Tips and Tricks for the Best Desi Bridal Makeup Look

Choosing a makeup artist is a difficult decision. We shall discuss the tips and tricks to solidify your idea of the best bridal makeup looks.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Bridal Makeup Look f

“There is a shade of red for every woman”

Selecting the right bridal makeup look for your wedding day is certainly a challenge.

With endless makeup artists (MUA) and styles to choose from, the experience can be quite overwhelming.

After having chosen the perfect bridal outfit for your special day, you should not be left to feel underwhelmed by your makeup look.

Every bride wishes to look the most radiant on her momentous day. Hence, choosing the right MUA is crucial. They should be able to understand your requirements and wishes.

Their professional eye can create your ideal makeup look. However, it is important to note that you must consider some key elements before booking your MUA.

DESIblitz presents the vital steps you must consider before deciding on your final Desi bridal makeup look.


Tips and Tricks for the Best Bridal Makeup Look - planner

A little planning goes a long way. The financial side should be deliberated as MUAs have their set prices for bridal makeup.

Next, consider the colours of your bridal outfit. Decide whether you want a soft and subtle or bold and vibrant look.

Also, before finalising the type of wedding makeup that you want, have some samples ready. These can be collected from the internet to gain a deeper understanding.

These basic ideas will be beneficial for the process as well as the result.

Instagram Stalking

Tips and Tricks for the Best Bridal Makeup Look - Instagram

The internet offers a wide variety of options to choose from. Yet is Instagram stalking worth it?

While looking for the best MUA it might be helpful. They have their profiles, examples of their work and reviews on their pages.

It is important to know about the MUA’s previous work to see if it suits your style and reviews are a clear reflection of this.

However, do not limit yourself to what you see online. Word of mouth is just as effective.

You may wish to ask family and friends who have previously gotten married for their opinions and experiences.

Trusting the MUA

Tips and Tricks for the Best Bridal Makeup Look - trust

Trust is the main factor between you and the makeup artist. You should know that you are in safe hands.

MUAs are aware of various techniques that will highlight your best features. However, do not forget to have a detailed discussion with them on your likes and dislikes. Do not limit yourself in asking questions.

It is crucial to know about their background and qualification. This will allow you to develop an understanding of their temperament and techniques.

These questions will guide you to choose the right makeup artist.

Also, it would be beneficial to book yourself in for a trial makeup session to truly get an insight of how you may look on your wedding day.

Furthermore, the experience of an expert is essential.

MUAs have years of practice in developing different looks on numerous faces. As well as having learnt from the best people in the industry.

Furthermore, they are equipped with the finest makeup brushes and tools to help craft the perfect look. Also, their abundant makeup products allow them to create various looks with numerous products.

By considering these points, it is safe to assume that they will help you achieve your dream wedding day look.

Understanding Undertones

Tips and Tricks for the Best Bridal Makeup Look - undertones

Undertones are subdued hues under the skin’s surface. In this instance, they can be identified by looking at the veins in your wrist.

There are three undertones to understand:

  • Cool – veins appear purple/blue
  • Warm – veins appear green
  • Neutral – veins appear blue/green

Undertones are often confused with skin tone which is your surface skin colour, from fair, medium, tan and deep.

Cool undertone people tend to have fair skin tones. Hence, you will want to avoid makeup that is orangish-red and go for pinks and beiges.

Whilst, warm undertone people incline towards medium/tan/deep skin tones. Therefore, you will want to opt for golden-beige, red and brownish makeup.

If you are someone of neutral undertones then count yourself lucky. Almost all shades of makeup will suit you.

The struggle of finding your right shade in foundation and concealer is a trial and error matter. Yet it is worth figuring it out beforehand to avoid any upset.

Eye Makeup

Tips and Tricks for the Best Bridal Makeup Look - eye makeup

The eyes are the window to your soul. Therefore, MUAs are obsessed with eye makeup. The integration of light and dark colours on the eyes enhances the look.

The colour of your eye makeup will be determined by your wedding dress.

You may wish to incorporate the colours of your attire into your eye makeup. The vibrant colours come together to reflect the beauty of the outfit.

Or instead, go neutral with a golden-goddess look that will accentuate the dimensions of your eyes.

A classic favourite is a smokey eye, this will give you a bold eye look and can be paired with glitter to further intensify the eyes.

The type of eyeliner plays an important role.

For wider eyes, thin-lined eyeliner provides a soft glam look, while thick-winged eyeliner suits smaller eyes as it makes them appear larger.

To complete the eyes, a pair of extravagant false lashes are mandatory.

However, these guidelines are not fixed and experimenting is advised.


Tips and Tricks for the Best Bridal Makeup Look - lips

Achieving an elegant persona is every bride’s dream and this is attained with the perfect lipstick.

Audrey Hepburn, a British actress, once said:

“There is a shade of red for every woman”.

Red luscious lips are desi brides go-to look. It makes a timeless statement and is popularly worn with a red lehenga.

Yet if you wish to go darker then a stunning matte brown lipstick would perfectly match a deep maroon wedding outfit.

Alternatively, lighter lipstick shades such as pinks and nudes create a feminine style.

For example, donning a pink lehenga with a contrast dupatta and a peachy-coral lipstick would create a beautiful wedding look.

It is also important to note, the colour lipstick you choose must complement your eye makeup.

Our Advice 

For your MUA to create the best makeup look for you, then you must make sure that your skin is the best it can be.

For instance, if you plan on having a facial before your big day, then consider having your treatment 5-6 days prior. This way the new skin layer appears brighter with a healthy glow.

Another factor to consider is the use of SPF in your makeup. SPF causes flashbacks in photos, hence is it crucial to use a good translucent powder.

Furthermore, you must apply makeup to not only your face, extend it to your neck and arms to ensure a uniform colour gradient.

Finally, do not forget to be true to yourself.

Excessive makeup can ruin your desired look, therefore, go with what makes you comfortable.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Instagram image courtesy of Shaneeqbridal and google images

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