Trolls believe Cancer is Rozlyn Khan’s ‘Karma’

Rozlyn Khan has responded to the cruel trolling in which people have stated that her cancer diagnosis is “karma”.

Trolls believe Cancer is Rozlyn Khan's 'Karma' f


“I have gone through such comments on my posts recently."

Rozlyn Khan has responded to the horrific trolling in relation to her cancer diagnosis.

The actress and model was diagnosed with oligometastatic cancer on November 9, 2022.

Despite the difficulties of battling cancer, Rozlyn Khan has admitted that she has received heinous trolling on social media.

In a recent interview, she said that trolls have commented:

“Cancer is your karma. This must be you are paying for your past deeds.”

Regarding the hateful comments, Rozlyn said:

“I have gone through such comments on my posts recently.

“We have to make people aware that it’s a disease.

“Don’t relate it to religion or age-old thinking. We talk about Covid-19, but not cancer. People still think it’s a transferable disease.

“If we measure a woman’s identity, and value with the length of her hair then what kind of a society do we belong to?

“We are so concerned about the shape of a woman’s body or her hair.

“Nobody deserves cancer.”

Rozlyn admitted that it was hard for her to understand and accept her diagnosis:

“When I met the doctor he openly told me I was going to lose my hair.

“I cried. But I have to go through it. There‘s no way out.”

But, Rozlyn refuses to hide: “If I have to keep hiding my hair, it’s difficult for me.

“I have seen a lot of celebrities who don’t post about their disease on Instagram until they are out of the situation.”

“I am also not sure whether I am going to be out of it or not.

“The doctor has assured me that with cancer you can still have a quality life.

“We have a lot of treatments developed in India. It isn’t a death warrant. But you need to check it on time, I was a little late because I was confident about my body.”

Rozlyn has her film work on hold while only taking brand endorsements:

“I have not seen anyone working with cancer. They either hide it, go out of India, get their treatment and come back.

“I got to know what Irrfan Khan shared about his health after two years. Why hide it?

“Be vocal. They completely disappear from work.”

Rozlyn shared that she has begun to receive more job offers after sharing her diagnosis:

“After the news of my cancer, I am getting lead offers out of nowhere.”

“People only praise actors once they are gone, they don’t value them when alive.

“Once you are in the news people follow you.”

Rozlyn Khan is very passionate about breaking the stigma of cancer in India:

“I wanted to be vocal after I was diagnosed with cancer.

“This is why I posted on social media.

“There’s a lot of stigma in India. I lost my hair after my third chemo session. The reaction was very different.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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