AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

DESIblitz have collated AI images of the coronation of Charles III to see how the day may pan out – with some surprising results.

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

The coronation had been planned for years

The coronation of Charles III and Camilla, as King and Queen of the UK and Commonwealth realms, will take place on May 6, 2023, at Westminster Abbey.

The celebrations will end on May 8, 2023, with a national bank holiday and a final chance for the public to celebrate this historical moment.

Charles III became the King of the UK and other Commonwealth realms immediately following the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, on September 8, 2022.

He was proclaimed King on September 10, 2022.

Whilst millions are aware of how the coronation will go, AI has imagined a few different scenarios on how the day may pan out.

Multiple artists have used the tool Midjourney to see what AI makes of this monumental occasion – with some surprising results.

Whilst some images are clearly AI-generated and have a few errors, they emphasise the increasing power AI has.

It also hints at how important these tools could become to predict future events.

The following images were created by AI artist David Lloyd-Jones and show a realistic outcome of how the proceedings will go.

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

Members of The British Royal Family will be at the ceremony, how many of these can you guess?

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

Millions of people will be watching the historical moment on TV.

Here we see people in awe at the pub and how the journey of the King to and from Buckingham Palace will be witnessed by thousands in attendance.

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

Twitter user @EweOughttaKnow created a couple of interesting images that show Charles III getting down and groovy at an afterparty.

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

Will the new King be dancing the evening away in a shiny purple suit? Perhaps not, but it’s still hilarious to see.

Controversial Moments?

The Jasper AI Whisperer from Medium has created some AI images which show a whole different outlook on the coronation.

Whilst it’s confirmed that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, won’t be attending the celebration, Midjourney has imagined she would attend and astonishingly be crowned Queen instead.

The coronation coincides with Meghan and Prince Harry’s firstborn son’s birthday. But, one image even shows her being crowned by Charles III himself.

Of course, this outcome is impossible. But, it’s still interesting to see how Meghan would look as Queen, given all the controversy surrounding her and The Royal Family.

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

The Jasper AI Whisperer has also created images that show an embrace between Prince Harry and Prince William.

It’s no surprise that the pair had a public fallout and have only been seen together during Queen Elizabeth’s II funeral.

But, these realistic photos show the pair hugging and talking as if nothing has happened.

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

Whilst the images are AI-generated, their public affection could still happen, given that their father is being crowned King.

King Charles III Coronation: A Breakdown

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

This ceremony will be shorter and more inclusive than previous coronations, with a focus on representing multiple faiths and cultures.

The service will begin with Charles’s anointing, followed by his crowning and enthronement, while Camilla’s coronation will be simpler.

Following the ceremony, The Royal Family will travel to Buckingham Palace for a state procession and balcony appearance.

Public ceremonies and celebrations are planned in several countries, including a Coronation Big Lunch and concert in the UK, and a community service initiative called the Big Help Out.

Both the coronation and concert will be televised and streamed online.

This will be the first British coronation of the 21st century and the 40th at Westminster Abbey since 1066.

The coronation had been planned for years under the code name Operation Golden Orb, due to Queen Elizabeth’s advanced age.

Representatives of the government, the Church of England, and staff for Charles attended planning meetings for Operation Golden Orb at least once a year during Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

The Stages of the Coronation

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

Stage One: The Recognition

As per tradition dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, King Charles will be presented to “the people”.

Standing beside the Coronation Chair, which is over 700 years old, the King will turn towards each of the four sides of the abbey to be proclaimed as the “undoubted King”.

After this, the congregation will be asked to pledge their homage and service.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will make the first declaration.

However, in a departure from tradition, the subsequent declarations will be made by the Lady of the Garter and the Lady of the Thistle.

These two individuals represent the oldest orders of chivalry in England and Scotland, respectively. Additionally, a George Cross holder from the armed forces will also make a declaration.

At each recognition, the congregation will shout “God Save the King!” and trumpets will sound.

Stage Two: The Oath

Shortly before taking the oath, the Archbishop of Canterbury will recognise the various faiths practiced in the UK, affirming that the Church of England will strive to create inclusivity.

Following this, the archbishop will administer the Coronation Oath, which is a mandatory requirement.

King Charles will be asked to pledge that he will uphold the law and the Church of England throughout his reign.

