10 Best Ways to Exercise your Glutes

DESIblitz has gathered 10 different workouts that are great for your glutes. Whether you prefer to workout at home or at the gym, we have you covered.

Best Ways to Exercise your Glutes

"Deadlifts are the easiest of all leg day workouts"

There are many exercises which work different parts of the body.

Your glutes, gluteus maximus or better known as your ‘bum’ is one area that can be toned by specific exercises.

Whether you prefer working out at home, in the garden or at the gym, we show you ways that can help you improve the look of your bum.

We bring you ten exercises that are great for your glutes and help you target this area.

Home Workouts

If you want to workout but just don’t have the confidence to go to the gym or the time, then these little workouts will be great to do at home in the living room or in the back garden.

Glutes Bridge


This is great for your behind. What this exercise consists of is lying on your back with your arms beside you and then lifting your bum and core off from the ground.

Your legs will be stationary at all times, helping you keep your balance. When your bum is off the ground, be sure to squeeze your glutes, so you gain the maximum benefit of the exercise.

Once you perfect your form, you can challenge yourself further by using the stairs to gain more height. Resting your feet on the stairs, do the same as you would on a flat surface.

Find out more about this exercise here.

Jumping Squats


These are a great form of cardio and for working on your gluteus muscle.

How to perform a jumping squat: Start off by standing in a squatting stance. You should use your hands as balance, have them stretched in front of you.

Squat as low as you can and then when you reach the lowest point, spring back up and jump as high as you can. Using your hands to help you gain momentum as you jump up.

Watch the video here.

Body Weight Lunge


Body weight lunges are a great way to pump up your behind.

Place your arms in front of you for balance and a steady lunge.

Start off in a standing position, step out using your left leg making sure it is at a 90-degree angle, your right leg should be behind, doing the same motion.

The knee of your right leg should almost be touching the ground. Alternate legs.

For the video, click here.

Leg Lifts


This exercise is pretty simple, all you’ll need is a flat surface. Leg lifts help with your abs and glutes – bonus.

Lay on a flat surface and put your hands under your bum for support.

Lift your legs as high as you can and then bring them down, being sure not to touch the ground with your feet.

Watch the video here.

Pony Kicks


This exercise consists of getting onto all fours.

Your knees and lower leg should be resting on the floor and your upper body should be supported by your arms, with the palms of your hands resting on the floor.

Start off by kicking your left leg into the air, alternate legs.

Gym Workouts

Moving onto gym workouts, for the individuals that love to pump iron and push their limits to the test.

Back Squats


You guessed it, back squats are one of the most common but effective exercises for your glutes.

All the motion is in your legs. You must keep your back straight. If you bend your back you will cause an injury.

Start off in a standing position with the bar resting on the back of your shoulders. Squat down, all the pressure will be on your legs so make sure you have good balance or spotter behind you.

When going down into a squat, push your bum out for maximum benefit.

Find out more here.



“Deadlifts are the easiest of all leg day workouts,” says workout fanatic, Tina Chaudhry.

This is an exercise where you lift a heavy weighted bar. Your hips and lower part of the body do all of the work.

Your legs should be bent a little, your back should be straight and finally making sure that your bum is flexed out.

Find out more about deadlifts here.

Leg Press


This exercise helps with many muscles in your legs, one being your gluteus. It one of the main exercises for building a good booty.

Using the leg press machine is pretty simple. It consists of being in a sitting down position, your legs will be at around a 90-degree angle. You push your legs on the base of the leg press until your legs are stretched.

You can also use the leg press machine in reverse, to do ‘kick backs’ which is also a great gym exercise for your glutes.

Find out how to master the leg press here.

Walking Lunges


Walking lunges are pretty simple. It’s like a basic lunge, but you lunge across the room.

You have options of either having a weighted bar resting on the back of your shoulders, picking up a sand bag and having it rest on the back of your shoulders or holding barbells in each hand by your side as you lunge.

Find out how to perfect your walking lunges here.

Bulgarian Lunges


These kinds of lunges can be a challenge, you need good balance and stamina.

Bulgarian lunges are performed by having a leg resting on a bench and one on the ground. You’ll go down into a lunging position.

If you want to make this exercise more of a challenge then you can add a weighted bar to the workout.

See how to do a Bulgarian lunge here.

Glute exercises can be done wherever you are – and doing these relatively simple exercises regularly will ensure that your glutes tone up beautifully.

These are your best 10 workouts on how to get a perky bum at home and at the gym.

Mariam is an English and Creative Writing undergraduate. She loves all things fashion, beauty, food and fitness. Her motto: “Don’t be the same person you were yesterday, be better.”

Images courtesy of BodyBuilding.com, PlankPose.com, Howcast and ShapeShift.com

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