Gym Wear Dos and Don’ts

Looking to be fashionable even when you’re trying to stay fit? Picking the right gym wear can be puzzling. Follow our simple steps for matching a comfortable outfit that will allow you work out in style.

“A good sports bra and leggings will make a difference to how you look and feel."

People often overlook what they wear when they head towards the gym.

However, choosing the appropriate gym wear may be crucial to having an enjoyable workout and keeping on track with your training programme.

The key point in choosing the right gym wear is comfort, but avoid fashion faux pas.

Clothes that are either too tight or too loose will not give you the opportunity to make the most of the workout. Opt for pieces that give your body freedom of motion and let your skin breathe.


Women Wear

DO Show Off the Best Part of your Body

Don’t be afraid to flaunt the results of your workout. A sports bra or a crop top is perfect if you want to boast with your abs, while shorts or tight leggings show off your slim legs:

“A good sports bra and well-made leggings will make the world of difference to how you look and feel when working out,” says Lorna Jane Clarkson, Chief Creative Officer of the eponymous activewear label.

DO Wear a Headband

Having your hear in your face can be really annoying during workout. An easy solution to the problem is wearing a headband or sweat band.

Opt for a colour that matches the rest of your attire for an instant fashion update. Headbands are also very popular this for 2014, seen on the catwalk of Marc Jacobs’ collection.

DO Accessorise your Outfit

Women Gym Wear Sweat bandHaving a the right accessories can elevate your outfit on the way to the fitness studio.

A trendy gym bag or classy sunglasses will make you feel chick, while a hat hides the disheveled after-workout hair.

A pair of fancy trainers will keep you motivated to continue your training.

DON’T Wear Jewellery or a Watch During Workout.

Apart from not matching your sports gym wear, wearing jewellery or watch in the gym can irritate your skin because of its sharp edges.

Moreover, the sweat produced during workout can damage the metal accessories. Instead, invest in a fun sports watch to keep an eye on your progress.

DON’T Wear Make-Up

Wearing make up to the gym is not advisable, because it can irritate the skin. Foundation can cause clogged pores, while eye make-up can get into the eyes. Dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban says:

“Since your pores open up while sweating, you don’t want to block your skin’s ability to breathe by wearing heavy make-up.”

She advises to limit gym make-up to a simple lip balm to prevent your lips from dehydration.

DON’T be Afraid to Pick Bright Colours or Prints.

Dressing up in bright colours can make your workout more fun. Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange boost energy levels, while green and blue tones imply freshness.

The fearless can follow the unconventional trend to brighten their gym wear with printed leggings. Besides accentuating your legs, they are a fashion staple.


Men Gym Wear

DO Wear a Sleeveless Shirt:

It will give you freedom to move plus the ideal opportunity to show off your biceps and shoulders. Opt for neutral colours and discreet logos. Let your arms be your best accessory.

DO Wear Breathable Fabrics

When buying gym wear, choosing the right fabric is essential. Too warm materials may result in excessive precipitation, while rough fabrics can irritate your skin.

Stick to either natural fabrics such as cotton, polyester, Lycra or other synthetic material to keep your skin dry.

DO Invest in a Bag to Store your Gym Equipment

Besides its unarguable practicality, a trendy gym bag will keep you motivated to continue with your training. It gives you enough space to keep all of your sports gear and makes your trips to the fitness studio far more stylish.

No matter what sport you engage in, a quality sports bag is an A-must.

DON’T Wear Anything too Tight or too Loose.

Men Gym Wear BagWearing clothing that is too tight can hinder the free movement of your body and can irritate your skin, while too loose clothing may be uncomfortable and can get stuck in the machine.

Chose clothing which is exactly your size and that will not distract you during the workout.

DON’T Wear Normal Shoes to the Gym

Your regular trainers or shows are not designed to handle the huge pressure your feet endure during workout. They do not provide the support you need in the gym, which can lead to injuries.

Opt for shoes designed specifically for gym. Wearing the right shoe size is also essential.

DON’T Wear too Many Layers

Wearing layers or too warm materials may be tempting – they will make you sweat more and therefore you lose weight faster.

However, water sweating endangers your body of dehydration and the weight loss is only temporary. Instead, choose light and comfortable clothing that will give your skin space to breathe.

Having the right outfit in the gym is essential in order to improve your performance in the fitness studio. Inappropriate style choices can cause injuries and leave you feeling uncomfortable. You cannot go wrong if you stick to comfortable gym wear, light fabrics and neutral colours with bright accents.

Dilyana is an aspiring journalist from Bulgaria, who's passionate about fashion, literature, art and travelling. She is quirky and imaginative. Her motto is 'Always do what you are afraid to do.' (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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