10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression

Here are 10 Indian celebrities who have bravely shared their battles with postpartum depression, breaking the silence.

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - F

"You are breastfeeding and tired all the time."

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a significant mental health issue that affects countless new mothers worldwide.

Despite its prevalence, the condition often remains shrouded in stigma and misunderstanding.

In India, where societal expectations and cultural norms place immense pressure on women, the struggle with PPD can be particularly challenging.

A 2018 study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that 22% of new mothers in India suffer from postpartum depression, highlighting the need for awareness and support.

In recent years, several Indian celebrities have courageously shared their battles with PPD, breaking the silence and encouraging others to seek help.

By opening up about their experiences, these figures are helping to dismantle the stigma surrounding postpartum depression and promoting a more supportive environment for new mothers.

What is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is a complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioural changes that occur in some women after giving birth.

It is a form of major depression that begins within four weeks after delivery.

Symptoms can include extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, irritability, changes in sleeping or eating patterns, crying episodes, and difficulty bonding with the baby.

In many cultures, including India, there is a significant stigma attached to mental health issues, and postpartum depression is no exception.

New mothers are often expected to be joyful and grateful, making it difficult for those experiencing PPD to speak out.

This silence can lead to feelings of isolation and exacerbate the condition.

By sharing their stories, celebrities can play a crucial role in normalising the conversation around PPD and encouraging others to seek help.

Sameera Reddy

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 1Sameera Reddy has been vocal about her struggle with postpartum depression following the birth of her children.

She has shared candidly about her experiences with anxiety, body image issues, and the overwhelming feelings that accompanied her journey into motherhood.

Sameera’s openness has helped to shed light on the reality of PPD and the importance of mental health care.

In an Instagram post shared in March 2022, Sameera wrote:

“I questioned myself so many times if I should have a second baby.

“I was a complete wreck after my firstborn. PPD hit me like a brick.

“I lost control of my body and my self-worth. And it took a toll on my marriage because I had no clue how to handle it.

“I had a rock of a husband, amazing in-laws and my family that never let my hand go through it all and that really helped.”

Esha Deol

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 2Esha Deol, another prominent Bollywood actress, has also spoken about her challenges with postpartum depression.

She emphasised the importance of family support and counselling in overcoming PPD.

Esha’s story highlights the crucial role that a supportive environment can play in the recovery process.

While promoting her book Amma Mia, Esha revealed in an interview that she suffered from postpartum depression after her second daughter was born:

“When I had Radhya, there was no postpartum depression, nothing.

“People used to look at me and ask ‘Tu theek hai na?’ And I used to wonder why are they asking like this, I mean yeah main theek hoon.

“But after my second delivery, I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t experience it so I didn’t know.

“And right after delivery, I didn’t know what was going on as I was in a room filled with people and suddenly, I felt like crying.

“I sat quietly and very dull, low. And I have given birth to a beautiful baby girl again and it’s a very happy moment in my life and I didn’t know what’s going on.”

Sonam Kapoor

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 3While Sonam Kapoor is more known for her candid takes on various social issues, she has also touched upon the topic of mental health in her public appearances.

Her discussions about PPD emphasise the need for societal change in how we perceive and handle mental health issues.

In an Instagram post shared in January 2024, Sonam shared:

“It’s taken me 16 months to feel like myself again.

“Slowly steadily without any crash diets and workouts just consistent self-care and baby care.

“I’m not there yet but almost where I want to be… still very, very grateful for my body and how incredible it has been. Being a woman is a wondrous thing.”

Soha Ali Khan

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 4Soha Ali Khan has opened up about her emotional struggles post-delivery, including her experiences with postpartum depression.

She has used her platform to encourage new mothers to prioritise their mental health and seek professional help when needed.

In a conversation with Filmfare, Soha revealed:

“A new mother goes through ups and downs, you get blues, you get depressed, you feel bad as everyone is going out to party and you’ve got to be at home.

“You can’t do certain things. I tried to remain balanced about it.

“But I’ve had breakdowns in the early weeks.”

