10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

Desi weddings are stressful. From planning, hosting and keeping both families happy, Asian Bride offers 10 tips on how to make your wedding a great success.

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

ensure you delegate everything to a wedding planner or family member

Wedding planning can be a stressful time for an Asian bride.

Ensuring that all things are taken care of, from caterers, outfits, venues to the entertainment can be a huge undertaking.

But with the right planning and organisation, a grand Desi wedding doesn’t have to be daunting,

For the Desi bride eager for her wedding to go as smoothly as possible, Asian Bride present 10 great tips on how to make your Desi wedding a great success.

1. Be the Hostess with Mostest

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

This is quite possibly the biggest party you’ll ever host. The secret sauce in a successful grand event is in the service. Investing in good suppliers company will make a world of difference.

Your guests need to taken care of, fed and watered regularly and they should never be made to wait (they will remember)!

Staff to take coats, direct guests and let them know what time things are happening are an additional touch that will be much appreciated.

The best piece of advice here though would be to ensure you delegate everything to either a wedding planner (a good one is worth their weight in gold), or at the very least a friend or family member who can unburden you on the day and take on the responsibility themselves for liaising with suppliers and coordinating every minor detail.

2. Taste the Difference

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

Asian people love their food. Feed them well. We’re not just talking quantity, it’s the quality that will ensure your wedding food goes down well.

Statistics show that most Asian people leaving a wedding talk about the food, especially if it wasn’t up to standard. Prepare yourself from the outset that the biggest or second biggest cost of your wedding is going to be the food.

Don’t try to cut costs to leave more budget for those extra pretty centrepieces! Pay the extra for a high quality caterer and make sure you go for tastings to ensure the food is to the level you and your family will relish.

Also, like most brides, you’ll probably find the tasting is the only time you’ll get to try the food!

3. Walk it Baby

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

This is your moment so go ahead and treat that aisle like your catwalk. Bring to life all those stunning images you’ve seen in magazines and Bollywood films every since you were small enough to fit both feet in your mum’s high heels.

Start outfit shopping early (don’t hold out for the very latest trends) you’ll need time for fittings and often delivery from India or Pakistan.

Try out lots of different styles and see what looks best on you not in pictures. For a real wow factor go for couture. Live the dream.

4. Deck the Halls

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

It’s hard to believe there was a time when balloons sufficed as wedding decor. These days it’s all about the creative explosion of colour and texture.

Flowers are still as popular as ever (thank you Kim Kardashian) whether you’re coating your mandap in them, sprinkling them all over the aisle, or having a flower wall for guests to take selfies in front of the decor is what adds the extra wow factor to your wedding.

But more importantly don’t feel the pressure to follow or keep up with others. Keep your decor bespoke, personalise it to you and your partner’s taste.

Whatever you do make sure you invest in good lighting this is too often overlooked and is what could actually make or break whatever stunning decor you opt for.

5. Follow the System

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

There is a certain order of things in Asian wedding planning.

For example, start with your guestlist (your numbers are likely to be huge and you can’t move forward until you know what that number is likely), and move swiftly on to venue (which will be dictated by your guest numbers).

Once you have booked them for the date that you want and that they can accommodate you, move on to caterers (who get booked up very quickly) and then other suppliers.

Attending events like Asian Bride Luxe, will give you direct access to some of the wedding industry leading experts all in one place. With their vast experience they’ll be able to offer you indispensable guidance.

6. Trial by Compact

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

When you feel good you look good. And vice versa. Treat yourself to the perfect makeover by a professional artist who will work with your features to create a stunning look to suit you and your tastes.

Be sure to go for a trial before the day, even the best artists can benefit from having the chance to practice with you specifically and to learn what you do and don’t like.

A trial is also the perfect time (rather than the wedding morning) to try out that outrageous red or luscious pink lip colour you’ve been tempted by to see if it really suits.

Keep an eye out for how products sit on your skin after a few hours, you want your skin to be able to breathe and you don’t want it to melt away under the bright lights, of which there will be many!

Most importantly make sure you get along with the artist. She needs to make you feel relaxed and happy, as she is likely to be the last person to spend time with you before you tie the knot!

7. Mind the Gap

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

A common mistake many brides make is leaving long painful gaps during the wedding/reception.

Like we mentioned earlier, ensure your guests always have access to food and drink but also keep them entertained.

This could be anything from adding interesting details to your wedding programmes during the ceremony to enjoyable music from a talented DJ/performer at your reception.

Table entertainers like magicians also go down a storm or why not consider something really unique like a walking drinks fountain!

Anything that makes them smile, gets them talking and generally having fun at your day is a surefire winner.

8. Keep Calm and Eat Cake

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

Aside from you and the other half, this is the other centerpiece of your wedding. You can get creative with your baker and go wild with this as there’s so many exciting options available now.

Make sure it tastes good and factor cake into your overall itinerary, (you don’t want to give people cake at the same time as or immediately after dessert).

Serving it right at the end (especially after dancing) will give people a nice tasty treat for the drive home.

Wedding cakes can be expensive, if you want the drama of a huge multi-tier show stopper, consider having some dummy layers. Your guests will never know and if the piece they taste is delicious it’s all they’ll care about.

9. Carpe Diem

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

Seize the day! You’ll probably hear this a lot but that’s because it’s probably the single most important piece of advice you’ll receive – enjoy yourself.

All the months of planning will be for nothing if the day whizzes past you in a flurry of stress and anxiety. Make sure you hand over the reigns of everything to your planner or trusted family member in plenty of time before the day.

Treat yourself to a few spa treatments and on the day just focus on relaxing, feeling amazing and enjoying the day with your new partner.

10. Capture the Memories

10 Ways to Make your Desi Wedding a Success

Once it’s all over, make sure you have something to look back on relive the wonderful memories over and over.

Book a great photographer (do it early) who will capture the big picture and the little special moments and be sure to book a videographer too.

It’s true you’ll probably look at the photos 20 times more than you’ll rewatch the video. But having it there to look back on and get a real visual and audible feel for the day, as well as things like people’s reactions when you walked down the aisle (you do definitely won’t have noticed on the day), will be absolutely and positively priceless.

Your wedding should be the best day of your life, and one that you’ll back on fondly for many years. With these great tips from Asian Bride, there’s no reason why your Desi wedding can’t be a perfect success.

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