Top Makeup Artists for a Traditional Bridal Look

Perfecting your bridal look can be the most difficult decision for a bride on her wedding day! We narrow down 6 traditional MUAs for you to choose from.

Top MUA's for a Traditional Bridal Look

Her style of work is traditional and fitting for Desi brides

Getting your makeup or bridal look for the biggest day of your life can be one of the many struggles throughout the wedding period.

Desi brides are opting to venture into a new contemporary look, which features subtle makeup.

On the other hand, there are some Desi brides who still want to attain the traditional bridal look and go all out, and we are for that.  

In the early 2000’s brides tended to adopt a more dramatic look with gold eyeshadow, big lashes and red lipstick.

The same look is created with a flawless dewy base focusing more on good skincare and a flawless foundation base.

Bold red lips round off the bridal look, which adds the traditional factor. 

DESIblitz narrows down the top 6 traditional makeup artists who will make our South Asian brides look ever so elegant on the big day.

Art of Liza

MUA bridal look

Art of Liza is an international makeup artist, spends most of her time either in London, England or Bangladesh.

She has clients from both countries and travels out for her brides.  Her work has also been published in Asiana, which is a magazine publication.

Liza also has her own clothing line specialising in bespoke sarees.

The style of the makeup on each bride is different as shows from Liza’s Instagram but one of the most iconic looks which she recreates many times is her signature smokey eye with a nude lip.

You can see more of Liza’s work here.

Sadia Hussain MUA

MUA bridal look

Sadia Hussain is a West Midlands, UK-based freelance makeup/hair artist, specialising in bridals.

She has been trained by renowned makeup artist Naeem Khan.

Her style of work is traditional and fitting for Desi brides.

She creates beautiful bold eyeshadow looks which open up the eyes. She has highly advanced skills in contouring and sculpting the bride’s face.

Sadia also offers one to one makeup classes for upcoming MUA’s and passionate artists.

Some of the courses include 3-day bridal class from 10.00am till 4.00pm for £750.

This includes the fundamental steps of how to create a flawless base, dramatic and soft bridal eyes, Arabic double eye flick, how to correct and cover pigmentation and lash application.

Jess MUA

MUA bridal look

Jess MUA is a freelance West Midlands, UK based makeup artist.

She also travels within the UK for her clients giving her clients the best service she has to offer.

Jess MUA also has a Youtube channel where she shares her journey as a makeup artist and her client diaries.

She also has advice videos which are helpful for brides, click here to watch.

Tamanna Roashan

MUA bridal look

Tamanna Roashan is the name behind Dress Your Face.

She is a classified makeup artist and a global beauty educator.

She went to a cosmetology school and has been given license by the State of California.

Tamanna gained her popularity through Instagram and has followers from all across the globe.

One of the most recognisable traits of makeup which sets her apart from others is her Arabic style cut crease with glitter.

This has become her signature look which is used on most of her brides.

She is the founder of DYFAcademy where she teaches students makeup.

The course offers a wide range of services such as:

  • 2-day intensive training (this offers 6 hours per day of hands-on training with Tamanna herself, covering face makeup artistry, contour techniques and a classic bridal eye)
  • 1 day accelerated program (6-hour intense training of high definition bridal makeup or formal hair styling and bridal updos).

For Spring/Summer ’18 Tamanna and her daughter, Alia Roashan collaborated with Asian fashion brand Lashkaraa to create an exclusive 8-piece collection for mothers and daughters.

Look A Million

MUA bridal look

Look a million is a brand name created by Sanna Nosheen.

She is a self-taught MUA and travels internationally for her clients.

Sana has hosted masterclasses where she shares her tips and tricks for signature looks.

One of the popular signature looks created by Sanna is an Arabic bridal. You can see more of her amazing looks here.

Mona Sangha

MUA bridal look

Mona sangha is a freelance hair and makeup artist from Vancouver, Canada.

She is highly popular on Instagram and also has her own YouTube channel where she vlogs her makeup journey of her clients and beauty videos.

Mona gives all her brides a traditional look with flawless bases.

Other Notable MUAs

Zukreat Nazar is an international makeup artist who has worked with celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian.

She is also an entrepreneur and has founded Artist of Makeup, which is a makeup line with her husband.

She also has a YouTube channel and engages with her audiences through makeup videos.

For brides who want to adopt a more modern and contemporary look on their big day, you can book MUA’s who offer subtle makeup which is full of the same impact as the traditional makeup artists.

Some of the MUA’s include Tanjia, based in London, better known as Tanji.s on Instagram.

Tanjia has grown into a popular contemporary makeup artist offering her clients a luxurious experience.

She has also worked with many celebrities and has even had her work published in Elle magazine Vogue.

Dil Matharu, from London, is also a contemporary makeup artist who specialises in bridal hair and makeup.

Yeasmin is currently studying BA Hons in Fashion Business and Promotion. She is a creative individual who enjoys fashion, food and photography. She loves everything Bollywood. Her motto is: "Life's too short to overthink, just do it!"

Images courtesy of Art of Liza, Mona Sangha, Look A Million, Tamanna Roashan, Jess MUA and Sadia Hussain MUA

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