Prashant Sawant talks Gym Training, Shahrukh Khan and Judwaa 2

DESIblitz exclusively caught up with ace celebrity trainer Prashant Sawant to discuss his journey on becoming India’s number one fitness trainer.

"He (Shahrukh Khan) also gave me a big responsibility of setting up a gym in his house."

Prashant Sawant is India’s finest gym trainer.

He has been working in the fitness for approximately two decades and has trained major Bollywood stars consisting of Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt – to name a few.

Recently, DESIblitz caught up with the 38-year-old fitness mogul on his trip in London. Prashant is here to train Varun for Judwaa 2.

Sawant has a great story to tell about his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned trainer, sculpting the bodies of many Bollywood celebrities.

Here is our exclusive gupshup with him!

Prashant, what inspired you to get into a career revolving gym and health?

I’ve been living my life being a fat kid. Being overweight, it’s always difficult to live your life.

When I was just two-years-old, I had an operation on my stomach and that’s how I put on weight. That inspires me.

Being a small town guy, I’ve always wanted to look good and be fit. I actually got into fitness to help my dad in the Merchant Navy and when I first started my career, it was to just earn money and help my family.

In that process, I got my body transformation and went to work as a trainer. I was always honest to my trainings and helping people around.

I established my gym ‘Body Sculptor’ 15-years-back  (in 2003) with my wife, Maya Pereira Sawant, who is multi-talented.

She’s a personal trainer, sports nutritionist and has also done hair-styling. In fact, Maya has started a new venture called ‘Lean Kitchen.’

She’s been very innovative with food and the brand was launched because people weren’t getting enough nutrients in their body and weren’t understanding foods properly. She’s been a strong support of mine.

Being a celebrity gym trainer, what are some of the challenges you face on a regular basis?

I’ve been very honest that I keep track of my work. I never get carried away and make sure that I deliver what needs to be achieved.

Being an ambitious guy, ups and downs are always a part of my career. I like to take challenges and face a difficult life. Maybe stress is my second name (laughs).

It seems like getting a six-pack and weight training has become a new craze in India. How have attitudes towards fitness changed?

Basically, the whole craze has starter because of Shahrukh Khan and me.

At the age of 40, when one usually feels that they can only work and just take care of your children. People think that they’ve become old.

However, at that age, SRK was a great example that anyone can have a good body, regardless of age.

It’s been an eventful journey and now a lot of people are coming to me because they want six packs and all. I know everything on how to get one!

Talking of celebrities, you’ve recently trained Varun Dhawan for Judwaa 2. How has your experience been with him so far?

“I met Varun five-years-ago and he’s like my younger brother. In terms of fitness, he maintains that discipline and understands.”

I was just telling his mother of how some people need to be controlled and some need to be pushed. Varun needs to be controlled.

He’s got high energy, especially with every shot he delivers. Even after 16 hours of shooting, we come back to the hotel and train.

I have to juggle between his training, stretching and to maintain his fantastic body.

p with v

What are the action sequences in Judwaa 2 like?

The action scenes you’ll see, are very realistic. It’s going to be another masala movie.

People still haven’t forgotten the first Judwaa and Varun is looing great. I think he’ll do justice to Salman Khan’s role.

You also seem to get along well with Shahrukh Khan. How has it been like to train him?

It’s been an experience. He knows how to respect people and how to actually take care of you.

At the age of 17, he took me as a trainer and put so much trust in me, so that became a turning point in my life.

He was that one person who gave me confidence. He (Shahrukh Khan) also gave me a big responsibility of setting up a gym in his house. We sat with an architect and planned it out!

Srk and prashant 2

What sort of workouts do celebrities undergo?

There’s no difference between the workouts each of my celebrity clients do.

It’s all about strategy and planning, which I do in my mind. I need to change their lifestyle and the way they are trained. I need to become a regime for them and understand their lifestyle; sometimes I make changes and sometimes I let go.

When it comes to eating habits, eating one cheat meal is not going to make them fat. It’s only when you eat unhealthy foods over time, it becomes fat.

So, what’s next for Prashant Sawant?

I’ve written a book called ‘Reborn’ which will be launched this year. I’m also doing a lot of online training, which is being taken on a national level.

I’ll be travelling to a lot of Asian countries and hold some workshops to reach ordinary people as well as celebrities I don’t have a great knowledge but I want to share it with people.

I want to start my own training academy, so I’d like to educate people. In fact, I want to take trainers from here (London) to India and make our team better.

I just want to make the fitness better in India.

DESIblitz wishes Prashant all the very best for his visions and ventures!

Follow his journey on Twitter here.

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Images courtesy of Buzz: I Love India, Bollywood Hungama, Kinky Little Boots, India Today and Prashant Sawant's Facebook Profile

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