching on cookies or chips or paratha, do ask yourself: “Will this help me fit into my dress on my wedding day?” If not, then try to eat a healthier alternative.

Stay Stress-Free and Sleep

No one can tell a bride to calm down as her wedding approaches. She has to think about even the smallest details like shopping, her dress, the food, dance practices and so much more.

All the things on her mind can lead to a bride becoming stressed.

This can result in weight gain because stress has an effect on metabolism. Appetite can increase and there are more cravings for junk food.

It also makes it more difficult to burn calories, so try and stay relaxed and that will help with weight loss.

The difficulty in burning calories can be reduced with exercise as it increases energy levels and creates serotonin. This leads to improved mental clarity.

Breathing exercises will also help you stay relaxed but getting a good night’s sleep is the most effective way. Sleeping properly will make you feel energised and less stressed.

Good sleep is essential for overall health and is much needed to repair muscles from your workout routine. Aim to get 7-8 hours a day minimum.

This will help your weight loss regime over time.

It’s going to take a lot of patience, work and energy to achieve your goals.

Remember to start today not tomorrow. Before you take a bite of the wrong food or miss the gym, remember your goals to fit into your perfect dress on your special day.

These tips can help you on your journey to weight loss for your big day but remember that you are in control of your choices and determination to make it happen.

Taz is a brand manager and student body president. She has a passion for creativity of any kind, especially, writing. Her motto is "Do it with passion or not at all".

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