Who are Rishi Sunak’s Parents?

A lot is known about Rishi Sunak’s wealthy in-laws but not much is known about his own parents. We find out who they are.

Who are Rishi Sunak's Parents f

Usha is a pharmacist and she married Yashvir in 1977 in Leicester.

Rishi Sunak has a rich and interesting family history. But not much is known about his side of the family.

His wife Akshata Murty and his in-laws are very much in the public eye due to their sheer wealth.

Rishi’s father-in-law is NR Narayana Murthy, the co-founder and retired chairman of Indian tech giant Infosys, whose net worth is estimated to be £3.9 billion.

When it comes to Rishi Sunak’s family, it reveals an interesting tale of immigration and cultural exchange, set against the backdrop of British colonialism in Asia and Africa.

From government administration to healthcare, Rishi Sunak was the first in his family to enter politics.

Who are Rishi Sunak's Parents

Rishi Sunak was born in May 1980 in Southampton to Usha Berry and Yashvir Sunak, who are Southeast African-born Hindus.

Usha is a pharmacist and she married Yashvir in 1977 in Leicester.

Yashvir also has a medical background, having worked as a GP after studying medicine at the University of Liverpool.

They later moved to Southampton, where Rishi and his siblings were born.

Usha was born to Sraksha and Raghubir Sain Berry in Tanganyika, a former British territory located in present-day Tanzania.

Rishi Sunak’s grandfather Raghubir was born in Punjab but moved to Tanganyika to work as a railway engineer aged 22.

After migrating, he married the Tanganyika-born Sraksha in an arranged marriage when she was 16.

In 1966, Sraksha moved to the UK, reportedly selling her wedding jewellery to fund the move.

Raghubir followed her to Britain soon after, and the couple settled in Leicester.

After moving to the UK, Raghubir worked as a tax collector for the Department of Inland Revenue. His work was recognised and in 1988, he was honoured with an MBE.

But Raghubir almost missed his chance to collect the honour at Buckingham Palace due to the hectic London traffic.

In addition to his successful career, Rishi’s maternal grandfather was an upstanding member of his local community.

He was the president of the Hindu Religious and Cultural Society.

Despite moving to England, he clearly remained committed to his Hindu and Punjabi culture.

Rishi Sunak’s paternal side features a similar story of migration.

Like his wife Usha, Yashvir was born to Punjabi parents living in East Africa.

He was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1949, to Ramdas and Suhag Rani Sunak. Like Tanganyika, Kenya was under British colonial control at this time.

Yashvir’s parents moved to Nairobi in the mid-1930s from Gujranwala, which is in present-day Pakistan.

Ramdas was an accountant but went on to become an administrative officer for the Kenyan colonial government.

Who are Rishi Sunak's Parents 2

Over 50 years later, his grandson Rishi went on to work for Goldman Sachs and even started his own hedge fund firm.

Ramdas, his wife Suhag Rani and their six children moved to Liverpool in 1966.

Throughout his political career, Rishi Sunak has proudly embraced his British Indian heritage.

In 2015, he said: “I am thoroughly British. This is my home and my country, but my religious and cultural heritage is Indian. My wife is Indian. I am open about being a Hindu.”

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