Placing his hand on the Holy Gospel, the King will vow to “perform and keep” these promises.

In addition to the Coronation Oath, King Charles will take a second oath, known as the Accession Declaration Oath.

This oath will declare his allegiance as a “faithful Protestant”.

Stage Three: The Anointing

After the removal of the King’s ceremonial robe, he will be seated in the Coronation Chair, emphasising the spiritual role of the monarch who is also the head of the Church of England.

The Archbishop will pour special oil from a gold flask called the Ampulla, which was originally created for the coronation of Charles II but is shaped in reference to an earlier version.

According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Thomas a Becket in the 12th century and gave him a golden eagle from which future kings of England would be anointed.

The oil will be poured onto the Coronation Spoon before the Archbishop anoints the King in the form of a cross on his head, breast, and hands.

The Coronation Spoon is much older than the Ampulla and has survived various historical events, including Oliver Cromwell’s destruction of the regalia after the English Civil War.

Stage Four: The Investiture

The crowning moment, which occurs when the King dons St Edward’s Crown, is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The crown is named after a much earlier version that was created for the Anglo-Saxon king and saint, Edward the Confessor.

It is said to have been used during coronations after 1220 until Oliver Cromwell ordered its destruction by melting it down.

St Edward’s Crown was created specifically for King Charles II, who desired a crown similar to the one worn by Edward but with even greater magnificence.

Stage Five: The Enthronement

The concluding portion of the ceremony will witness the King ascending to the throne, possibly with assistance from the archbishop, bishops, and other peers of the realm.

In the past, a sequence of royals and peers would kneel before the new monarch, swear allegiance, and kiss the king’s right hand as a mark of respect.

However, only Prince William, who is a Royal Duke, will pay homage in this way.

In a break from tradition, the archbishop will invite the attendees in the abbey, as well as those watching and listening from home, to pledge allegiance rather than the usual peers.

This is regarded as a “new and significant moment in the tradition of the coronation” by the organisers.

The Queen Consort

Following the homage, a less elaborate ceremony will be held to anoint, crown, and enthrone Queen Camilla. She will not be required to take an oath.

Queen Mary’s Crown, which was originally created for Queen Mary’s coronation alongside King George V, will be used to crown her.

However, some modifications will be made to remove some of the arches and reset them with the Cullinan III, IV, and V diamonds.

Communion & Departure

The final part of the service will see the King and Queen taking Holy Communion – the principal act of worship of the Christian church.

Upon conclusion of the coronation ceremony, the King and Queen Consort will depart from their thrones and proceed to St Edward’s Chapel, located behind the high altar.

Here, King Charles will remove St Edward’s Crown and replace it with the Imperial State Crown, before leading the procession out of the abbey while the national anthem is played.

The Full Timeline

AI Imagines The Coronation of King Charles III

Here is a full breakdown of the coronation and what to expect throughout the three-day celebration:

Saturday, May 6, 2023:

6 am: Public viewing areas will open along the main routes.

7:15 am: Westminster Abbey guests will begin to arrive for important security checks.

7:30 am: Live TV coverage will begin and interviews will air.

9:30 am: Important guests are expected to arrive including members of the royal family and former prime ministers.

10:20 am: The royal procession from Buckingham Palace will begin.

11:00 am: The coronation ceremony, which will be attended by 2000 guests, will begin.

1:00 pm: The coronation is reported to last around two hours (Queen Elizabeth’s last three hours).

1:45 pm: The Royal Salute will take place.

2:15 pm: 15 royal family members will take their positions on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Here they will wave at crowds and watch the historic flypast.

Sunday, May 7, 2023:

Following the official coronation events comes some royal fun as today people are encouraged to have street parties and share food with their local communities.

There will also be the coronation concert at Windsor Castle.

12:00 pm: This will be time for ‘Big Lunches’ where people will host lunches and share food throughout communities. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will be hosting his own at 10 Downing Street.

8:00 pm: The Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle will begin with top performers including Lionel Richie and Take That.

Monday, May 8, 2023:

On the bank holiday, The Big Help Out procession will take place.

For the final day of celebrations, the British public are being encouraged to spend the extra day off by getting involved in some volunteering.

The coronation promises to be a spectacle for millions in the UK and around the world. How will you be celebrating?

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Twitter, Medium & David Lloyd-Jones.

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