Why is ‘Fairy Tale’ so Popular among Women?

Pakistani TV drama ‘Fairy Tale’ was praised by audiences, especially women. But why is the show so popular?

Why is 'Fairy Tale' so Popular among Women f

"the perfectly timed background music. It’s all so good.”

Season one of the drama serial Fairy Tale proved hugely popular with its audience so much so that it was commissioned for a second series, which is due to hit our television screens on August 5, 2023.

The drama was well received by a young audience, especially women, due to the quirky love story of lead characters Farjaad and Umeed.

But what exactly was it that made this drama so popular?

One fan commented: “They really want to make a good love story, one you can aspire to have.

“Something which is not toxic, something which does not challenge your sensibilities.”

Another said: “The romance and falling in love is so subtle and still it hits you so hard.

“The way you go on this journey with Farjaad and Umeed, the little nuance, the perfectly timed background music. It’s all so good.”

One individual said she liked the drama because she felt it brought out her inner child, whilst another stated it was because it took her back to when she began her relationship with her now husband.

Fairy Tale is a world apart from other current shows.

The lighthearted romantic comedy was a breath of fresh air that we all needed.

Needless to say, there is eager anticipation for the latest season to start and an expectation for the second season to be as good as the first, or even better.

The serial has been compared to the likes of classic favourites Dhoop Kinarey and Tanhaiyaan.

Both dramas, which starred Marina Khan, were a mix of romance and seriousness, with a splash of subtle comedy, and the dramas were well received by their audience.

Fairy Tale stars Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail as Umeed and Farjaad, respectively. Both actors were praised for their roles.

Sehar was especially appreciated for her role, as fans believed she effortlessly highlighted the struggles and experiences of a young girl in a society usually dominated by men.

One such scene in which we see Umeed flying alone to Islamabad and another where she climbs a hill were applauded.

Speaking about Umeed, one fan said:

“Umeed is the most unapologetic woman I’ve seen being played out on TV screens, and it wouldn’t have been possible to endear her to us if not for Sehar’s performance.

“Sehar’s energy as Umeed is infectious, it’s impossible to dislike her once you see her in her element.”

Hamza Sohail has also been praised for his role of Farjaad.

One person said: “It was a breath of fresh air to see a male protagonist who rarely gets angry, has a good heart and respects women.

“Farjaad is grumpy, he is moody. But whilst being those things, he is also respectful and caring. He has a good heart.

“He doesn’t show his rage through violence. Grumpy guys don’t have to intimidate their female leads. He knows how to smile.

“The fact that she [Sehar] had to teach him how to respect her was honestly so refreshing.”

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