How has Akshata Murthy influenced Rishi Sunak’s Rise to Power?

Sudha Murthy suggested that her daughter played a role in Rishi Sunak’s success. But how has Akshata Murthy influenced her husband?

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Sudha Murthy also spoke about her family's tradition

Sudha Murthy, the mother-in-law of Rishi Sunak, has made headlines for her comments where she suggested that her daughter, Akshata Murthy, played a key role in her husband’s success as Prime Minister.

Sudha Murthy’s statement emphasised the power of a wife’s influence on her husband’s life, as she spoke about her own experience in making her husband a successful businessman, and her daughter’s success in making her husband a Prime Minister.

Rishi Sunak married Akshata Murthy in 2009 and has rapidly risen in British politics.

Ultimately, he became the youngest Prime Minister in modern UK history at the age of 42.

Akshata is the daughter of NR Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys and one of the wealthiest people in the world.

With an estimated personal fortune of around £730 million, Akshata’s influence on her husband’s life is evident.

In the viral video, Sudha Murthy also spoke about her family’s tradition of fasting every Thursday, which her son-in-law has embraced.

She explained how her daughter and son-in-law follow religious practices and that Rishi Sunak fasts on Thursdays as part of this tradition.

This highlights how traditions and practices passed down through families can continue to influence and shape the lives of their descendants.

Sudha Murthy’s comments have sparked debate on social media, with some questioning the role of Akshata in Rishi Sunak’s political success.

However, many have also praised the couple’s strong relationship and Akshata’s positive influence on her husband’s life.

This highlights the power of a supportive partner in helping their significant other achieve their goals.

Furthermore, Sudha Murthy’s comments also highlight the power of women and their ability to guide and influence their partner’s lives, ultimately leading to mutual success.

This is an important message, especially in a world where gender inequality still exists, and women’s contributions to their partner’s success are often overlooked or undervalued.

While some may argue that a person’s success should be solely attributed to their own hard work and merit, the reality is that no one achieves success entirely on their own.

Everyone has someone who has influenced and supported them along the way.

For Rishi Sunak, it appears that Akshata Murthy has played a significant role in his success.

Ultimately, it is important to recognise and appreciate the contributions of those who have helped us along the way, regardless of their gender or relationship to us.

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