Video of Indian Groom Touching Bride’s Feet goes Viral

A video depicting an Indian groom touching his bride’s feet went viral on X and has received mixed reactions.

Video of Indian Groom Touching Bride's feet Goes Viral - f

"It symbolises mutual respect and love."

A video of an Indian groom touching his bride’s feet has been circulating online, garnering a mixed response.

Within Indian culture, the act of touching one’s feet is a sign of seeking blessings from people. This is usually done by younger people to their elders.

However, it is also customary for wives to touch their husbands’ feet as a mark of respect.

In the video shared on X, people at the wedding and viewers alike were surprised when the Indian groom touched the bride’s feet.

The clip began by showing the bride bowing down to her new husband, as is the custom.

But after blessing his bride, the groom showed her the same act of respect.

While many were impressed by this seemingly humble gesture, one viewer expressed disdain at the video.

Sharing the clip, they posted: “Grooms are touching feet of their brides in weddings now-a-days!

“What is this f***ed up feminism trend!

“I want my man to be superior than me, bigger than me, stronger than me, best version and just love and respect me!

“I never want a superior man to touch my feet!”

One user echoed this sentiment and commented:

“Agree. My husband didn’t get down on one knee.

“He said, ‘I’m going to marry you’. I knew then I had a warrior, not a beta simp… but a king.

“And I am happy to be his queen.”

On the other hand, some users praised the groom.

They opined that the Indian groom had done a good thing by touching his wife’s feet.

One viewer argued: “It’s not feminism, lady, it’s man considering woman equal.

“My great love and respect for the man, for showing symbolic gender equality in full view.

“Your views accepting women as a powerless secondary, in 2024, are dangerously frightening.

“That retrograde approach is where all social injustice originates and consolidates over centuries.

“Time to break it all now.”

In a lengthy tweet, one user was inspired by the video and wished the couple endless happiness. They wrote:

“In the evolving landscape of marriage rituals, it’s inspiring to see grooms embracing gestures like touching their bride’s feet.

“It symbolises mutual respect and love, not dominance.

“In navigating this journey together, remember: communication, mutual support, and partnership are key to a successful marriage.

“Embrace each other’s strengths, uplift one another, and cherish the bond you share.

“Here’s to love, respect, and a lifetime of happiness together!”

Meanwhile, one user appreciated how the guests at the wedding cheered when the groom bent down in front of the bride:

“Notice how no one stopped him but cheered him instead.

“Yeah! That’s exactly how it should be.

“This is exactly how every wedding should be. Equal respect is equally valued. God bless you both.”

In a time when empowering gender equality is prominent like never before, it indeed seems like a step forward to see the Indian groom reciprocating his wife’s respectful gesture.

Manav is a creative writing graduate and a die-hard optimist. His passions include reading, writing and helping others. His motto is: “Never hang on to your sorrows. Always be positive."

Images courtesy of X.

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