Mandira Bedi

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 5Mandira Bedi’s journey with postpartum depression is another powerful example.

She has shared how she dealt with the condition and the steps she took towards recovery, including therapy and a robust support system.

In 2011, in a conversation with The Times of India, Mandira revealed:

“I went through postpartum depression, known as the baby blues!”

“For one month after my son Vir’s birth, I didn’t know what had hit although my mother was with me, helping me out.

“My husband has been most wonderful during this tough phase when I was waking and sleeping at the baby’s whim.

“I had been reading a lot about it, and I knew that it was perfectly normal and a lot of women faced it before me.

“So, I kept telling myself that it will pass, and now thankfully, it is all behind me.”

Shilpa Shetty

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 6Shilpa Shetty, known for her wellness and fitness advocacy, has also spoken about the emotional lows she experienced after childbirth.

Her focus on the importance of a holistic approach to health, including mental well-being, resonates with many new mothers.

In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Shilpa Shetty shared:

“At 45, to have a newborn takes guts.

“The first time around, you are breastfeeding and tired all the time. You feel like a cow.

“I also went through postpartum depression though I bounced out of it in about two weeks.”

Deepika Singh

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 7Television actress Deepika Singh has been open about her struggle with postpartum depression.

She has highlighted the importance of recognising the symptoms early and seeking timely help, thereby preventing the condition from worsening.

In an Instagram post shared in December 2027, Deepika wrote:

“Everything comes back. That my Guruji Sanatan Chakarvarty told me during my postpartum days when I was suffering from low energy levels, sore back, low self-esteem, and furious about how to take care of the baby and myself and how to be regular for a workout.

“But this line gave me a huge motivation, maybe to you as well.”

Alia Bhatt

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 8Although relatively new to motherhood, Alia Bhatt has already made significant contributions to the conversation around postpartum depression.

By sharing her experiences, she aims to normalise discussions about mental health among young mothers.

In December 2022, the Bollywood actress posted a picture of herself doing a yogic inversion providing a detailed explanation of her postpartum journey.

The caption read: “Take your time – appreciate what your body has done.

“After what my body did this year I have taken a vow to never be hard on myself again.

“Childbirth is a miracle in every way, and giving your body that love and support that it gave you is the least we can do. P.S. – everybody is different.”

Ileana D’Cruz

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 9Ileana D’Cruz has also faced postpartum depression and has been open about her journey towards mental wellness.

Her story is a testament to the power of speaking out and seeking support.

In March 2024, Ileana shared a detailed note with her Instagram followers:

“Between being a full-time mama and keeping house, I don’t seem to find time for myself.

“Truth is it’s been incredibly tough some days. Being sleep-deprived doesn’t help lol.

“We just don’t talk about postpartum depression enough. It’s very real. And it’s an incredibly alienating feeling.

“And I’m trying every day to work on making some time to get myself feeling better.

“A 30-minute workout and 5-minute shower post that works wonders really. But sometimes I can’t manage that.

“I just haven’t been one of those moms who’ve “bounced back” immediately.

“I’m being kinder to myself and my body and getting to a stronger healthy me at my own pace.”

Mira Rajput

10 Indian Celebs Who Bravely Faced Postpartum Depression - 10Mira Rajput, wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, has discussed her experiences with postpartum depression in several interviews.

She has emphasised the need for mental health awareness and support for new mothers.

During an interview with Zoom, Mira said that getting Shahid’s support was very important to her.

Mira said: “Your partner’s support is really important in every step and that helped me stay very calm and happy.

“Pregnancy is a beautiful journey you embark on with your partner and one should embrace it and never shy away from the same.

“I was only able to do this with complete support from both Shahid and my family.”

The brave stories of these Indian celebrities serve as a beacon of hope for many new mothers grappling with postpartum depression.

Their willingness to share their struggles helps to break down the stigma and encourages others to seek the help they need.

As society becomes more aware and supportive of mental health issues, it is crucial to continue these conversations and ensure that no mother feels alone in her journey.

The prevalence of postpartum depression, as highlighted by the WHO study, underscores the need for continued advocacy, education, and support systems.

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