The Marriage of East and West

Fusion styles of mixing fashion from the West and East has become a key aspect of the British Asian fashion scene. Designers are always finding new ways to reflect the marriage of the West and East especially in wedding clothes.

introducing a diverse mixture of alternative styles

Mixed marriages, fusion cooking, hybrid cultures are all things being experienced today by British Asians. One major area where the exchange of these ideas is taking place is in fashion. Especially, for Asian weddings.

Since the demand is there, designs are being created for Asian brides who are opting for wedding dresses and gowns instead of the traditional look such as the bridal lehnga. These dresses are in some cases are of pure Western designs with others that have hints of ethnicity to them to distinguish them for an South Asian market.

Whilst, sheer ethnic designs reproduce a variety of looks and styles, including those from from rajneeti times, influenced by Bollywood films such as Jodhaa Akbar. A combination of fine fabrics, intricate embroidery with unique cuts and styles, providing elegance and a rich use of colours with jewellery that matches.

Specific designers of wedding, party and special occasion fashion are now focusing on this marriage of East and West.

Designers are introducing a diverse mixture of alternative styles, crossing geographical and cultural boundaries, blending contemporary with traditional and experimenting with different fabrics.

Hence, indicating that the choice for wedding outfits and what to wear on that special day is much greater than it was ever before. Throwing would-be brides into many dilemmas and spoiling them for choice!

During the peak British Asian wedding season from about May until September, fashion houses and boutiques in the UK like to promote what is the latest craze from India and Pakistan with the view to attract seasonal customers. Something that is increasing in popularity every year.

Another trend is that many would-be brides also travel especially to India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to buy wedding outfits and jewellery. Some get outfits specially designed and created as one-offs by suppliers abroad and in the UK where limited editions are on offer.

So, to give you a glimpse of the Asian wedding fashion scene, DESIblitz has compiled two videos of designs by Nisha and Kareena from the UK, as presented at the Asian Bridal Fayre held at the Edgbaston Cricket ground in the UK.

Nisha Designs


Kareena Couture


The videos show the spectrum of designs being produced for British Asian wedding outfits and without doubt these will develop into further fusion and acceptance of marrying the East with the West.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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