How Wealthy are Rishi Sunak & Akshata Murthy?

Rishi Sunak has become Prime Minister and is one of the richest but how wealthy are he and his wife Akshata Murthy?

How Wealthy are Rishi Sunak & Akshata Murthy f

he and his wife have their own personal array of assets.

Rishi Sunak has been officially appointed Prime Minister following a meeting with King Charles III.

Not only is he the youngest and first British-Indian PM, but he is also one of the richest, largely thanks to the fortune held by his wife Akshata Murthy.

She is the daughter of NR Narayana Murthy, the co-founder and retired chairman of Indian tech giant Infosys, whose net worth is estimated to be £3.9 billion.

Akshata has a 0.93% stake in the company, giving her a net worth of £630 million.

It is estimated that the couple is worth £716 million.

As the new PM, Mr Sunak will move into 10 Downing Street. He will also have access to Chequers, the sitting prime minister’s 16th-century countryside retreat in Buckinghamshire.

But he and his wife have their own personal array of assets.

They own four homes in the UK and in California, worth approximately £16.1 million. But their largest property is Manor House, a 19th-century mansion in North Yorkshire, which they bought in July 2015 for £2 million.

The couple is spending £397,000 to install a leisure centre, with a 40-foot swimming pool, a gym and an outdoor tennis court.

In London, their main residence is a four-bedroom terraced house in Kensington, purchased for £6.2 million.

Sunak also owns an apartment in South Kensington, which he bought for £265,000 in September 2001.

In California, they reportedly own an oceanfront penthouse in Santa Monica, valued at £6.6 million.

Akshata Murthy owns the most assets. In addition to her Infosys stake, she owns Catamaran Ventures UK, the British branch of her father’s venture capital and private equity firm.

She has also invested in India through a Mauritius-based company.

She holds a 5% stake in International Market Management, a British firm that owns 100% of Mauritius-based Immassociates Mauritius.

Immassociates Mauritius holds 50% of Sierra Nevada Restaurants, an Indian firm that runs four Wendy’s locations in New Delhi, plus 100% of Dolomite Restaurants, which owns 11 Indian franchises of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chains.

Although he is not as wealthy as his wife, Rishi Sunak worked in finance for over 10 years before entering politics.

He studied at Oxford University before working at Goldman Sachs for three years.

After earning an MBA from Stanford in 2006, he then became a partner at London-based hedge fund The Children’s Investment Fund (TCIF), founded and run by billionaire Chris Hohn.

Mr Sunak left TCIF in 2009 to join Theleme Partners, a fund set up by former TCIF co-founder Patrick Degorce.

Mr Sunak owned less than 5% of the firm, which had £1.9 billion in assets under management according to the last available disclosure form filed in February 2013.

In 2013, he left Theleme to launch Catamaran Ventures UK with his wife.

It’s unclear how much Sunak earned in finance, but his new job as Prime Minister comes with a sizable pay increase.

He will now earn more than £163,000 a year, nearly double his £84,000 wage as a member of parliament.

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