Dos and Don’ts of Bridal Make-Up

Calling all brides-to-be! DESIblitz understands how important looking perfect on your big day is, so we are here to take you through all the dos and don’ts of bridal make-up.

Bridal Make-Up

Make-up artists are not there to make you look beautiful, but enhance the beauty you already have.

Your wedding day is essentially the biggest day of your life and for the ladies out there that means looking and feeling your best.

Everything has to be perfect; from the flawless outfits to the freshly picked bouquet. Make-up is a crucial part of the bridal look and it needs to be spot on.

Bridal make-up can be quite tricky as everyone expects to look the best they ever have ever looked, so it builds up quite an expectation. For some brides it is the first time they have ever worn particularly heavy make-up and maybe it will be more difficult for them to adjust.

One of the most vital steps in preparing for your bridal make-up is knowing what you want. Some women may not even like make-up in the first place and may want a more subtle look, feel free to go for what you are comfortable and do not feel you are being pressured into anything.

Different make-up looks suit different women. Some women may suit a more dramatic look whilst others compliment a more lighter glowy look.


Bridal Make-up Themes

Usually bridal make-up starts forming from themes, colours and outfits. It is the easiest way to visualise which ‘look’ will be the best on the day.

Outfits are one of the most important focal areas in deciding the make-up for an occasion. The style, colours and sort of theme you are going for can suit and change different looks and approaches.

You may want a red lip to match your lehenga, or green eyes to match the embroidery. If your outfit is quite blingy then a less dramatic, matte look is more suitable. If your outfit is quite simple, opt for a more dramatic approach, allowing your face to be the main focal point.

Themes are also becoming quite popular within the British Asian community. Particularly the Mughal theme which involves mainly long, fully embroidered dresses, covered in rich, antique, regal looking jewellery. Here, make-up is usually quite smokey on the eye followed by a well finished matte face and nude lips.

If you are one of those British Asians who want to step out of the norm and go for a white English style dress, complimented with silver jewellery instead of gold, then subtle make-up will look more flattering. A dewy face, followed by elegant eyes and rosy colours for lips and cheeks are perfect.

Finally, if you prefer the traditional Indian look then the statement Asian bridal look is spot on. Signature golden eyes, a well contoured face topped off with a bold, striking red lip is the way to go.


Bridal Make-up Foundation

Foundations are probably one of the most crucial steps to get right as part of your bridal make-up look. One thing to remember is to get your foundation right!

Choosing and matching beforehand is a must. Ensure that you match your foundation to your collar bone so that there is one even skin tone throughout. Matching the right foundation not only compliments your skin better but it also disallows for any greyness to appear. Find out if you are a yellow or pink undertone and usually the brands tend to specialise in either one.

Depending on whether you want a fuller coverage, go for a thicker based foundation instead of layering and ‘caking’ on make-up. MAC, NARS and Bobbi Brown all seem to be current favourites for Asian skin tones.

Don’t go for a tone that is several shades lighter than your natural colour. South Asians are quite stereotypical in believing that the fairer the skin colour the more beautiful a woman. No; you should be able to embrace your colour whatever skin tone you are. Be confident in the skin you were born with!


Bridal MUA

Make-up artists are probably one of the toughest decisions in order for you to have the perfect makeover on your big day. It is really important to find the right person for you. Trials are a great way to test if the make-up artist is experienced, talented and knows what you want on the day. It is always key to be well prepared (ranges from £20-£40).

Different make-up artists offer different packages and prices. However, it may not be the best idea to go for the cheapest deal because you wouldn’t want to jeopardise your big day. Someone with more experience is always the safest option.

Some make-up artists do hair, scarf settings and even henna. The packages that offer everything included start from around £200- £400, depending on how prestigious the company or make-up artist is. Make sure you are aware of this before the wedding so you are aware of prices and quality in the other services they do. Have a look at their portfolios and see if they offer what you are looking for.

Remember make-up artists are not there to make you look beautiful, but simply to enhance the beauty you already have. Make sure you are open with them and feel comfortable in their presence as lack of communication may cause you to dislike the work they have done.

Just remember to be comfortable with your bridal makeover. Your inner radiance and bridal glow should shine through throughout the day! Oh and remember to carry a fixing mist and extra eyelash glue, for those teary moments we all go through!

Mariam is an undergraduate student studying Classical Civilisations. She loves anything creative, reading, loves to travel, socialise and most importantly shop! Her motto is: “The best is yet to come!”