Sarees – a Fairy Tale Saga

Sarees are one of the most stylish and authentic forms of attire. From being worn at formal occasions to every-day clothing, we look at the fairy tale saga of the Saree.

Sarees date back to as far as the Indus valley civilization

The epitome of female sensuality is aesthetically portrayed by the 6-yard dress – the Saree (sometimes spelt as Sari or Shari). Perhaps it is one thing that has been changing as rapidly as the humankind has.

Sarees date back to as far as the Indus valley civilization. In a way, they can thus be seen as the symbol of civilization. Their mention in the Vedas itself shows their timelessness. Thus, Sarees are an evergreen style statement.

The beauty and mystery of Sarees lies in the great variety of colours and ways it is draped in different cities. Whether it is Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Manipur, each distinctly portray the beauty of this dress.

Designer SareeKanjeevaram from South India, Baluchari from Bengal, Banaras Brocade from Benares, Patola and Gujarati Brocade from Gujarat or the Bandhani… the list is endless. Not only this, you can team this up with a variety of colours and materials – Cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe, embroidered. Phew! One can go on and on about them.

A very important essence of the Saree is the blouse as well. From Bandhini and printed to the new age backless blouses and corsets, the blouses can be exploited to suit any look – whether it is traditional, cosmopolitan or a hot sexy look.

Interestingly, Sarees are a hit with the West too. Their enthusiasm of wearing and admiring this timeless and beautiful dress shows it all.

On a wider scale, Sarees are a symbol of unity and nationalism. Different people may wear them differently, yet it is the Saree, which binds us all and gives us a distinct identity. It has withstood civilizations and generations but no one can match the mystery and beauty of the Sarees. The Saree is the symbol of glory, uniqueness and female charm – let us respect and preserve it.

To praise this wonderful attire, DESIblitz brings you a delightful gallery of Saree pictures.

Based in Punjab, India, Ivneet likes to share the cross-cultural changes taking place in India as compared to the West. She enjoys reading and selectively writes about particular aspects of Indian life as seen and experienced by her.

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