How You Can Have a Stress-Free Asian Wedding

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could relieve the tension associated with your big day? Steer clear of disasters and enjoy a stress-free Asian wedding with these useful tips!

How You Can Have a Stress-Free Asian Wedding

"Be simple, enjoy the day. What would be the point in wasted energy?"

So, have you finalised a date for your wedding? Are you feeling the nerves?

Are you already receiving texts and phone calls asking you for specific details? Even things that you have not even thought about yet?

Wedding planning can be a stressful time for brides and grooms-to-be. With so much to sort out in the run up the big day, it is easy to accidentally miss things.

With this in mind, DESIblitz offers some top tips on how to eliminate stress from your wedding day.

Be Proactive

Although this may seem like an obvious concept, Asians still underestimate how demanding their weddings can be. Do not be that person who leaves preparations six months prior to your wedding. This is certainly problematic.

Produce a checklist with the most important tasks listed at the top. Stay organised and tick everything off as you go along.

Your ideal venue or caterers are more than likely going to be booked in advance. Make haste and get ahead of the game. You may then benefit from a discounted price per head.

Once you have secured a venue, it is also important to consider the arrival of unanticipated guests.

As Sanya Singh, married for 10 years, states: “Our weddings are crazy. You can bring anyone along and no-one will even notice.”

Be sure to have extra seating available, if necessary, to avoid a last-minute run-around on the day. Even if you did not ask for it.

Also, it is worth scheduling regular meetings with your photographer and DJ. This will automatically reduce the chances of their services going wrong. You can ensure that they thoroughly understand your requirements.

Equally, if you have hired a wedding planner, keep yourself up to date with what they have in mind. Do not forget to run through even the minor details of your wedding with them.

Make as many appointments that you need to. This will help you lower anxiety levels and ensure a stress-free Asian wedding.

Read Your Reviews

Get to know the services you are paying for inside out, yourself. Businesses will always oversell themselves.

Find out more about the mehndi artist you have booked. She may have a great portfolio, but is she reliable? Book yourself a trial run.

Utilise your friends and family members. Have they heard of him or her? If they are married, they may have considered your artist in the follow up to their own wedding.

This also applies to professional photography companies. Read their latest reviews. Members of their photography team may have been replaced in the last few months.

Are they still producing the kind of shots that you want at your wedding? Your background research will guarantee a photo album you are happy with.

If a company is easy to work with, this is also a huge bonus. Balvir Bassi, married for 2 years, expressed:

“My cameraman was incredibly rude to my family members on the day of my wedding. It was either deal with his grief or have no professional photos.”

Especially in relation to lowering stress levels. Treat the companies you pay as part of your guest list. They are essentially going to be either part of or at the forefront of your wedding.

Being able to bond with these people will allow you to appreciate and relish their services. This will then provide a greater sense of enjoyment and a lower sense of stress, during the day.

Take Regular Time Outs

Roshni Patel, a newlywed, believes in the statement:

“Always remember to take time out for yourself when planning a wedding! I cannot emphasise this enough!”

If you are proactive, this will undoubtedly result in subtle progress. Do not feel like your wedding always requires maximum attention. As Oscar Wilde once stated: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Encourage yourself to book weekends away or night outs with friends during the lead-up.

Any excuse to let off some wedding steam is perfect. Forgetting that you are even getting married for a day or two can be healthy.

Even on the day of your wedding, be selfish. If you are feeling slightly overwhelmed, take a short break from your own event.

A ten-minute stroll in the gardens of your wedding venue with your partner may allow you to flourish for the rest of the evening.

Prepare Yourself For External Influence

Mandeep Singh, who is due to get married in 2018, tells us: “There’s nothing more off-putting than your family trying to make changes.”

Would an Asian wedding be Asian without the direct involvement of immediate or extended family? Of course, this does not always end well. Especially if you are adamant about how you want your wedding to go ahead.

If you do become subject to heavy influence, be ready to exert your own. Do not begin to feel disheartened, your dream plans will only be sabotaged if you allow them to be.

It is important to handle such scenarios in a certain way. Showcase that you value family thoughts and ideas, but establish how you do have it all ‘under control’. Give thought to making your wedding intentions clear from the get-go, to avoid later pressures.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who is not bothered by such involvement, you are obviously at an advantage. This is one less concern for you.

Remember the Purpose

Joshni Chopra, a wedding planner, concludes:

“Be simple, enjoy the day. What would be the point in wasted energy?”

A key rule to abide by, to exempt yourself from all forms of stress, is to never lose sight of what matters the most. Remind yourself what at all the celebrations are even for. Any liabilities or disappointments that then may arise will not be as mentally wounding for you.

Any materialistic arrangements will automatically decrease in value the following day. Focusing on the moral principles of your wedding may seem dull, but will always benefit you mentally.

It will allow you to put matters into perspective. You will smile and laugh at the wrong tier wedding cake or your helicopter landing in the opposite field. The best memories are never made from sensible decisions.

A chaotic wedding schedule is the root of exhaustion. But why should we associate wedding planning with somewhat of a mental battlefield?

The avoidance of generic Asian wedding-related stress is primarily down to you. Organisation is key and expect the unexpected and welcome hurdles with open arms.

If you maintain a headstrong outlook, not even your own Asian wedding can mentally defeat you.

Raman is an English Literature graduate who, alongside reading, takes a keen interest in fashion, current affairs and music. Her favourite Oscar Wilde quote is ‘Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination’.

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