10 Hairstyles for Men for Winter

Men, are you wondering which hairstyles to opt for this winter? DESIblitz brings you 10 trendy and versatile hairstyles to try out!

10 Hairstyles for Men for Winter

It enables that ‘trim, fresh from the barber look’, making you look groomed and sophisticated

From man buns to undercuts to ponytails, men’s hairstyles are just as variable as women’s.

But which style to choose for winter?

Short hairstyles are less of a hassle to keep, while longer hairstyles require more maintenance and care.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but once you know your length, you can find a design that will accommodate you.

And the possibilities really are endless. So, here are DESIblitz’s 10 must try winter hairstyles for men.

1. Fringe

10 Hairstyles for Men for Winter

Also known as the man fringe, this hairstyle can be low to some maintenance, depending on the particular fringe you go for.

The main style of fringe currently in is the ‘Angular Fringe’.

This style became prominent amongst male models in 2014 and caught on as a popular trend in 2015.

It works by tapering the sides to your preferred length, and keeping the top layer long and cut at an angle.

This look is best suited for men with more a round face but works with all face shapes.

Fringes are good for guys with long faces or high foreheads, as they make the face appear more in proportion.

2. Sweep Back

The Sweep Back Style

The success of this hairstyle depends on layering.

The sweep back works with having your hair cut at different angles and then to your head.

Mandy, a hairstylist based in Birmingham, explains:

“When hair is cut at different angles it sits at different points rather than staying in the same place, very effective for layering purposes.”

The best results come from having the hair around the ears and the neck cut two inches shorter.

The sweep back style can make you look both sophisticated and sexy, and there are a lot of various sweep back styles to try, especially when the length is longer.

3. Messy Waves 

Messy Waves

In the past, the only way to control messy hair was to keep it short. But recently men with natural curly or wavy hair are growing it out.

Faisal, an Asian barber, comments: “A lot of my customers are Arab and they have naturally curly hair, they just get the sides shaved and keep their natural curly length on the top.”

Curly hair, when styled correctly, can make your hair look fuller and healthier. And with natural curls comes the options of various styling choices.

A very natural looking hairstyle, messy waves are less of a hassle to maintain with shaved sides.

4. Afro Styles

Afro Style Hair

Asians with natural frizzy hair can let their hair grow out to have it longer on the top and make it look like an afro.

With shaved sides, the hair at the top will become the centre of attention.

However, it requires a lot of maintenance and constant care, and can be costly to keep up.

This style has a natural look and softness while maintaining a sense of structure and definition.

It is adaptable too, and can work with longer or shorter lengths depending on what technique you opt for.

5. Fade 

Fade Style

Very popular amongst Asian guys, this style allows the illusion of fading hair when trimmed and cut professionally.

Hamza says: “I love the fading, because it makes your hair look fresh and it keeps you from having completely shaved sides, which the 0 blade can give you.”

It enables that ‘trim, fresh from the barber look’, making you look groomed and sophisticated.

The amount fading depends on the hair that is shaved close to the head. It’s something men can now do from the comfort of their own home if the right technique is mastered.

Fading works for many different hair textures and can even help hide a receding hairline or thinning hair much better than the more obvious comb-over can.

6. The Smooth and Simple Side Part 

Side Part

The side part is perfect for professional environments, as it embodies class and power but still oozes a hint of wildness.

The style works well with a fade, allowing you to get a ‘two in one’ style.

The side part works for just about any hair type. If your hair is wavy or curly, work in a bit of your favourite styling spray to get full volume and keep your part stern and in place.

7. Undercut

Undercut style

This trendy hairstyle offers men the chance to feel empowered because of its military feel.

This style gives you the chance to do your hair up or down, for those days when you don’t feel like making the effort.

The hair is cut short on the back and sides and left longer on the top.

There is no blending like with the fade; instead, the undercut has a prominent line outlining the upper and lower hair.

The top hair can grow long and be tied back or tucked into a neat man bun, slicked to the side or back, or teased into a pompadour style for a more retro feel.

If your hair is wavy, you can have layers cut or razored into the longer top, and then tousled with volumiser for a sexy bedhead look.

8. Quiff

Quiff Style

Quiffs are just about flattering for any man, since it combines modern flare and retro vibes, which radiate style and sensuality.

Nasira, a Birmingham student, says: “I think quiffs are sexy – but not if they are too high in the air, nobody likes a Jedward wannabe.”

If you are feeling more adventurous, try the hybrid version of the quiff which entails a mix of both pompadour and a flat top.

Otherwise, let your hair dry naturally to give it a feel of messy unstructured look that is almost effortless.

9. Short Back and Sides

Short Back and Sides

This is the most trendy haircut amongst Asians, mainly due to the low maintenance and edgy versions of it.

A short back and sides allow men to add their own unique design to the longer hair length at the top.

The hairstyle sweeps over the head and creates a dynamic wave like feel to the hair.

Maintenance is easy because once the sides and back regrow, they can simply be trimmed to appropriate length.

10. Bun Twist 

Hair Bun Styles

This hairstyle is for men who don’t need a clip on man bun and have naturally long hair. It can also work for men who don’t have a long mane but can put their hair in a ponytail.

The look sees two different styles mixed together. Both the top and bottom sections are divided and twisted very closely.

The sections are joined together into a low ponytail, and twirled into an untidy knot. It gives off a chilled out vibe but also looks very stylish.

Even the ladies are now getting used to man buns, as Somia explains: “I like man buns but it has to be matched with facial hair or a beard.”

There are a lot of variations when it comes to bun styles and long hair, but this is the most fun for winter.

Whichever of these hairstyles you decide to go for from our list, make sure it suits your own style, personality and evokes charm and sophistication.

Talha is a Media Student who is Desi at heart. He loves films and all things Bollywood. He has a passion for writing, reading and occasionally dancing at Desi weddings. His life motto is: “Live for today, strive for tomorrow.”

Images courtesy of Arjun Kapoor Instagram, Dabboo Ratnani, and Fashionbeans website.

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